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Looks like weve got four more years of noted DINO and incumbent state Sen. Mark Mullet.
Looks like we've got four more years of noted DINO and incumbent state Sen. Mark Mullet. COURTESY OF WASHINGTON STATE LEGISLATURE
Food and Drug Administration panel meeting today to vote on recommending the emergency use of Moderna vaccine: They are expected to quickly approve the vaccine as hundreds of health care workers across the country receive their first doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Moderna's is said to be extremely similar to Pfizer's, with the key difference being that it can be stored in normal freezers making it more accessible to smaller facilities. You can watch the Zoom meeting live here:

In other vaccine news: Pharmacists have discovered a way to squeeze an extra dose out of the Pfizer vaccine vials, which could expand the nation's supply by up to 40%, reports Politico. Pfizer vials are supposed to contain only five doses, but pharmacists have found enough of the COVID-fighting juice to yield a sixth or even seventh dose. Given the limited supply of the Pfizer vaccine, the FDA has officially approved the use of those extra doses.

Unemployment claims rose last week: With first time jobless claims hitting 885,000, the most since September, reports the Associated Press. The number was much higher than the 800,000 forecast by economists. The total number of people on unemployment benefits fell to 5.5 million from 5.8 million.

Emmanuel Macron a été diagnostiqué positif au COVID-19: French for "Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for COVID-19." The president of France plans to isolate himself for 7 days and work remotely during that time.

Hey Seattle, you ok? A survey by the U.S. Census Bureau found last month that an estimated 1.5 million adults in the Seattle area felt "down, depressed, or hopeless" for at least a few days over the previous week. Those results made our fair city the saddest metro region in the nation. FYI Guy Gene Balk does a deep dive into the numbers over at the Seattle Times. Maybe we all need to spend more time in front of our happy lamps.

Let's check the weather: Ah, my favorite word in Pacific Northwestern English—"sunbreak."

HBO Max is finally headed to Roku devices: And is set to appear on the platform starting today. To all you Roku customers, go forth and watch I May Destroy You.

I don't want to jinx it: But on Wednesday, state officials appeared to be cautiously optimistic about the latest COVID-19 data which does not show any signs of a post-Thanksgiving surge, reports KOMO. "COVID-19 activity remains very high in Washington, but are starting to flatten the curve, which is really good news,” said Dr. Kathy Lofy, WA Health Officer. “We’re seeing some positive signals in all the changes that people have made to their lives and all of the sacrifices they’ve made have really paid off. But we’re not done yet.”

OK, so Trump's Twitter password really was "MAGA2020!": Dutch officials confirm that hacker Victor Gevers did indeed log into the President of the United States' Twitter account by guessing his password: "MAGA2020!" Prosecutors say they won't punish Gevers, who was acting "ethically," reports the BBC. Twitter still says they have seen "no evidence to corroborate this claim" and the White House has yet to comment on the matter.

I don't understand this commitment to outdoor dining: A giant winter storm is currently blasting the Northeast from Virginia to Boston, with three feet of snow in some parts. Doesn't that make you just want to, I don't know, share some outdoor apps with a couple of friends?

Pence is planning to skip town: According to Politico, after fulfilling his duties presiding over the session of Congress that confirms Biden's win next month, Mike Pence is eyeing a trip to the Middle East and Europe for nearly a week. The trip would allow Pence to distance himself even further from the shit show that is the self-destructing Trump administration, which will only get worse as we inch towards the inauguration.

MLB reclassifies the Negro Leagues as a major league: In a statement on Wednesday, the organization said that it was "correcting a longtime oversight in the game's history" with this reclassification of the Negro Leagues on the centennial of their founding, reports ESPN. Existing from 1920 to 1948, there were seven leagues in the Negro Leagues and the MLB will include records from those circuits.

Welp, looks like incumbent Sen. Mark Mullet has won the 5th Legislative District race: His win over challenger Ingrid Anderson comes six weeks post-Election Day after the largest hand recount in King County in 16 years. What was the DINO incumbent's margin of victory? 58 votes—one more than he had before the recount, reports Paige Cornwell at the Seattle Times. The-Dem-on-Dem battle saw $3 million in spending from outside groups, but victory just barely slipped through the fingers of the SECB-endorsed Anderson. I wonder what we can expect from four more years of Mullet. More votes against affirmative action? Cuts to teacher pay? Tax loopholes for big businesses?

Sound Transit's board of directors will vote on fare enforcement policy reform today: If approved, the proposal would create a new fare enforcement program and suspend all "civil infractions for fare evasion" until the board can vote on an updated policy, reports CHS Blog.

Don't fuck with Atlantic City: Mayor Marty Small remembers the small things. Like when Trump mocked the city on the Jersey Shore, saying he made a lot of money there then got out. Now, as Trump's former casino in Atlantic City is set for demolition next month, the mayor is auctioning off the chance to push the button that will blow up the building. All the proceeds will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City. That casino deserves to be demolished based on that gaudy sign alone.

Please listen to this: I can't believe I've waited this long to listen to Popcaan's FIXTAPE. Here's "GOODAZ GAL."