Home prices fall dramatically in Seattle area.
Home prices fall dramatically in Seattle area. Keep Dreaming

The driver suspected of hitting and killing a pedestrian on a Seattle sidewalk on Saturday night, Michael Smith, is a cop from Auburn. He was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. He was, of course, speeding when the collision occurred. He is black. He is young. He is now on administrative leave.

The reason why a 23-year-old woman failed to elude a Pierce County deputy who suspected she was drunk? Her car couldn’t go faster than "30 miles per hour." All cars within the city must be locked within this speed limit. This imposition would save lives and naturally bring high-speed chases to an end.

What you get when speeding, booze, and a huge-ass-for-nothing pick-up truck are combined:

Rebecca Parson, a Democratic Socialist running in Washington's 6th Congressional District, tweeted that "$15 minimum wage is an antiquated demand. It should be $30 per hour." According to her reading of the present economy, which is mostly correct, "1 adult supporting 1 kid needs $30 an hour across the country. Rural, urban, suburban: $30 is the floor." But increasing wages will only return us to regular Keynesian economics when what we really need to do is move toward an economy that makes life much cheaper. Raising wages without considerable structural changes can will only add more fire to the belly of the beast we call capitalism.

Mayor Bruce Harrell's indefatigable war on graffiti spreads to the section of I-5 that runs through downtown. According to KOMO (Harrell's Fox), what has been seen there by the mayor himself is nothing less than an explosion of graffiti. Harrell threatens to stop sweeping homeless people from property the state owns in Seattle if WSDOT does not get with the program and remove all of that godawful graffiti.

Ukraine is turning to Skydio and Brinc Drones, which is based in Seattle, for drones because it no longer trusts the ones made in China. The feeling is that DJI, a Chinese drone maker, has "'intentionally' created 'technical glitches' in its products to [kneecap] Ukraine's defense." This story was first filed in the WSJ. Brinc is basically run by a kid who not too long ago moved his company from Las Vegas to Seattle, one of the tech centers of the global economy.

We are soon to exit one of the coldest Aprils on record. And today is likely to be "10 degrees below average." Isn't that cool? Indeed, one hopes that May will go the way of April and do its best to stretch winter even further into the year.

I must once again reference the line by U2 that never fails to come to mind whenever I read a line in the Seattle Times that goes just like this: "[Housing prices] in the Seattle area were up 26.6% from a year earlier, the seventh biggest year-over-year jump among the cities the index tracks." That U2 line is, as you may have already guessed, "How long must we sing this song? How long must we sing this [sad] song." Will we really ever sing a new song?

Portland, sing your song:

According to data gathered from the Census Bureau, "47.4% of minority renters lack confidence in their ability to pay." The data also show 14.8% of minority renters are trying to catch-up with their rent, and 41% are facing eviction. But why are minorities having such a hard time these days? We can't say, because that would promote the evil "critical race theory."

What they mean by free speech:

All four candidates running for "the Republican nomination in Pennsylvania's US Senate race" stated during a debate that the GOP is now the party of 2020. Meaning, it is stuck with the Big Lie and coup attempt. And so we have the curious situation of a party that wants to destroy the very process by which it is trying to obtain power.

The mighty bird was spotted on a tree near Lake Washington. The bald eagle, which really isn't bald, was probably pissed at some pesky crows.

Now this is what I call police work:

I wonder if the officer also found some ear buds? Those expensive little things seem to be always pulled by the gravity of road drains and sidewalk grates when they slip and fall from your sweaty ears.

Let's end AM with a tune for the Puget Sound minorities out there who can't get the rent out of their minds. Toots & The Maytals' "Time Tough":