The holidays reign supreme this week, but for those who have had their fill of seasonal festivities, there's plenty of other types of fun to be had. If you've been too busy to make plans ahead of time, don't worry—below, find all of your options for non-holiday-related last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from Flying Lion Brewing's Dark Beer Fest to a Britney Spears Dance Party, and from Miss Texas 1988's flashy drag show Circus Freak to the closing of Paul Rucker Forever. For even more options, check out our roundup of cheap & easy holiday events, our complete EverOut Things To Do calendar, and our list of cheap & easy things to do in Seattle all year long.

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  1. Anthony Lee Phillips, Payge Turner, Secret Band
    Singer-songwriter Anthony Lee Phillips will play tracks from his chamber-indie-rock record Between Doubles, with opening support from Payge Turner and Secret Band.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  2. Christopher Hill & The Stardust Crush, Ian Jones and the Living Room All Stars, thedrifterluke
    Billing themselves as a "meditative rock band" and a cross between Bob Dylan and Radiohead, Christopher Hill & the Stardust Crush will play in Greenwood with support from Ian Jones and the Living Room All Stars, and thedrifterluke.
    (Greenwood, $7)

  3. Four Horsemen
    The now-defunct hard rock band the Four Horsemen will not be celebrating their grand reunion tonight—instead, you're looking at a night of hits by J-Cole, Kanye West, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar spun by live DJs.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  4. Heck Yes, Three Fingers, Street Jail
    Local pop-punk trio Heck Yes will play their latest tracks with support from Three Fingers and Street Jail at this holiday food drive for Northwest Harvest.
    (University District, $7)

  5. Night Hikes, Talktin and Easy, Peter Michel
    Sway into the weekend with Seattle dream-pop outfit Night Hikes, who will be joined by Talktin and Easy and Peter Michel.
    (Ballard, $10)

  6. NOW That's What I Call Fruit! Vol. 2
    DJ Bmore Free will bring the deepest disco, New Wave, hip-hop, and electro-punk to the art gallery. Be sure to check out holiday pop-ups from Queer Love Mart, Jenna Ryan, and Kiki Robinson while you're boogying about.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  7. Subliminal: One Year Anniversary
    On the first birthday of heavy house music dance party Sub 49, celebrate with DJs Graymatter, James Gatz, Silver, and Minør as they spin groovy-dark beats.
    (Downtown, $5)

  8. Triggerwords, Hotel Vignette, Baywitch
    Dramatic poptronica duo Triggerwords will be joined by Hotel Vignette and Baywitch.
    (University District, $5)


  9. A Drag Dedication to 'The Wiz'
    Don Dior Black, aka 2019's National Bearded Queen, will host this lip-syncing extravaganza inspired by The Wizard of Oz.
    (Downtown, $9)

    DECEMBER 20-22


  10. 6th Annual Dark Beer Fest
    Dark winter days call for similarly dark beers. At this three-day event, Flying Lion will offer over 30 such brews, including "cellared favorites, special releases, and plenty of limited availability brews."
    (Columbia City, free)



  11. Christopher Boffoli: Bite Sized
    Culling inspiration from Jonathan Swift’s 18th-century tale Gulliver’s Travels, Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli creates miniature sculptures of people juxtaposed against bright and cheery pictures of food. He creates images of impossible situations: people jumping from cake pop to cake pop, a diver swimming in a martini, a family camped out on top of a s’more. Boffoli adds a layer of cheekiness to each of his compositions, giving the photos irreverent titles that can be read along with the image. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (South Lake Union, free)

  12. Leaves from a Book of Hours
    Davidson Galleries displays vellum pages from a 1501 Horae, Book of Hours (a type of prayer book owned by wealthy people in the Middle Ages) printed by Jean Poitevin. Feel awed by the survival of this precious devotional artifact, illustrated with lush wood-engraved panels.
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  13. Maja Petrić, Etsuko Ichikawa, Peter Gronquist: Digital Perspectives
    This group exhibition brings together three artists whose work—in one way or another—utilizes different digital mediums to talk about humanity’s relationship to the world around us. Maja Petrić will be presenting Particle Attraction, a new interactive piece where viewers have the chance to walk through a simulated landscape. Etsuko Ichikawa will be continuing her exploration of nuclear waste and “what we choose to leave behind” in Murmurings of Love, in which a futuristic figure smashes a vessel made of uranium glass. And finally, in A Visual History of the Invisible 2, Peter Gronquist will be projecting a “soothing and hypnotic” digital installation of a large gold fabric magically suspended against a bright-blue sky. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (South Lake Union, free)

