Donna Moodie of Marjorie on Capitol Hill
Donna Moodie of Marjorie on Capitol Hill Kelly O

As part of the call for the Day Without A Woman strike on International Women's Day 2017, organizers asked for people to avoid shopping except at small, women- and minority-owned businesses. To help you with that, we compiled this list of restaurants, cafes, and bars in Seattle that are owned by women (at least partially—some of these are co-owned by men), and we've updated this list for 2018 so you can continue in that mission. For other ways to celebrate International Women's Day 2018, check out this list of events.

Ballard Pizza Company (Angela Stowell)
Bramling Cross (Angela Stowell)
Delancey (Molly Wizenberg)
Brimmer and Heeltap (Jen Doak)
The Fat Hen (Sammie Meyers)
Hood Famous Bakeshop (Chera Amlag)
King's Hardware (Linda Derschang)
Marine Hardware (Angela Stowell)
Parfait Ice Cream (Adria Shimada)
Populuxe Brewing (Amy Besunder)
Rosellini's (Suzanne Rosellini)
Staple & Fancy Mercantile (Angela Stowell)
The Walrus and the Carpenter (Renee Erickson)
Wild Mountain Cafe (Connie Stone)

Artisan Cafe (Lilly Tran-Nguyen)
Bang Bang Cafe (Miki and Yuki Sodos)
Cyclops Cafe (Gina Kaukola)
La Parisienne French Bakery (Christine Morin)
Orfeo and Tempesta (Terresa Davis)
Tilikum Place Café (Ba Culbert)

Capitol Hill
Ada's Technical Books & Cafe (Danielle Hulton)
Al Bacha (Nadia Belmounaz)
Amandine Bakeshop (Sara Naftaly)
Annapurna Cafe and Yeti Bar (Roshita Shrestha)
Bar Cotto (Angela Stowell)
Bar Melusine (Renee Erickson)
Barnacle (Renee Erickson)
Bateau (Renee Erickson)
Cafe Presse (Joanne Herron)
Capitol Cider (Julie Tall)
The Other Coast Cafe (Emily Mabus)
Dino's Tomato Pie (Molly Wizenberg)
Dumpling Tzar (Jesse Barrabee Parry)
General Porpoise (Renee Erickson)
Glo's (Julie Reisman)
Hello Robin Cookies (Robin Wehl Martin)
HoneyHole (Hannah Roberts)
Hot Mama's Pizza (Krista Nelson)
Juicebox (Kari Brunson)
Knee High Stocking Co. (Michelle Valko and Pamela Carpio)
Lao Bar (Carrie Bowen)
Lark, Slab Sandwiches and Pie, and Southpaw (JM Enos and Kelly Ronan)
Linda's Tavern (Linda Derschang)
Little Oddfellows (Linda Derschang)
Little Uncle (Poncharee Kounpungchart)
Mamnoon (Racha Haroun)
Manao (Montida Lertkiasakul and Teeraya Cezaux)
Marjorie (Donna Moodie)
Marmite (Sara Naftaly)
Mia's Off-Broadway Cafe (Mia Lawrence)
Monsoon (Sophie Banh)
Montana (Kate Opatz and Rachel Marshall)
Nacho Borracho (Kate Opatz and Rachel Marshall)
NEKO Cafe (Caitlin Unsell)
Neon Taco (Monica Dimas)
Nuflours (Amanda Bedell and Phebe Rossi)
Oddfellows Cafe + Bar (Linda Derschang)
Ooink (Jiaxin Wang)
Optimism Brewing (Gay Gilmore)
Osteria La Spiga (Sabrina Tinsley)
Petite Galette (Sara Naftaly
Pettirosso (Yuki & Miki Sodos)
Plum Bistro (Makini Howell)
Plum Chop't (Makini Howell)
Poquitos (Courtney Fox)
Revolution Wine (Carmen Brown)
Rione XIII (Angela Stowell)
Ristorante Machiavelli (Suzette Jarding)
Rock Box (Mindy Dodobara)
Scratch Deli (Laura Rains and Erika Macias)
Sémillon (Debbie Nam)
Smith (Linda Derschang)
SOI (Yuie Helseth)
Spirit in the Bottle (Sara Naftaly)
Sugar Hill (Anh Nguyen and Guitar Srisuthiamorn)
Sugar Plum (Makini Howell)
Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches (Monica Dimas)
Tallulah's (Linda Derschang)
Terra Plata (Tamara Murphy)
Tin Table (Hallie Kuperman)
Tortas Condesa (Monica Dimas)
Trove (Rachel Yang)
Vermillion (Diana Adams)
Volunteer Park Cafe (Ericka Burke)
Westman's Bagel and Coffee (Monica Dimas and Molly Westman)
Wildrose (Shelley Brothers and Martha Manning)

