The prize is that youre more engaged in local politics now. Everybody wins!
The prize is that you're more engaged in local politics now. Everybody wins! Nathalie Graham

The Council is voting on whether to overturn Mayor Jenny Durkan's veto of the 2020 rebalanced budget. It's a whole thing. To make what is probably going to be an hours-long meeting more fun, I've made a bingo card for us to fill out while we watch.

Justice is on the ballot in November
Vote Carolyn Ladd by November 3rd for a more progressive justice system

You can go to this link and make your own reshuffled bingo card here, follow along with me on Twitter, and watch the meeting here:

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I've done this bingo thing before and council members joined in and mentioned it during the council meeting. That was fun, but it also, in my opinion, compromised the game. That's why the free space today is an INSTANT DEATH space. If council members acknowledge or allude to the game today, it's over, we're done. Unless, of course, it's a no-fun council member who may be killing this game for sport. We can use our own discretion.

Public comment starts at 3 p.m. but bingo won't start until that's over.