Colin Kaepernick, during his final 49ers run.
Colin Kaepernick, during his final 49ers run. Ezra Shaw/Getty

While it might be (and is likely) true for other NFL teams that have totally wide-open and/or competitive quarterback slots open, that the Seahawks passed on Colin Kaepernick because of his racially-charged politics and therefore are a bunch of wussy racists isn't true. I think the Seahawks front office doesn’t give a fuck if Kaepernick goes full black power on the field. Head Coach Pete Carroll, General Manager John Schneider, and owner Paul Allen are fully aware of the kind of (liberal) fans they have, the type of (liberal) city they live in, and the (liberal) politics of their players.

When one of your most outspoken players on a team full of outspoken players says stuff like this:

...Or another one of your players does this:

...and two of your players have a public debate about Black Lives Matter… You can make a solid bet that it’s not racially/politically motivated that the Seahawks passed on Kaep. I mean, even Russell Robot Wilson got political after the election.

The Seahawks regularly use their press conferences to talk politics. Michael Bennett (the Best Seahawk™), wears Black Lives Matter shirts and Bernie Sanders pins. They are not shy about discussing economic inequality and social justice issues. They do it all the time. It has cost several of them money in endorsement deals. They keep doing it anyway.

In Kaep’s case, it’s likely money (if you believe this post), or maybe it’s not about money (according to this post), but more about stature. It’s what Pete Carroll said—he’s basically overqualified: “He is a starter in this league.”

Russell Wilson’s job is secure: to bring in another person as highly skilled as Kaepernick, who is also in the prime of his career, into a locker room where people are apparently not that chill with their quarterback (if you believe this ESPN story)—well, this would be akin to having two Queen Bees in a locker room. It would upset the hierarchy and the balance. If Wilson were still injured from last year or became injured in any way this season, I would bet the farm that an unsigned Kaep would be snapped up fast.

So, while yes, it is political to not bring him in, it’s not that kind of politics. This is just boring office politics.