The kids will have to find another block party this summer.
The kids will have to find another block party this summer. TIMOTHY KENNEY

This Fran Lebowitz interview in the New Yorker broke the internet today: "What insights does Lebowitz have on the art of inactivity? And what does she foresee for the city that is now an epicenter of the pandemic, a city that she has all but chained herself to for five decades?" Some snippets:

• "Everyone acts like work is the same. Let me assure you that some kinds of work are very hard and some kinds of work are not very hard. Usually, the not very hard work is the most remunerative."

• "The morning of September 11th, someone called me and said, 'We’re going to Connecticut. We can pick you up. Do you want to go?' I was just shocked that anyone would want to leave. I’m not leaving."

• "One thing I’ve absolutely noticed about myself, and which should be true as you get older: it’s not that you want to die, but you are less attached to life."

• "I was a hypochondriac when I was young, and it’s one of the biggest wastes of time, to be a hypochondriac when you’re twenty-five. It’s just stupid."

There are so many good quotes. Read it.

Catch up with today's big COVID-19 updates: Riiiiiiiiiiiight here.

With fewer cars on the streets speeding is up all over the country.

A group of US senators, led by Cory Booker, sent a letter to Amazon demanding answers "about working conditions at Amazon as well as recent actions Amazon has taken, including the recent firing of an Amazon warehouse employee who was involved in organizing their coworkers for stronger workplace protections at the facility in Staten Island, NY."

The senators are asking Amazon to respond with a written letter by April 14, specifically to these questions:

● When did the fired employee come into contact with the diagnosed employee? When did Amazon ask them to self-quarantine?

● How many other employees at the Staten Island location were told to self-quarantine and when were those employees told?

● Will Amazon assure the public and its employees that they will allow their workers to freely and publicly address concerns they have in the workplace without fear of retribution?

● What criteria is Amazon using to decide whether to shut down a warehouse after a worker tests positive? Will Amazon agree to temporarily shut down a warehouse whenever a worker tests positive?

● How does Amazon plan on improving transparency during instances in which a worker tests positive? Will Amazon agree to let their employees know whenever a worker at their worksite tests positive?

● How is Amazon ensuring that there is adequate essential supplies at their facilities, including disposable gloves and masks as well as essential supplies like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes?

Damn: Not good.

Netflix announced a new Tiger King episode hosted by hometown hero Joel McHale: The episode will be an "after-show" and drop this Sunday. Here's McHale and his abs:

On Wednesday, Nielson announced Tiger King drew 34 million viewers in the U.S. in just 10 days. That's more popular than Stranger Things.

Not everyone is out of cash: Seattle-based Rebellyous Foods reports it has raised $6 million in investment for their crispy, plant-based "chicken" nuggets: "Given current circumstances, we’re planning to imminently begin a soft launch in retail, starting with a limited-time offering of our Rebellyous Nuggets in the Seattle area," the startup's founder told GeekWire. Here's their pitch:

Gaming news: The Final Fantasy VII remake is finally here, dropping on Friday for the Playstation 4. The original was released 23 years ago and sold more than 11 million copies.

I can't tell if this is great or terrible news: I've set a recurring alarm to remind myself to stick my head out my window every thirty minutes so I can feel alive.

Mort Drucker, the famed Mad magazine illustrator, has died: He was 91. His daughter said he fell ill last week and was having trouble breathing, but he was not tested for COVID-19.

Love Slog AM/PM?

It's looking like AMC Theatres will go bankrupt, according to Wall Street analysts.

No Capitol Hill Block Party this year: The fest plans on returning in 2021. People who have already bought tickets can save them for the 2021 fest or get a refund.

It's Saturday Night Zoom: SNL is returning this weekend. The show will air “remotely produced content."