Hold the phone, Dionne, theyre saying youre getting your own spin-off.
Hold the phone, Dionne, they're saying you're getting your own spin-off. Getty Archive Photos / Stringer

The CDC suggests people are protected from COVID for at least three months after getting infected: "People who have recovered from COVID-19 can safely interact with others for three months, according to a recent update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—suggesting that immunity to the virus may last at least that long," writes NBC News.

There's a new Clueless spin-off in the works: It'll be focused on Cher's best friend Dionne, played by Stacey Dash in the 1995 film and the 1996 to 1999 spin-off series. NBC's new streaming platform Peacock has landed the show.

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Mayor Durkan extends Seattle's eviction moratorium through December: It should always be noted that this moratorium is just a postponement. Rent will still be due—eventually—and as Katherine Khashimova Long notes for the Seattle Times: "Durkan’s Friday executive order is somewhat redundant: City Council legislation passed in May already gave residential tenants eviction protection through the end of the year. The biggest beneficiaries of the new order are small businesses and nonprofits, which now have the same assurance."

As Rich wrote this afternoon, people and belongings were swept in Cal Anderson this morning: Not really a "sweep," but not not a sweep.

Washington lawmaker tests positive for COVID-19: It's House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox, who says he tested positive, went through a period of self-isolation, and is “feeling great now.” He's believed to be the first lawmaker to test positive in Washington state. “Being isolated at my house on the farm isn’t miserable. I have no idea where I got it, I wasn’t off the farm much," Wilcox said.

I've clearly been living under a rock, or maybe I just haven't been on Facebook in a bit: But today was the first time I read someone say it's a "plandemic, not a pandemic," in this AP story on Bikers for Trump. I was wonderfully ignorant about plandemic—which went viral in May—until today. I'm not hip to the right-wing conspiracy lingo, sry. The post features a picture of a dude closing his eyes and proudly listening to the National Anthem while strippers stand on tables behind him. A+ photojournalism.

As Mudede mentioned in Slog AM: Masks are working in Washington state. Yesterday, Joe Biden called for a 3-month nationwide mask mandate. But do you think mouth-breathing conservatives will listen to Biden's plandemic? Here's what he said:

"Every single American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum. Every governor should mandate mandatory mask-wearing. The estimates by the experts are that it will save over 40,000 lives in the next three months. Forty thousand lives, if people act responsibly."

He went on to add, "It's not about your rights. It's about your responsibilities as an American."

Maybe this aquarium can single-handedly fix our coin shortage: The staff at NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores just collected 100 gallons of coins from the bottom of one of their fountains. The fountain hadn't been emptied in almost 14 years.

"This meager 2 percent reduction in the police budget has fallen shockingly short of the 50 percent defunding promised only weeks before by 6 of the 8 Democrats [on Seattle City Council]," writes Councilmember Kshama Sawant in a statement on Chief Best's resignation published this morning on CHS Blog, "but it was too much for Best."

MyNorthwest highlighted this line from Sawant's statement: “Best has not carried out any significant reforms of the department, nor has she held any of her officers responsible for ongoing police violence."

I really didn't anticipate the USPS to be such a hot-button issue in 2020: But here we are, and the USPS is warning 46 states that their voters could be disenfranchised by delayed mail-in ballots. "The letters sketch a grim possibility for the tens of millions of Americans eligible for a mail-in ballot this fall," writes WaPo. "Even if people follow all of their state’s election rules, the pace of Postal Service delivery may disqualify their votes." Gljsdlkfjsglkhsdlkfjslkdgjsldkh.

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Obama (who is becoming increasingly vocal in this 2020 race) says Trump is trying to "actively kneecap" and "starve" the USPS: "What we've seen in a way that is unique to modern political history is a President who is explicit in trying to discourage people from voting," said the former President on a podcast with his former campaign manager. "What we've never seen before is a President say, 'I'm going to try to actively kneecap the postal service to encourage voting and I will be explicit about the reason I'm doing it.' That's sort of unheard of."

MAGA Twitter is pissed: Seattle-based brewer Mirage printed an "ACAB" message on the bottom of some of their beers back in June. Certain red-hats and blue-lines are just now finding out about it and clutching their pearls.

An appeals court in California ruled that Amazon is not shielded from liability when it sells defective products offered by third-party sellers on its online marketplace: Amazon is pushing back against the ruling. Here's what they announced in a statement this afternoon: "The court’s decision was wrongly decided and is contrary to well-established law in California and around the country that service providers are not liable for third party products they do not make or sell. We will appeal this decision."

Rep. Frank Chopp challenger Sherae Lascelles gets a big international shout-out on FKA Twigs’ Instagram account: "What could we accomplish by this November's election if the Hustlers crew and more high profile former SWs [sex workers], artists creating SW anthems, and those borrowing SW aesthetics get on board to hustle for the SW community?" asks her post. Swipe to the right to spot Sherae.

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***Takeover*** @lysistratamccf 3/3 Transformation As we recall Sex Worker history, remember that only a century ago, actresses and singers were considered no better than Sex Workers and issues like privacy for those who engage in sexy performance and policing of the sexuality of parents continues to be an issue that effects celebrities, albeit from a position of economic advantage that is significantly insulated from concerns like the threat of Child Services than it is for many SW parents. This isn't to give license to them to further take on the trappings of Sex Worker culture, but to encourage considering this a reason to meaningfully invest in what should have always been a shared struggle by putting resources heavily behind SWs now. What could we accomplish by this November's election if the Hustlers crew and more high profile former SWs, artists creating SW anthems, and those borrowing SW aesthetics get on board to hustle for the SW community? Even though leveraging of resources and privilege is an amazing way to support SWs, this doesn't mean we consider the parts of our community with greater access to wealth and high profile platforms (even our own members who do a lot of labor for the co-op) to be above criticism or reproach, and when problems come up they need to be solved with the understanding of the economic and power dynamics at play. And the resolutions to these problems need to include ongoing engagement that centers the needs of those harmed and who are most targeted by violence. The huge discrepancies across different areas of the industry, intersecting identities. and scarcity of resources perpetuated by white supremacist, patriarchal, and capitalist systems along with the stigma and isolation our community experiences often heightens our conflicts, which makes it so important for us to listen to leaders like @poeticglitterheart @twinspirit92 (aka @mistressmooreplz ) and support their transformative work and visions of the future. (Swipe to check out some awesome SW consultants, candidates, and businesses!)

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