HUMP! Hardcore

(FILM) If you've seen past HUMP! lineups, you know entries to our amateur porn festival can span from silly and playful to hardcore kink. Well, this one's for you, kinksters! For HUMP! Hardcore we've selected the dirtiest, most intense, and most shocking HUMP! entries from the past 18 years and starting today, you can watch them all in the comfort of your very own sex dungeon designed to look like a doctor's office. There will be latex, there will be spit-roasting, there will be... fish? We weren't lyin' when we said shit gets a little kinky. (Get your HUMP! Hardcore streaming pass here) MEGAN SELING


Matt Baume presents Hi Honey, I'm Homo!: Sitcoms, Specials, and the Queering of American Culture

Matt wrote a book! And it's very good! AUTHOR PHOTO BY NATE GOWDY

(BOOKS) Queer history has had some terrific chroniclers. Open a copy of The Mayor of Castro Street in a bookshop and read the first few pages—now, I dare you to put it down. It's the same with Stonewall: A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution; it's the same with Let the Record Show. There aren't nearly enough queer history books out there, but there are some very good ones. To this fine lineage we can add the unpretentious and convivial collection Hi Honey, I’m Homo by Matt Baume, just published by Penguin Random House imprint Smart Pop. Baume's collected essays on finding queer throughlines in American TV sitcoms read like the queer version of Susan J. Douglas's 1994 exploration of women in the media Where the Girls Are—smart, snappy, and about as catchy as a book can get. Moreover, it's history that won't depress you during Pride. Read the full review here! (Seattle Public Library - Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave, 7 pm, all ages, free) SUZETTE SMITH


It's Your Last Chance to Dance: Closing Weekend at Lo-Fi

Breakdancing at Lo-Fi's Stop Biting night, 2011. KELLY O

(MUSIC) The time has come. In January Lo-Fi owner Scott Behrens warned us that the club's closure was imminent due to rising rent and attendance that hadn't bounced back to pre-COVID levels. Behrens, who has run the club for 15 years, told Dave Segal, “People have asked me if I can move Lo-Fi. You can't move it. You can move the name, but you can't move the essence of it. It won't work somewhere else. It's one of the last [remnants] of old Seattle. It's always been a warm, welcoming place, a community gathering space. We've seen so many regulars for so long, it's become home to people. The way it's designed, it exudes this kind of warmth. People dance here all the time and let loose.” Let loose one more time this weekend, with a two-day blow-out featuring DJs from some of Lo-Fi's most popular dance nights, including EmStop Biting, Swayze 80s, and Sorted Friday Night and Emerald City Soul Club, SNAP 90s Dance Party, Global Groove Saturday. (Lo-Fi, 429 Eastlake Ave E, Fri June 30-Sat July 1, free) MEGAN SELING


Simply the Best: A Tribute to Tina Turner

(MUSIC) Like literally millions of others, I, too, spent hours and hours of my childhood singing into a hairbrush trying to emulate Tina Turners's iconic dance moves. I never came close, of course—damn these stumpy, inflexible legs—but I am ecstatic to revisit my childhood dreams at the Showbox on Saturday when some of Seattle's best vocal powerhouses come together to celebrate one of the world's most outstanding performers. Adra Boo, Brittany Davis, Eva Walker, Marquetta Miller, Leeni, Maya Marie, Stephanie Anne Johnson, Mirrorgloss, Nik Singleton, Shaina Shepherd, Molly Sides, and Tiffany Wilson will be singing into microphones, not hairbrushes, and it will be fantastic. (The Showbox, 1426 First Ave, 7 pm, $25, 21+) MEGAN SELING


A Living Legacy: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Art

Mangahufo' I famaguon, 2021, Gisela McDaniel. COURTESY OF FRYE ART MUSEUM

(VISUAL ART) The Frye Art Museum has always been one of my favorites, and not just because it's totally free—the curation is consistently on point, blending thoughtful nods to historical movements with the most contemporary work on the scene at any given moment. Marking their 70th anniversary, A Living Legacy brings together eight recently acquired artworks by art stars Amoako Boafo, Sky Hopinka, Gisela McDaniel, Bony Ramirez, Tschabalala Self, Ann Leda Shapiro, and Sadie Wechsler, each of whom responds to or complicates "[narratives around] landscape and portraiture traditionally associated with the Frye’s founding collection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century European and American art." Artistic production and acquisition is an evolving, imperfect process—head to this exhibition to see what the artists themselves have to say about it. (Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave, Wed-Sun 11 am-5 pm, free, all ages) LINDSAY COSTELLO


Go to Ludi's!

Ludi’s is hyped for their showstopping deep-purple ube pancakes, which I like, but for me, the long-silog breakfast plate with eggs, garlic fried rice, chop chop (diced veg in vinegar), and longganisa—sweet Filipino sausage—is the one. Lumpia, in the distance, is also a must. Meg van Huygen

(FOOD) Did you read the good news? After a four-year hiatus, “Tito” Greg Rosas and daughter/co-owner Rita Rosas Glenister have reopened their iconic family-owned diner, Ludi’s, just two blocks north of its old location at Second and Pike. The Filipino-American greasy spoon has taken over the former Long Provincial space, and they’re slinging the same royal-purple ube pancakes, long-silog (that’s sweet Filipino sausage and eggs on garlic fried rice), and other delicious old-school standards. They even kept the old sign. ❤ Read more about the new space here! (Ludi's, 120 Stewart Street, open daily 7 am-3 pm) MEG VAN HUYGEN


Update Your Voter Information

Vote your heart out. TERESA GRASSESCHI

(CIVIC DUTY) The 2023 primary election is less than a month away! Ballots will be sent out July 12, ballot drop boxes will open July 13 and, of course, we'll publish our ginormous Stranger Election Control Board endorsements package next week, too. In King County you can register to vote or update your information in person through the day of the election—in this case, August 1—but why not get all your ducks in a row now, on Independence Day, before you go cook meat and/or light shit on fire or whatever it is plan on doing? Check your information here, read up on all of The Stranger's election coverage so far here. If you're looking for Fourth of July events, EverOut's got you covered here.  MEGAN SELING