Central District
Bottleneck Lounge (Erin Nestor & Rebecca Denk)
Byrek & Baguette (Natalie Gjekmarkaj)
Cafe Selam (Abebu Wondem)
Cortona Cafe (Isolynn Dean)
Happy Grillmore (Kristine McGill)
The Neighbor Lady (Shira Bray)
Seven Beef (Sophie Banh)
Squirrel Chops Coffee & Cuts (Shirley Henderson and Sharon Blyth-Moss)
Twilight Exit (Shira Bray)
Two Doors Down (Erin Nestor & Rebecca Denk)

Columbia City
Geraldine's Counter (Stacey Hettinger)
La Medusa (Meredith Molli)
PRŪF Cafe & Bar (Suzanne Mason)
Saba Ethiopian Cuisine (Workie Wubushet)
Super Six (Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton)
Taproot Cafe & Bar (Tiana Garret)

Blarney Stone (Martha Fletcher)
Gelatiamo (Maria Coassin)
Ghost Alley Espresso (Mercedes Carrabba)
Goldfinch Tavern (Angela Stowell)
Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub (Lucille McAleese)
Little Maria's Pizza (Nicole Stone)
The Pink Door (Jackie Roberts)
Pike Brewing Company (Rose Anne Finkel)
Piroshki on Third(Alyssa Anderson)
Plum Pantry (Makini Howell)
Shug's Soda Fountain and Ice Cream (Colleen Wilkie)

Cicchetti (Susan Kaufman)
Serafina (Susan Kaufman)

First Hill
Niche Gluten-Free Cafe & Bakery (Toby Matasar)

Agrodolce (Maria Hines)
Cafe Turko (Süreyya Gökeri)
Revel (Rachel Yang)
Pie (Renee Steen and Jessamy Whitsitt)
Vif (Lauren Feldman)

Coyle's Bakeshop (Rachael Coyle)
Makeda & Mingus (Prashanthi Reddy)
North Star Diner & Shanghai Room (Caitlin Lombardi)
Preserve & Gather (Kayla Blincow and Tess Smedley)

Hillman City
Big Chickie (Sara Stubbs)
Emma's BBQ (Tess Thomas)
Tin Umbrella Coffee (Joya Iverson)

International District
Jiaozi! Dumplings House (Elaine Song)
Pho Bac and Pho Bac Súp Shop (Yenvy Pham and Quynh Pham)
Vita Uva (Suzi An)
Yummy House Bakery (Karen Poon)

Volterra (Michelle Quisenberry)

Madison Park
Simply Soulful (Barbara Collins and Lillian Rambus)

Red Cow (Angela Stowell)

Maple Leaf
Maple Bar (Katy Haima)
Ravenleaf Public House (Holly Meyer)

Pioneer Square
Salumi (Gina Batali)

Queen Anne
Citizen (Suzana Olmos)
How to Cook a Wolf (Angela Stowell)

Rainier Beach
Beach Bakery (Amy O'Connell)

Pair and Frank's Oyster House (Sarah Penn)

Woodblock (Carolyn Scott)

South Park
Uncle Eddie's (Keasa Jones)

Friday Afternoon (Friday Elliott)
Joule (Rachel Yang)
Kate's Pub (Kati Campbell)
Pam's Kitchen (Pam Jacob)
Tilth (Maria Hines)
The Whale Wins (Renee Erickson)

West Seattle
Beveridge Place Pub (Terri Griffith)
Freshy's (Amber Bennett)
New Leaf Bistro (Shi Chen)
Phoenecia at Alki (Inaam Khazaal)

Various locations
Ba Bar (Sophie Banh)
Bakery Nouveau (Heather Leaman)
Belle Epicurean (Carolyn Ferguson)
Biscuit Bitch (Kimmie Spice)
Cone & Steiner (Dani Cone)
Cupcake Royale (Jody Hall)
El Borracho: Downtown and Ballard (Kittie Davidovich)
Fran's Chocolates (Fran Bigelow)
Frankie & Jo's: Capitol Hill and Ballard (Autumn Martin and Kari Brunson)
Fresh Flours (Etsuko Minematsu)
Fuel Coffee: Wallingford, Montlake, and Capitol Hill (Dani Cone)
Full Tilt Ice Cream (Ann Magyar)
Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery (Autumn Martin)
Katsu Burger: Georgetown and Eastside (Megan Gordon)
Lady Yum: Downtown and Capitol Hill (Stephanie Kang)
Macrina Cafe and Bakery (Leslie Mackie)
Marination (Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton)
Molly Moon's Ice Cream (Molly Moon)
Pie Bar: Ballard and Capitol Hill (Natalie Stroeve and Alyssa Lewis)
Rachel's Ginger Beer (Rachel Marshall)
Seattle Chocolates (Jean Thompson)
Sweet Iron Waffles: Downtown and Capitol Hill (Adrienne Jeffrey)
Tavolàta: Belltown and Capitol Hill (Angela Stowell)

Cafe Juanita (Holly Smith)

Please note: While we've done our best to make this as comprehensive as possible, there may be women-owned restaurants in Seattle that we don't know about or otherwise unintentionally left off this list. If we're missing something, please email us and let us know, and we'll fix it as soon as we can. Thanks!