Jess Stein

"Cut Off Your White Dreads"
I giggled!
I giggled! JK
If you won't listen to Black people, surely you'll listen to the moon? Thanks, Batch Life.

"Oh Boba"
Wow, now I want some.
Wow, now I want some. JK
I want 12 million of these stickers.

"Built on Resilience"
Love the placement.
Love the placement. JK
Spotted in Chinatown-International District. This is definitely the work of the wonderful Monyee Chau.

"Cancel Billionaires"
Card on decline.
Card on decline. JK
Love a message that is simple and straight to the point!

"Honey Bunny"
Forever yours.
Forever yours. JK
I will never miss an opportunity to bring up Robyn's "Honey." It's a perfect song:

My biological mother.
My biological mother. JK
Spotted on Capitol Hill.

The name of the third hot doctor from Greys Anatomy.
The name of the third hot doctor from Grey's Anatomy. JK
I watched Grey's Anatomy in high school and almost convinced myself to become a surgeon. Art has power! Ok, in the course of uploading this photo, I ended up here:

Its true.
It's true. JK
You can't spell Adidas without "dads"!

"Toilet Trump"
Spotted in Georgetown, Im pretty sure.
Spotted in Georgetown, I'm pretty sure. JK
Thanks, Andrew Goldfarb!

"Dreams Come Too Big..."
Sure! JK
I wanted to end on a positive note!

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at