The Egg Man is sad you cant hold each other this Easter.
The Egg Man is sad you can't hold each other this Easter. Photo by Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is pitching bogus coronavirus remedies to people: The FDA wants him to fucking stop it.

Looking for this week's biggest COVID-19 updates? Catch up riiiiiiiight here.

Coachella was supposed to start today: Bummer?

Despite stay-at-home orders, some U.S. churches are still planning on holding Easter services: The churches maintain that their right to worship outweighs public health warnings: "Satan and a virus will not stop us."

The XFL remains cursed: In 2001, the XFL was born. It was like football, but sexier and with fewer rules. A pre-season advertising blimp for the XFL crashed and burned in Oakland, California. This blimp was later seen as an ominous foreshadowing, as the XFL also crashed and burned later in 2001. The league ended after one season. This spring, the XFL decided to come back, bringing eight teams to cities around the States. Seattle became the home of the XFL Dragons. They promised the games would be “football reimagined." Then coronavirus hit. Today, the league announced they are suspending operations and terminating all employees. They hope to make a comeback—again.

Another sexual assault charge was filed against Harvey Weinstein in Los Angeles on Friday. More details here.

Everything is getting delayed because of COVID-19: Even emojis. There will be no new emojis next year because of the quar.

The hotel heart thing is spreading:

A big idea from NYU professor Scott Galloway: “These tech billionaires, they want something in return. I think anytime you put a press release out for your philanthropy, it should immediately not become tax deductible.”

The digital club might replace the literal club: Strippers are making wild amounts of money—sometimes up to $18,000—dancing on Instagram Live. “If I’m in the club, I’m there for eight hours,” one dancer said. “On Instagram Live, it’s five minutes. Five minutes compared to eight hours of work.”

Trump keeps saying that voting by mail is "ripe with fraud": What does Kim Wyman, our Republican secretary of state, think about that? She called it "disappointing" that "anyone in leadership” would make fraud claims about mail voting. “When it happens, the public loses confidence in the foundational pillar of our system.” She could've called out Trump directly if she was really concerned, but sure, it's "disappointing."

The Art Workers Union picketed The Frye this afternoon: The union writes that they were laid off in the middle of negotiating a contract. More about the formation of the union here.

Have you been shouting during the nightly 8 pm cheer for medical and essential workers? It's still happening in my neighborhood. I always think it's corny at the start but I sometimes tear up by the end of it.

And here's a great collection of cheering videos from New York City: Over there, they do it at 7 pm.

Friday Night Movie Club: Parasite is on Hulu. It seems right that we all watch it.