A few years ago my mother gave me a book of cartoons about Catholic priests—"Priests Are Like People"—that was published in 1954. The cartoons, by Joe Lane, originally appeared in Extension Magazine, an old Catholic magazine that still exists. ("Promoting the missionary spirit of America's Catholics.") My good Catholic mother—my good Irish Catholic mother (black sense of humor)—felt that some of Joe Lane's old cartoons were newly relevant thanks to the sex scandals rocking the church. Her favorites:


Click the 'toons for a larger version. The middle one was her favorite. But Lane's cartoons seem a little less relevant today:

A preliminary report commissioned by the nation's Roman Catholic bishops to investigate the clergy sex abuse scandal has found no evidence that gay priests are more likely than heterosexual clergy to molest children, the lead authors of the study said Tuesday.

Despite the fact that most of the victims of clergy sex abuse were boys, the study—commissioned by the nation's Roman Catholic bishops—found that sexual identity was not "a predictor of abuse." What was? According to the authors of the study the Church has to distinguish between sexual identity and behavior and be on guard against pedophile priests, not gay priests, "and to look at who the offender had access to when seeking victims." This study is going to throw a serious wrench in the Vatican's efforts to pin the whole clergy sex abuse scandals on teh gays.