But clearly not enough of you voted in the 17th, the 10th, and the 19th Legislative Districts.
But clearly not enough of you voted in the 17th, the 10th, and the 19th Legislative Districts. DAVID MCNEW/GETTY

Well, Chase predicted we wouldn't learn the results of the Presidential contest until Hanukkah, and with every passing hour he's looking more and more correct, thanks to some slow counting, the particular mysteriousness of provisional votes, and some understandable caution from official projectors.

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Nevertheless, Washington state ballot counters continue chugging along at their normal pace, and they've given us some more results to sort through today.

Let's take a look:

• Yet again, everything that was passing in King County on election night is passing today. Police reform, transit, modernizing/expanding Harborview—all still good.

• U.S. Congresswoman Kim Schrier maintains her lead over that one guy in the 8th Congressional District, 52% to 48%.

• Yesterday, Senate Dems were on track to break even or lose a seat and also retain a more conservative member while House Dems were likely to gain a seat. Today it's looking like both chambers will break even and retain their majorities.

• After counting 7,000 more votes today, according to Pierce County elections, Democratic challenger T'wina Nobles still leads Republican State Sen. Steve O'Ban, though that lead dropped a touch to 1.5. Yesterday she led him by 1.6 points. Pierce County said they estimate they have 5,000 votes left to count, and only 1,055 votes separate the two candidates. With Sen. Dean Takko down in the 19th LD, Dems need Nobles to maintain this lead to break even, mostly because...

• Former Island County Commissioner Helen Price Johnson now trails Republican State Sen. Ron Muzzall by 607 votes after establishing nearly a two-point lead on election night. She was down 307 votes yesterday. The 10th LD is composed of Island, Skagit, and Snohomish Counties. The SOS's office estimates 25,500 ballots left to count in Skagit, a little more than 1,000 in Snohomish, and a couple handfuls in Island, so there's a lot of vote left, but that vote has been leaning right.

• Speaking of which: over in the 5th LD, Overlake Medical Center nurse Ingrid Anderson now trails incumbent Dem and former bank executive State Sen. Mark Mullet by 34 votes. She was down 18 votes yesterday. With 14,000 more votes left to count in King County, it's a little unclear how this will go, but if later votes keep shifting rightwards then Mullet will retain his seat.

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• In the House, leads are also narrowing for Democrats. Up in the 10th LD, Democrat Angie Homola now only leads Republican Greg Gilday by 130 votes. Meanwhile, Democrat Dave Paul maintains his lead over Trumpy Republican Bill Bruch, 51 to 49.

• Down in the 17th LD, Republican Rep. Vicki Kraft increased her half-point lead over Democratic challenger Tanisha Harris to two points. Kraft now leads by over 1,700 votes after closing yesterday with a 482-vote lead. With an estimated 4,000 votes left to count, the GOP will likely hold this one.

• Yesterday Republican incumbent Luanne Van Werven conceded the race in 42nd LD to Alicia Rule, making this Whatcom County seat a pickup for the House Dems.

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