  14. Michael Peterson
    Sculptor Peterson reshapes, sandblasts, bleaches, and otherwise alters madrone, locust, and cherry wood, producing objects that look oddly anatomical.
    (Downtown, free)

  15. Natural History: Botanical and Naturalist Subjects
    Who doesn't love botanical and faunal illustration? This exhibition presents work by the 16th-century engraver Andres Lagunas, illustrator of the Dioscorides Anazarbeo, Acerca de la materia medicinal ("the Anazarbeo Dioscorides, on medicinal matter," 1555). These are accompanied by other hand-colored engravings of natural subjects.
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  16. New Additions: Lesley Frenz, Emily Gherard, Saya Moriyasu
    At two months old, the J. Rinehart Gallery already has some impressive artists on its roster. And that list keeps growing. In this show, the gallery’s latest artist additions will be on full display. The mountainous landscapes and terrains of painter Lesley Frenz look as if you’re viewing the world through a drippy, frosty window. Painter, draftsman, and printmaker Emily Gherard uses hulking, abstract compositions and paintings to investigate human fragility and vulnerability. And the smooth, playful ceramic figures of Saya Moriyasu teeter on their puffy forms, inviting the viewer to look and admire their beauty. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  17. Norman Lundin: Remembered Detail
    I do believe in the holiness of certain overlooked spaces. Especially at times of the day that almost do not exist. Like, 3:30 p.m. is definitely a time, but 6:43 a.m.? I don’t know her. Seattle-based artist Norman Lundin’s work memorializes and depicts this kind of time, in these kinds of spaces. The way the light from the late-afternoon sun slants through the windows onto the neglected side of a studio, or the orange glow of dawn outside the windows of a dark workroom. A reminder that the forgotten, the overlooked, the just barely remembered can be sacred and beautiful, too. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  18. Northwest Mystics 2019: Women of the PNW
    Twenty-two women artists working in various media, from music to sculpture to video, pay tribute to gallery owner and Northwest School maven Zoë Dusanne with performances, installations, and "lighted animatronic motion-sensitive 'flowers' that seem to speak directly to visitors."
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  19. Paul Rucker: Forever
    In Forever, Rucker constructed 15 commemorative stamp prints out of aluminum. Eschewing "traditional" subjects like presidents, state flowers, and American flags, Rucker opted instead to place the faces of civil rights–era activists, schoolchildren, and falsely accused teens who were murdered or framed by white supremacists. While some of the people depicted might be familiar to viewers—like Emmett Till or the four little girls who were murdered in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing by members of the Ku Klux Klan—others may prove unfamiliar. By centering these martyrs, Rucker investigates how we as a country remember our violent history and who gets remembered as being fundamental in the telling of the story. While some may point to nonviolent activists like Rosa Parks as the beginning of their civil rights knowledge, it was really the 1955 violent murder of Emmett Till (who was falsely accused by a white woman of harassment) that spurred Black Americans to fight for recognition of their civil rights. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  20. Susan Dory: Exotic Mass
    In 2012, Jen Graves wrote: "Susan Dory's color combinations have always been luscious. But in the last two years, her work has undergone a transformation—in Catenary Curves, Dory's signature softness and refined paint handling has gone a little bit street. It's as if each painting were a set of open jaws, or many sets of jaws, each vying for space in a fractured horizon. It is an exhilarating break." See how Dory's style has evolved even further at this solo show.
    (South Lake Union, free)

  21. Tori Karpenko
    Tori Karpenko, trained as a painter in Italy, renders beautiful landscapes—transparent lakes, brambly mountains, and gleaming ice. He also sculpts with natural materials.
    (Downtown, free)



  22. Bill Robison, Physical Comedian
    Theatrical comic Bill Robinson will charm you with his "rubber-like face, elastic body and limitless energy."
    (Mount Baker, $5)


