Ellen has made a PDF of her hand-washing poster available to anyone. See the full thing below.
A detail from the poster, which is now available for free. See the full thing below. Courtesy of Ellen Forney

The comic artist Ellen Forney—who created the murals involving hands at the Capitol Hill light rail station, and who won a Stranger Genius Award for her books—recently made a funny instructional poster about washing your hands.

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"I got the idea for it after reading that people had trouble remembering the WHO-recommended method, and my intent is for it to be helpful as long as we are humans washing our hands thoroughly," she says. "I posted a letter-sized free download on my website so people can print it out and hang it by their sink—or by their grandmother's or favorite restaurant's sink."

The full poster (first published in the Washington Post and later in the COVID Coach app) is below. The downloadable PDF is right here.

Thanks, Ellen!
Thanks, Ellen! Poster by Ellen Forney