Maybe by now you've heard that The Stranger packed up its propaganda, its vintage pornography, and its favorite handwritten death threats from its last ~29 years of existence and left its lovely rats nest in Capitol Hill. We've since moved to the Chinatown-International District, I think primarily for the Uwajimaya Food Court.

You might think we yelled FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! as we charged out of that building haunted by former writers and into a new building with clean carpets, but we didn't. The pandemic prevented The Stranger's staff from visiting our new office until last week, when we gathered around a big pile of spam musubi to plan out which overly earnest elected official we should curse next, à la The Craft.

While visiting this new office, I came across something extraordinary: The Stranger's complete archives, which I swear former staffers told me they'd burned out of embarrassment. But here they are, totally comprehensive and surprisingly not at all sticky. Most surprising is the fact that people are letting me pull these things off the shelves and gossip with readers about them, so let's enjoy this FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! by starting a little game where I close my eyes, point to a random Stranger tomb, and then post the tomb's entrails and ephemera on Slog.

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Which one are we grabbing today?

Sure, this one, why not.
Sure, this one, why not.

Okay! We're going with March - September 1995. Come back in a lil bit and I'll start sharing the goods.