With temperatures predicted to drop into the teens and the looming threat of snow this week, now is a good time to revisit some of the cozy coverage featured in our current print edition, Keep Warm: How to Survive a Seattle Winter. (On stands in hundreds of locations around the Pacific Northwest!)

Here are a few local overnight and drop-in shelters, many of which offer free hot coffee, warm showers, internet access, and food or meals. They're also accepting donations—now would be a great time to do some shopping from their wishlists to ensure they're stocked for the possibility of snow and ice.

Here are some of Seattle's coziest bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, including a longstanding tavern with "a Swiss-ski-chalet mom and a thatched-roof-pub-in-the-Irish-countryside dad." (If it snows or gets stormy, be sure to check that they're open before heading out!)

We also have some useful tips on how to manage symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder from a mental health expert. “The change in weather and light brings this sense of needing to be insulated from the outdoors. That affects your brain and it affects your emotions," says mental health professional Nancy Haver. It's real! And you're not alone.

Dig in, stay warm, take care.