Wagner's Operas Saved My Uncle's Life and Reordered the Tectonics of His Psyche

He was a Painter Who Showed Me the Beauty and Dangers of Being an Other


Sweet. Thanks
This moved me to tears. Thank you so much for sharing, all of it.
ps, the image link for Love Potion seems to be broken
so thoughtful and innovative! He must love this article so! great work!
Excellent piece, and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing. The ending especially resonated with me. I have struggled to find balance between all the things I want or aspire to achieve. But I've learned that you can't have it all. Coming to terms with that has helped me tremendously and allowed me to find a sort of inner peace.
What a beautiful story of continually finding art and meaning in what the world has rejected..
"Surging music cutting through centuries and across ocean floors" -- wow, this whole piece is symphonic!