A sign from Sundays protest in Seattle.
A sign from Sunday's peaceful march in Seattle. Chase Burns

Inslee just announced he's extending the statewide eviction moratorium: He made the announcement during a presser on tonight's fourth night of police brutality protests. More from The Stranger's Rich Smith:

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As for his position on the protests: Until a reporter for the South Seattle Emerald asked him to, Inslee didn't address multiple accounts of violent police behavior captured on video over the weekend. The Seattle Office of Police Accountability counted "approximately 12,000 individual complaints" involving officer conduct over the weekend, including incidents where cops apparently used knee-to-neck holds, pepper-sprayed young children, allegedly instigated arrests, and tossed flash bangs and tear gas into crowds of the peaceful protestors executive officials have made such a point of praising. And even after the reporter raised the question, Inslee only offered the standard, bloodless reply other executives have offered: he's sure there will be a "thorough investigation." According to SPD, 82 people were arrested for events related to the weekend's protests.

The president said today that people arrested at protests should serve 10-year prison sentences.

Trump also told governors they need to get "much tougher" in a phone call this afternoon. “You have to arrest people and you have to try people. And they need to go to jail for what they’ve done,” he said. Listen to his unhinged rant, obtained by the Daily Beast, here.

Seattle announced another curfew: This one will be from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. So, right now. There are transit disruptions. In a press release, the ACLU of Washington's executive director Michele Storms called the curfews across Washington "chilling" and said "they open the door to selective enforcement, potentially magnifying the very harms that protestors and communities have been demanding be addressed for decades."

Here's an earlier livestream from KOMO's chopper: The protest has moved up Pine and protestors are currently demanding a meeting with Durkan at Seattle's East Precinct. “We have requested that Mayor Durkan meet us at the precinct... not only are we requesting, we’re demanding. We are peaceful...” reports Heidi Groover in a tweet, below.

And Capitol Hill Seattle Blog:

And Heidi Groover:


Seattle Police Department released their early timeline of events from Saturday's protest: A lot of questions remain about the details, but here it is.

"TV has long had a police’s-eye perspective that helps shape the way viewers see the world, prioritizing the victories and struggles of police over communities being policed." Vulture has a piece up today about how on TV, cops are always the main characters. Speaking of Law & Order:

Coronavirus is going to complicate firefighting efforts this summer: "It is possible that we will choose to put out all fires," a firefighter told Crosscut. "It’s also possible that we will choose certain fires to not put out, because the risk of [coronavirus] exposure is too high."

Take a moment and look at these new baby red pandas (which look more like raccoons than pandas, but are currently classified in their own family).

PSA: Don't bail out the new Washington State Convention Center. The WSCC is asking for a $300 million dollar bailout. "The biggest public construction project in Seattle history should have built homes, schools and parks," writes David Dahl for Crosscut. "Seattle is not Las Vegas, and pushing a visitor-driven economic recovery is dangerous during what will likely be a lengthy pandemic."

Things are getting intense in DC: Active duty troops have been deployed to DC.

Trump has called protests in honor of George Floyd "domestic acts of terror": "These are not acts of peaceful protests. These are acts of domestic terror. The destruction of innocent life, and the spilling of innocent blood, is an offense to humanity and a crime against God." Jesus. Around the same time as the comments, the police cleared peaceful protestors with tear gas so the president could stand in front of a church with a Bible.

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What do you think Biden will say tomorrow? If Biden loses I'm going to pretend that Washington is its own country and our governor, who god willing will not be Tim Eyman, is our president.

I'm kidding. Sorta.

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