Jess Stein

"Nature Is Queer"
I SQUEALED when I saw this sticker.
I SQUEALED when I saw this sticker. JK
These stickers come to us via Sarah Maloney, an artist here in Seattle. The image references the kobudai fish, which can change its sex. This transformation creates different physical features like a bulbous forehead, bigger body, or more aggressive behavior. The fish even starred on a Planet Earth: Blue Planet II episode. I'm not too familiar with queer ecology, but this is rad as fuck. You can pick up the print of this drawing (or get a shiny sticker) here.

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.
"Got Pot?"
I spotted two of these in a week! Fortuitous.
I spotted two of these in a week! Fortuitous. JK
Well... do you?

"Mask It or Casket"
Spotted near Discovery Park.
Spotted near Discovery Park.
The work of Jillian Warner! With COVID-related deaths rising in Western Washington, this sticker only gets more true. And scarier.

Its reflective!
It's reflective! JK
My favorite sticker to come out of the protests. A reference to that pink umbrella incident in early June.

"Black Is Beautiful"
Love this one!
Lots of declarative statements in Sticker Patrol this week... We love to see it. JK
I watched the incredible DMZ vs. Snoop Dogg Verzuz last week and was reminded of 1.) How fantastic Snoop is as a performer; 2.) The extent of his catalog; 3.) How much I fucking love "Beautiful." I'm bringing it up because he spits this line: "Now she's yelling, hollering out "Snoop!" and/Hooting, hollering; hollering, hooting/Black and beautiful, you the one I'm choosin'." If you don't know the song, please take a moment to listen. I promise it'll make your life immeasurably better—a gem from the early millennium.

"Hello Kitty Says: Abolish Prisons"
Hello Kitty coming through with nothing but the facts!
Hello Kitty coming through with nothing but the facts! JK
Yeah! And while you're at it, make all of Sanrio's scented erasers FREE!

"Sex Workers Against Police Violence"
Comrade Kitty!
Comrade Kitty! JK
Oh my God! I love this. It's a part of a Solidarity With Sex Workers sticker pack that also features condoms, a taser, a cellphone, Fuck the Police nail polish, a knife and wallet that reads "Fuck you, pay me," and a red umbrella. When I tell you I need this!

"You Bring So Much Goodness Into My Life"
Spotted last week when I got too high near the waterfront, lol.
Spotted last week when I got too high near the waterfront, lol. JK
I think we've found the tenderest sticker, y'all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Fuck this sticker.
Fuck this sticker. JK
Only featuring this one just so we can all see how much it fucking sucks.

"Seattle Department of Design"
Almost didnt snap this one!
Almost didn't snap this one! JK
At first, I thought this was an obscure City of Seattle department, but it's actually an interesting project that explores the history of graphic design in the city. So far, they've covered Seattle Parks and the Seattle Art Museum. There's even merch. Take some time and flick through their Instagram, it's illuminating!

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at