On the left: no social distancing. In the middle: If only essential workers travel. On the right: If everyone visits just one friend.
On the left: No social distancing. In the middle: If only essential workers travel. On the right: If everyone visits "just one friend per household." Steven Goodreau/Martina Morris

The UW says you can't visit just one friend: Sorry. Those nerdy nags created a site that explains why just visiting that one friend will create "more transmission, and more death." Jeez.

Outdoor Performing Arts Festival featuring over 100 artists, food trucks, a beer garden and more!
Celebrate the return of the live arts in a safe, outdoor setting. Capitol Hill, Sep. 18-19.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden in April! Although I'm sure #BlueNoMatterWho Dems will find a way to blame Sanders supporters if Biden loses in November. Regarding today's bit of political unity theater, ditto what Rich just wrote on the Slog: "I would like to be manipulated with a little more thought and care."

The people have been banished from Yosemite: Deer are feeding unprovoked. Lookouts are empty and sunkissed. Coyotes wander around desolate campsites. The animals are thriving.

Do you still have questions about Zoom's safety? Like, does it send your data to Facebook? Are the calls encrypted? Does Zoom tattle-tale on you to your boss? What the fuck is Zoombombing? The Los Angeles Times released a good Q&A today that should clarify some of those questions for you.

NASCAR is paused, just like everything else: Drivers have pivoted to digital, just like everyone else. But these online races have real-world consequences: "NASCAR driver Kyle Larson has been indefinitely suspended by the series after he said the n-word during a sim racing stream over the weekend."

Larson made an apology over Twitter: He's still suspended without pay.

Tornadoes decimated parts of the South over the weekend. At least 33 people are dead after tornadoes and thunderstorms moved through Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas on Easter: “It was one coherent system with different features within it. We don’t get this level of a threat very often. It was a very turbulent past 24 hours.”

Support for Republican Senator Susan Collins is dwindling: Polling isn't looking good for her. She likely faces Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon in the general election.

The harbinger of (movie theater) death: Trolls World Tour. With movie theaters indefinitely closed down, Hollywood blockbusters have pivoted to being released online. Universal's Trolls World Tour premiered this weekend and was "a record-breaking home-viewing success." Available for a 48-hour rental for a whopping $19.99, the children's film reportedly brought home 10 times more than what Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom earned on its opening-day digital premiere. Will this digital-only trend continue?

Here's an updated list of all the movies delayed because of coronavirus: Pour one out for the Candyman remake.

Amazon has filled 100,000 warehouse worker jobs: It plans on hiring 75,000 more. The pandemic has been great business for our local bookseller.

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There's a new Dune adaptation: It stars Timothée Chalamet. Vanity Fair has the exclusive first look, which is just a moody pic of Chalamet on a beach.

Hey lawmakers: Local news organizations need a bailout, too!

Drake has another #1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100: It's blowing up on TikTok, I guess. Here it is. It's fine.

Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.