  23. Haute Sauce: Swervewon, Famous, Doozy, Zilla
    DJs Swervewon, Famous, Doozy, and Zilla will be your DJs at this edition of "Seattle's home for hip-hop and dance music."
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  24. Hit Me Baby! - A Britney Spears Dance Party!
    The songs of Britney Spears and her contemporaries will take over this DJ night.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  25. The Hot McGandhis
    Get down to "funky jazz and boogaloo tunes" from a quintet of seasoned Seattle musicians as they play standards from the 1960s to the present.
    (Downtown, free)

  26. Kline's 57, Nurse Ratchett, Ezrael Sarmiento
    A rotating cast of local musicians led by Joey Kline will take the West Seattle stage at this album release show. They'll be joined by Nurse Ratchett and Ezrael Sarmiento.
    (West Seattle, $8)

  27. Live Brazilian Saturday mornings with Marco de Carvalho, Hans Teuber, and Jeff Busch
    Hear live Brazilian jazz from Marco de Carvalho, Hans Teuber and Jeff Busch.
    (West Seattle, free)

  28. Nightcap! With DJ Sidalicious, Quid Quo, & Future Tense
    DJs Sidalicious and local punk bands Quid Quo and Future Tense will take over in Chophouse Row. 
    (Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

  29. Sorrento Nights with Marina Christopher
    Rising Seattle jazz bassist and vocalist Marina Christopher, named Best Emerging Artist by Earshot Jazz Magazine in 2017, will perform live.
    (First Hill, free)


  30. Old Dirty Buzzard, Dead on Cue, Bombsquad
    Old Dirty Buzzard, Dead on Cue, and Bombsquad will blast your eardrums with hardcore metal.
    (Shoreline, $7)

  31. Shake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out, Medium Weekend, Plum
    New York's chaotic prog punks Shake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out will visit Seattle with support from Medium Weekend and Plum.
    (University District, $7)


  32. Performance Potluck Salon
    The Degenerate Art Ensemble will gather filmmakers, artists, performers, organizers, writers, and other artistic types for a potluck and art share. Hear from such diverse and fascinating creatives as video artist Etsuko Ichikawa, painter Paul Rucker, LandForms Dance, actor/director Paul Budraitis, butoh dancer Shoko Zama, and many others. Bring rubber boots, blankets, and hand warmers for the homeless if you can.
    (Phinney, free)

    DECEMBER 21 & 28

  33. Stand Up Comedy Show
    Enjoy local brews and local laughs for cheap, with headliners like Thomas Nichols (Dec 21) and Birungi (Dec 28).
    (Hillman City, $5)



  34. Byron Street Swing
    Acoustic quartet Byron Street Swing will play hot club jazz and early French swing music as a part of the Crossroads Bellevue live music series.
    (Bellevue, free)

  35. Charlie and the Rays, Bad Saint
    Enjoy the earnest, sunshine-soaked, folk-pop stylings of Charlie and the Rays with an opening set from Seattle singer-songwriter Bad Saint.
    (Capitol Hill, $8)

  36. Common Courtesy, Beatrix Sky, SEAGAZER, Bess and Amber
    "Post-core prep-punk" band Common Courtesy will respectfully melt your face off with support from Beatrix Sky, SEAGAZER, and Bess and Amber. 
    (Ballard, $10)

  37. The Sons of Rainier, Great Spiders, Mindie Lind
    Doc Watson-style country-folk outfit the Sons of Rainier will bring their old-timey vibes to Ballard with support from Great Spiders and Mindie Lind.
    (Ballard, $10)


  38. Closing Yard Sale and Mimosas
    Before the Pocket closes up shop, stop by their yard sale to pick up miscellaneous wares at a pay-what-you-want price. You can sip mimosas while you shop!
    (Greenwood, free)


  39. Sean Michael Hurley: Prisoners and Guards
    See mystical paintings by Sean Michael Hurley, a local artist who's inspired by Polish surrealism, turn-of-the-century Symbolism (think Gustav Klimt), and 20th-century editorial illustration.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

    DECEMBER 22 & 29


  40. Sunday Jazz
    Round out your weekend with an evening of live music with the Triangular Jazztet.
    (West Seattle, free)



