Nelson is reusing her 2017 campaign photos.
Nelson is apparently reusing her 2017 campaign photos for her 2021 campaign. Courtesy of the Nelson campaign
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779,000 people filed new unemployment claims last week: A drop from the week previous, though still historically high. Continued claims for the week ending on January 9 were at 4.592 million.

President Biden will give first major speech outlining his foreign policy goals: According to CNN, Ol' Joe's speech will be a hard pivot away from Trump's "America First" approach, leaning hard into "restoring America's place in the world." A classic case of different vibes, same energy. The afternoon speech will coincide with Biden's first visit a Cabinet agency; he'll be meeting up with Sec. Antony Blinken at the State Department.

Biden also wants to give you a mask: His administration is weighing plans to send masks directly to American households. Masks are great, Joe, but what about directly sending that $2,000 to every American's bank account??????

Safeway and Albertsons pharmacies will soon offer coronavirus vaccine across the state: The effort could start as early as next week on February 11 in all 170 of their pharmacies. All eligible people can sign up here, but appointments will fill up quickly if they haven't already.

Man shot outside Safeway in Shoreline: The victim was shot in his arm, and taken to Harborview Medical Center with no life-threatening injuries. Police are still looking for the suspect who remains at large.

Sara Nelson is running for city council (again): This morning, the co-owner of Fremont Brewing announced her candidacy for the citywide council seat currently occupied by M. Lorena González. This is her second run at a citywide seat, coming in third in 2017. Nelson previously worked as a council aide for former Councilmember Richard Conlin in the early 2000s, leaving to start Fremont Brewing with her husband. No doubt, her perspective as a ~**~**~*~*small business owner~**~***~* and her stated opposition to both the big business payroll tax and the council's push to defund the police would make her a "moderate" addition to the city council.

Study reveals indigenous Americans die from COVID at twice the rate of white Americans: One in every 425 Native Americans has died from coronavirus compared to one in every 825 white Americans and one in every 645 Black Americans. The actual numbers are likely much higher as several states do not provide data on indigenous people dying of COVID.

Help, I can't stop thinking about Lil Uzi Vert's forehead diamond: The rapper apparently paid $24 million for 10 carat pink diamond in the piercing. And before you ask, yes, the internet is clowning him and, yes, Vision comparisons abound.

Things are still bad, but coronavirus cases are falling all across the country, says Axios. New infections from the virus fell almost 16% over the past week. If this trend continues, "the country will be in a far better and safer position as vaccines continue to roll out." Again, the U.S. is still ravaged with coronavirus but new hospitalizations fells by just over 26% and deaths fell by 6%.

Two grocery industry trade groups are NOT happy with Seattle's new $4 hazard pay law: The Northwest Grocery Association and the Washington Food Industry Association filed a lawsuit alleging that the city's law, which went into effect on Wednesday, interferes with the collective bargaining process and "picks winners and losers" by targeting bigger companies over smaller ones. A statement from Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes's office said they would "absolutely defend" Seattle's right to mandate hazard pay for essential grocery store workers.

It's about to get drippy up in here:

Peeps are back and I'm about to yuck your yum: After a nine-month hiatus due to the pandemic, real sickos can purchase the revolting sweet treat just in time for the Easter holiday.

Mask dispensers are coming to King County Metro buses: The agency announced that they will outfit all 1,404 buses with mask dispensers loaded with double-layer surgical masks.

Gavin Newsom had best keep his head on a swivel: The governor of California is facing a potential recall election that's gaining traction as more Californians grow dissatisfied with his leadership during the pandemic. For a 2021 special election to go down, recall proponents would need to gather 1.5 million signatures by March 17, which is certainly within the realm of possibility.

ICYMI: There's going to be a Coming to America sequel called Coming 2 America. Prime just dropped the official trailer to the film, which finds About-to-be-King Akeem Joffer (Eddie Murphy) bringing his long lost son back to Zamunda to ready him to serve as the next in line. I, personally, don't think I can stomach this film. If it ain't broke, don't wreck it: