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Since Governor Jay Inslee's announcement yesterday that all gatherings of more than 250 people are banned in King County, and that gatherings of fewer than 250 people are also banned unless there are six feet between each person, the volume of Seattle event cancellations has been staggering.

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To keep track of it all, we've added a new way of keeping you informed: Our canceled events calendar.

From now until at least the end of March, we'll keep this page updated continuously as we hear of event cancellations, so, if you're thinking about making plans in Seattle (which you should only do if you're healthy, of course!) we'd recommend bookmarking it for maximum efficiency. It also has the added benefits of being searchable and sortable by venue, so now it's easy to find out if that specific event you were planning to go to was canceled.

If you're not sick and you're feeling up to going out, though, not all hope is lost: We also now have a confirmed events calendar! Any Seattle events that have made official statements about continuing with their events while implementing social distancing measures will be added here, so you can see which events you can still attend.

Some events have also been rescheduled for a future date, which you can find on our new rescheduled events calendar, complete with their new dates.

If you just want a glance at which major events have been canceled, or which venues have closed or announced they're staying open, you can continue to check our our canceled events article, which we'll also keep updated.

Stay safe out there!