  41. Home for the Holidays Alumni Show!
    Savannah Parker, Julia Hanowell, Petrichor, Kate Atwell, Small Change, and Rainboy will gather for a non-holiday-themed holiday show.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  42. Monday Jazz
    Enjoy live jazz music from Brian Flanagan and Kimball & the Fugitive Trio.
    (West Seattle, free)

  43. Tim Kennedy Special Trio
    Bassist/keyboardist Tim Kennedy Special Trio and his band will play live. 
    (Downtown, free)



  44. The 350's, Guests
    Local classic rock trio (and sometimes quartet) the 350s will head over to Ballard for some live music. 
    (University District, free)



  45. Be Kind, Rewind: 'Spice World'
    Americano (filling in for The Stranger's own Uh Oh) and She will screen the '90s British musical fantasy Spice World, complete with performances, popcorn, drink specials, and more for maximum queer girl power.
    (Downtown, $7)


  46. Ballard Boxing Day Bash: The Wayside, LBR3, Barton Carroll
    Enjoy a night of country (North)western music from the Wayside, LBR3, and Barton Carroll in celebration of Ballard's Boxing Day.
    (Ballard, $8)


  47. Drinks, Drawing & DJs: Exquisite Corpse Night
    Bring your favorite drawing tools and play a round of a collective drawing game created by 20th-century artists in Parisian cafes. There'll also be music provided by DJ Marvelette.
    (University District, free)



  48. 6 YEARS of BEERS Anniversary Party!
    Bad Jimmy's will ring in their sixth anniversary, a.k.a. the "wooden anniversary," with free wooden coasters for the first 50 guests to make a purchase and a dark flight of four beers (including a rare bourbon oak-aged milk stout). SoSo Good Food Truck will purvey New Mexican fare.


  49. Christopher Ledger, Succubass, Slope
    Rome/Berlin-based DJ/producer Christopher Ledger makes his Seattle debut, and it should be a heady night. His cerebral tech-house tracks abound with intriguing ambient tones and neoclassical piano motifs. Intelligent, psychedelic sound design rule in Ledger’s productions, which often recall Ricardo Villalobos’s oblique melodies and gliding and skittering rhythms. Succubass (aka Jessica Duran) has become one of Seattle’s most savvy and eclectic selectors, excelling at techno, breaks, and drum & bass. DAVE SEGAL

  50. The Cleanse, Son Red, Electric Mermaid
    Enjoy a night of Pacific Northwest rock with the Cleanse, Son Red, and Electric Mermaid.
    (Greenwood, $7)

  51. Coby-J's B-Day Bash!
    If you're over celebrating the birth of Christ, celebrate the birth of someone named Coby-J instead with a night of dancing with DJs LuceScrewz and Kure.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  52. Fireside Evenings with Caitlin Sherman + DJ Josh Quest
    Local singer-songwriter Caitlin Sherman of Evening Bell and Slow Skate will go solo. DJ Josh Quest will spin during breaks.
    (First Hill, free)

  53. Let's Unite The Whole World with El' Steiner, ex Licks, Thaddillac
    This hippie-friendly reggae-rock show boasts local acts El' Steiner, ex Licks, and Thaddillac.
    (Columbia City, $10)

  54. Nevermind, Lust Punch
    Nirvana tribute Nevermind will attempt to bring back the spirit of Kurt Cobain—the lead singer even smashes his guitar sometimes—after an opening set from local garage-rock band Lust Punch.
    (Ballard, $10)

  55. Northwest Jazz Big Band
    The 16 instrumentalists of the Northwest Jazz Big Band and a guest vocalist will perform some swinging jazz standards mixed with some contemporary jazz tracks as a part of the Crossroads Bellevue live music series.
    (Bellevue, free)

  56. SLAY: Hip Hop Dance Party for LGBTQ & POC
    This dance party is geared toward LGBTQ+ people of color, featuring two live DJs, a photo booth, and more.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  57. Trick Candles, FIX, Guests
    Hark back to the days of New Order, the Cure, Blondie, and other synth-laden new wave icons with Trick Candles. They'll be joined by FIX and possibly other guests.
    (Ballard, $10)

