@2 There is some irony in filing a late report about someone filing a late report.


@3 another massive failure from the so-called liberal media (from conglomerates on down to the alt weeklies). They took the RWNJs' slogan and instead of actually examining what being "pro-life" entails, and spelling that out for people, just decided to run with it and do PR for the lunatics instead. Then the esteemed Fourth Estate gives itself another blowie for all the hard work it tells itself it's doing informing the republic it's helping destroy.


Welcome to the suck.


"Kevin Stitt crowed that he wants Oklahoma to be “the most pro-life state” in the country."

On a hunch, I just went and googled the phrase "Oklahoma death penalty."

The very first returned hit, the one that just embeds the most relevant piece of info related to the search query, such that I didn't even need to click the linked site itself reads...

"Popularly known as "the death penalty," capital punishment is a legal sentence under Oklahoma's criminal statutes for certain crimes. Oklahoma has executed a total of 111 people since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, giving the Sooner State one of the highest rates of executions per capita."

Pro-life, indeed.


I didn't realize our resident keyboard commandos had imposed an arbitrary deadline for when an online morning news summary needed to be posted. I mean, "a.m." still means "ante meridiem" ("before mid-day"), doesn't it?


Wait, the Stranger's coverage of the Seattle City Attorney boils down to "we don't know what is happening but there was an R next to her name on the ballot, so we assume she is lying about it"? Is this really the best you can do?


Because they view life as a mere preamble/proving ground for eternal judgment, these religious freaks are the opposite of “pro-life.” They’re pro-afterlife. What happens down here only matters in so far as how it translates up there. This is why any true humanist ultimately rejects religion, because its conclusions inevitably devalue the lived human experience.


The Evilungelical American ChrISIStians and Cathaholics are “forced birthers,” full stop. Those deranged hypocritical liars couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of those babies or their mothers.

They’re all in favor of post-birth abortions, as long as it’s with an AR-15 in the school shootings that Jeezus craves. Guns are now the number one cause of death for US children.

Abort the KKKourt.


Anyone who thinks 8:40 AM isn't morning time is a real sick fuck.


Rallies are nice, but if the GOP doesn’t care about open treason (in addition to Supreme Court justices) why would they listen to rallies?


@Will, i can't tell you how easy it is to mash together voter registration data, location data, and like, your credit card history in order to figure out who's buying misoprostol, who's walking into a clinic, and who's voting pro-choice. and how profitable it is, too

Data brokers are lining up to sell your phones data to conservative Christian organizations so they can bust you under their new state laws. Nandini Jammi has receipts, worth a follow on this subject.


Kerry Park is "miles from mass transit"? Did they move it?


“Are we sure this old lady wasn’t just cold? Cops are the same the world over.”
The woman stole A PICASSO, had it altered to suit her, was stupid enough to rub it in the noses of the people she stole it from, got arrested,& some how you find a way to dis the cops with that????????
That’s the product of the most perverse mind I’ve seen in a writer.

“Keep wearing whatever you want, fellow yoga pants enthusiasts.”
Yeah, those two hogs tussling under that blanket are there for the advancement of grunge.

“And not just because this is my first time getting up at 5 am......”
Aw, poor baby. Just wait till someone actually expects to work for a living.

@19, all you need to know about the abortion bullshit is the parable about pulling your ox out of a ditch on the sabbath.


Actually, Kerry Park is on four bus lines within a block. I walk past it when I go to the Uptown from Fremont, and those bus lines connect to the Monorail and the Light Rail so it is accessible.


@21 what are you talking about? Clearly you did not read the linked article. A picasso! sheesh.


All RepubliKKKan men and neofascist RWNJs should be properly sterilized and disinfected before getting permanently cornholed in Hell.


Joe Manchin is NOT a Democrat. He is a profiteering coal magnate RepubliKKKan sock puppet of Mitch McConnell.


@23, you’re correct. I did not. Why should I have to? The writer said “an artwork at the Musée Picasso.” Without clarification, what else is one to assume about the work? And I still don’t see the ‘cops’ comment. She stole something from an art museum. Shitty writing.


@23, and BTW, Picasso licensed his designs for retail stuff. There was a line of dishes & crockery with Picasso images. Originals are now worth a small fortune.The assumption about the jacket wasn’t a stretch......& the horse you rode in on.

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