Tonights party has a special guest: the celebrated author Garth Greenwell. Plus, theres an extra-special musician tonight.
The celebrated novelist Garth Greenwell will be tonight's special guest. Even special-er, during the hour leading up to the party, I'll be on Zoom with Garth asking him whether he thinks Lindsay Graham is a bottom. ORIETTE D’ANGELO

It's Wednesday, which means the Silent Reading Party is tonight.

But this isn't just any old Silent Reading Party. This is the Pride week Silent Reading Party, so we've planned a very special, very gay evening with several parts—a reading party parfait, if you will—to raise everyone's spirits and to raise money for the Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network and for Black and Pink.

If you want to just come to the Silent Reading Party and get some reading like usual, great! One of the people who will be joining you—sitting there reading whatever he feels like reading, to himself, just like you—is the novelist Garth Greenwell (!!). If that name looks familiar to you, it's probably because you've seen it in The New Yorker's fonts over and over again this past year.

But that's not all!

When Garth agreed to join this party as a special guest, I did a happy dance in my apartment. I couldn't stop thinking about the time in February 2020 (remember those days?) when Garth came to Seattle on book tour for Cleanness, and I interviewed him at Elliott Bay Book Company. The people in the audience included Maria Semple, George Meyer, and Tom Nissley, and literally everything that Garth said was stone-cold genius. So I bribed Garth with a bevy of gay treats (and money) to see if we could re-stage that interview for anyone who missed it, except on Zoom, and he said yes!

So we're doing that tonight, too!! Get your ticket here. If you're wondering what I'm going to ask him, see here.

But even that's not all!

In addition to Garth being there, and Garth doing the live interview beforehand, tonight's music will be played by the talented young artist Kyle O'Quin.

Kyle, who is not gay but he likes to joke that he passes for gay, is hugely important to the Silent Reading Party, because he was the very first musician at this party, a decade ago. It was Kyle who helped invent that role. He has since moved away and become a famous rock and roller with the band Portugal. The Man.

But thanks to the magic of Zoom, Kyle is able to come back tonight and perform at the party, for the first time in years. (He's filling in for the also brilliant Paul Matthew Moore, who's out sick.) Kyle will be tuning in from Portland, and Garth from Iowa City.

For old time's sake, we're probably going to end the music at the party a little early to catch up with Kyle and hear him talk about his favorite thing to talk about—the connections he sees between composers, writers, and artists.

This is a lot, so... to recap:

• The interview with Garth is from 5 to 6 pm and requires a separate ticket. (Which ticket price should you pick? Well, 10 percent of the door will be donated to Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network and Black and Pink, and most of the rest of the money will go to Garth. So the more you choose to pay for your ticket, the more money those organizations and Garth get.)

• And then the reading party right after that (ticket here) is at 6 pm.

See you there!