  58. Vixy & Tony & Friends
    Enjoy an evening of eclectic tunes with Vixy & Tony, Betsy Tinney, and Sunnie Larsen.
    (Roosevelt, free)


  59. WSU Cheez-It Bowl Viewing Parties
    Root for Washington State Cougars at viewing parties for the 2019 Cheez-It Bowl, an NCAA FBS college football game that has been played in Arizona since 1989.
    (Various locations, free)



  60. Chantal Gibson, Brenetta Ward, Storme Webber, Moses Sun: Installations
    This cycle, Wa Na Wari brings us stellar works from four Pacific Northwest artists. In the same vein as her own work, Vancouver-based artist-educator Chantal Gibson’s piece allows visitors to make redaction poetry from problematic historical texts about James Baldwin. Seattle-based Brenetta Ward is a third-generation quilter and will present her beautifully patterned pieces to the space. There’s an installation from multimedia artist Moses Sun, who explores blackness in his work. And Two Spirit, Alutiiq/Black/Choctaw interdisciplinary artist Storme Webber debuts Home of Good: A Black Seattle Storyquilt, the result of a collaboration between her and educator Dr. Maxine Mimms. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Central District, free)

  61. Margaret Chodos-Irvine: Corral
    Chodos-Irvine joins 12 identical white men's dress shirts into cloth rings in this examination of the "psychological shell" provided by formal garments. These interesting soft sculptures evoke questions of language, culture, connection, and self-protection.
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  62. A Pet Project
    Gallery 110 features paintings from the Pet Project, a local art show benefiting the Doney Coe Pet Clinic, which offers free vet care for the pets of homeless and low-income owners.
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  63. Playground
    The Tropical Contemporary collective—made up of self-described femmes, queers, kinksters, and people of color—explore fantasy, play, and their vital role in society through mostly two-dimensional artworks.
    (Pioneer Square, free)

  64. Shift Artist Members Group Show: Best of Shift
    Discover some of the finest work from the 21 members of this artist-run gallery, like Ken Barnes, Leah Gerrard, Patrice Donohue, and other talents.
    (Pioneer Square, free)



  65. Romanian Night
    The Connect Lounge claims to be the only place in Seattle serving Romanian cuisine on its menu. For this monthly event (which ends this week), they'll offer an expanded all-Romanian menu featuring owner Iulia Bejan's mother's recipes. LEILANI POLK
    (Belltown, free)


  66. Celebrus Saturnalia: Flesh Produce, Sherman Crawford, & More!
    Celebrate the age-old tradition of Saturnalia, an ancient Roman pagan festival traditionally celebrated in December in honor of Saturn, with live electronic bands, DJs, vendors, and more.
    (Ballard, $7)

    China Davis, Moberlys, The Rainiers
    Seattle Americana singer-songwriter China Davis will head up a folksy show with support from Moberlys and the Rainiers. 
    (Tukwila, $10)

  67. Darkside - Decade of Dance! (Celebrating 2010-2019)
    DJs will cram 10 years of goth, industrial, and otherwise dark synthy club jams into one night.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  68. The Debutones Benefit Concert to Support PCC Farmland Trust
    The Debutones will blend country, folk, and bluegrass at this fundraiser for the PCC Farmland Trust.
    (Ballard, $10)

  69. The Fresh Prince of Capitol Hill: A '90s Hip-Hop Dance Party
    Get inspired by Will Smith's outfits from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and head to Capitol Hill to dance freely to '90s hiphop all night long.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  70. The Get Down ft. DJ G-Prez
    As a new decade approaches, show some love for the music of years past at this '80s- and '90s-themed R&B, hip-hop, and funk dance party with DJ G-Prez.
    (Beacon Hill, $10)

  71. The Harper Conspiracy, Ian Hughes, Lilacseason
    Dance to the harmonies of Seattle rock/soul band the Harper Conspiracy, who will be joined by Ian Hughes and Lilacseason.
    (University District)

  72. I'm Not Okay!! An Emo & Pop Punk Dance Party!
    This isn't a phase, Mom—it's a whole party! The Emo Gs are back at it for another night of emo classics by the likes of My Chemical Romance, the Used, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, and more. My hair might be too short now to iron into flattened, fried perfection for a scene-queen-worthy MySpace profile pic (pc4pc, anyone?), but I'm looking forward to the sea of jet-black manicures at this shindig. For less than a tub of your favorite Manic Panic hair dye, come and dance (or cry, if you want to) the night away with all the other kids that your mom warned you about. SOPHIA STEPHENS
    (Fremont, $10)

