Look, these better be the last quakes we feel this year.
Look, these better be the last quakes we feel this year. Gary S Chapman/Getty Images

Kamala Harris will get the poke today: The vice president-elect will receive her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday. Later, President-Elect Joe Biden will discuss vaccine distribution. He'll likely blame the Trump administration for a slow roll-out and layout how his administration will do distribution differently.

Los Angeles County hospitals are turning away ambulances: I'll put it bluntly. Shit is catastrophically bad in L.A. as COVID-19 patients keep flooding in and ICU beds run out. The Los Angeles Times reported that 94% of the county's hospitals that take in patients from 911 calls were turning ambulances away this weekend. Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, the biggest public hospital on the Eastside, didn't have any ICU beds for 30 people who needed them on Sunday. This is happening all over the region. Hospitals are also running out of supplies like oxygen. And, doctors say, the COVID-19 cases they're seeing don't even factor in a "Christmas bump." If people got together with their families L.A. County could turn into what New York City was in April.

Meanwhile, on Fox News:

Earthquake off the coast of Oregon: A 5.7 magnitude earthquake rattled the Oregon coast early Tuesday morning. The quake was 127 miles west of Bandon, Oregon. No tsunami warning went into effect.

Some Washington quakes: Ugh, I'm going to be absolutely fed up if this year ends with the Big One. Carnation, Washington reported a magnitude 3 earthquake this morning. Yesterday, a 2.5 magnitude earthquake happened a little ways away from Monroe and a 2.2 magnitude earthquake happened in King County.

Croatia gets hit with an actual earthquake: A 6.3 magnitude quake hit central Croatia and has caused significant damage.

Still no cause for the Seven Gables Christmas Eve fire: Authorities haven't been able to determine what caused the fire that destroyed the University District's historic—and long-abandoned—Seven Gables Theater. The bones of the burnt-out building were too unstable, creating too-risky of an environment for the Seattle Fire Department to investigate.

Another North Seattle fire: Tragedy racked Lake City late Monday night as a two-alarm fire swept through the Lake City Center strip mall. Flames engulfed three businesses and Seattle Fire Department crews worked through the night to staunch the blaze. One of the destroyed businesses was Aloha Ramen which had some of the best ramen in North Seattle.

Another COVID-19 death at Western State Hospital: Three patients have died from COVID-19 at the Pierce County inpatient psychiatric hospital. The earliest death was in March, the next happened earlier last week, and the most recent death occurred on Christmas Eve. Eight staff members and three other patients have the virus too, reports the Seattle Times. Staff received the Moderna vaccine last week.

Two women sue because of strip club rule: Two women are suing Orange County, Florida because a local strip club refused to allow them in because they weren't accompanied by men. They're suing for discrimination under Orange County’s human-rights ordinance that provides protections for LGBTQ people. The catch is that neither woman identifies as LGBTQ.

Symmetry: Seattle rain to end the year, Seattle rain to begin the year.

Girl Scout cookies associated with more child labor: The little girls selling Samoas outside the QFC are one thing. The little girls gathering up the fruit to fuel the machine that is the $65 billion global palm oil industry is another. Girl Scouts are involved in both. Despite claims that they're sustainable, Girl Scout cookies are made with a mix of sustainable and unsustainable palm oil, an industry rife with child labor.

At least these animals are having a good time:

New York's eviction ban: Will last until May, state lawmakers rule. In Washington, Gov. Jay Inslee only extended the eviction moratorium until March.

The 737 MAX flies again: Today, Boeing's notorious jet (the model that killed hundreds of people) will make its first U.S. flight—a roundtrip from Miami to New York—and carry U.S. passengers for the first time since the planes were grounded in 2019.

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Fired Tyson manager defends betting pool over COVID-19 deaths: The evil chicken nugget company faced a scandal earlier this year because the management at the plant in Waterloo, Iowa created a betting pool for how many Tyson workers would die from COVID-19. Now one of its night managers, Don Merschbrock, is trying to clear his good name by saying the pool was "something fun" and "a morale boost."

Michael Cohen is fighting for prison reform: He's doing it for the pals he made doing time in the clink, Tony Meatballs and Big Minty.