This is directed at everyone in my apartment building. I thought this was a regular apartment building when I first moved here but there's something clearly weird going on here. I've tried not to be a prude about this, but it's gotten to a point where I need to say something: I have never. Ever. EVER lived in a place with such FOUL Wi-Fi names. When I noticed that someone named their network "PUSSY PALACE" after I moved in, I thought twice. Maybe this person was just a rando instigator, I thought. But no. A few months later, someone renamed their Wi-Fi to "DESTROY THIS PUSSY." DESTROY this pussy?! There are KIDS WHO LIVE HERE! (I don't have any kids, but I've seen a kid around.) A "bussy" name also popped up, as in—sigh—"boy pussy." It started as "Big Boi Bussy" then updated to "Bump My Bussy." (Why?) But it's not just p/bussy-related names. Others are just crude (such as: "I Can Hear You Pooping"), and some are sort of depressing (like: "I Hate It Here" or "This Rent Is Too Damn High"), but this ridiculous-WiFi-name thing is catching on and spreading throughout the building. When someone renamed their Wi-Fi "Putin's Princess" a few days ago, I just lost it. Have you all read the news? Jesus. Think of the people in Ukraine. Grow up.

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