  73. New Love Syntax, SUS, Occlusions
    Local rockers New Love Syntax will play after opening sets from jazzy hip-hop group SUS and electronic outfit Occlusions.
    (Capitol Hill, $8)

  74. Planet Fly
    Swing your hips loosely with Planet Fly's unhurried, nostalgic funk, featuring the self-assured vocals of KJ Jones.
    (Downtown, free)

  75. The Scuppermonkeys
    Raise a Guinness and sing Irish tunes with local party band the Scuppermonkeys.
    (Downtown, free)

  76. Shagnasty, Fuzz Droner, Buffalo Preacher, Los Bongquistadors
    Join local high-energy rock groups Shagnasty, Fuzz Droner, Buffalo Preacher, and Los Bongquistadors for a "post-Christmas brain-cleansing to help end the season."
    (Greenwood, $7)

  77. Skablins, Without a Doubt, Good Riddance
    Local ska band Skablins (named after "ska and goblins," naturally) will bring anthemic party jams to Ballard with support from Without a Doubt and Good Riddance.
    (Ballard, $10)


  78. Circus Freak
    Miss Texas 1988 will highlight "upbeat oddities and razzle-dazzling beauties" at this showcase of unusual talents and strange, flashy drag from GlitterBall VonEasypants, Lavish Leone, Peach E Mogee, and Lazarus Rise.
    (Georgetown, $7/$10)


  79. Final Blow 2019 Underwear Party with DJ Olivia Phaze & Gogo Logan Fawkes
    Wear your finest skivvies for the last underwear party of the year with DJs Olivia Phaze and go-go dancer Logan Fawkes.
    (Capitol Hill, $6/$8)


  80. Ohio State Buckeyes - Fiesta Bowl!
    Show up in Ohio Buckeyes gear to watch them compete against the Clemson Tigers from Peddler's beer garden and receive $1 off pints.



  81. Catherine McMillan, Michelle Williams
    Check out Michelle Williams's "Minimalist Porcelain Vessels" and Catherine McMillan's "Stoneware and Porcelain Donuts," and enter a $10 raffle to win one of said donuts.
    (Mercer Island, free)

  82. The Jacket Show
    Over a dozen artists from LA, Vegas, New York, Oakland, and Seattle show original custom jackets in various forms, from paintings to chain stitching.
    (Chinatown-International District, free)

  83. Under the Influence
    Local artists Deborah Bell, Alfred Harris, Iskra Johnson, Laura Van Horne, and Junko Yamamoto celebrate Asian influence, in conjunction with the 2020 reopening of the Seattle Asian Art Museum.
    (Downtown, free)



  84. Blade Palace, Last Waves, Guests
    Local psychedelic garage-rock trio Blade Palace will head up a show with Last Waves.
    (Ballard, $10)

  85. Waves Like Weapons
    Join local group Waves Like Weapons for a night of heavy melodic jams.
    (Eastlake, $6/$8)


  86. Sunset Boulevard
    The haunting qualities of Norma Desmond's presence first entrance you with the nighttime burial of her prized monkey. Meanwhile, Joe Gillis, a struggling film writer, has wandered into Desmond's stark and decaying mansion in a desperate attempt to hold onto his car and his livelihood—only to be ensnared by the delusional Desmond, a fallen silent screen icon. Desmond, consumed by the specter of her eternal star power, turns reality on its head. Her closest companion, a butler, is an enabler, and her fantasy an irascible nightmare. NADIA ABDELRHMAN
    (Ballard, free)


  87. Game Day Extravaganza
    Gorge yourself on breakfast pizza, chicken and waffles, and other buffet-style offerings (plus bloody Marys) while you watch the Seahawks game.
    (Sodo, free)



  88. Katrina Haffner: Hybrid
    If you like art that's lush, eerie, and faunal, check out these artistic meditations on the cycles of life and death using animal and plant imagery.
    (Belltown, free)