The artist in his studio.
The artist in his studio. Tori Dickson

Seattle artist Anthony White is finally debuting new work for his Smoke and Mirrors show at Greg Kucera Gallery tonight. White, who primarily works with a type of plastic used in 3-D printing called polylactic acid, will debut a collection of new paintings that depict bright, brilliant nudes. Coverage of the prescient young artist has reached a fever pitch. We made White our Winter Art & Performance Quarterly cover star, and other news outlets across the city have published similar articles about him. It's exciting that we are uniting around a young, queer artist of color, but there's a breathlessness to the coverage that feels like it may be more about the media checking boxes than his undoubtedly good work. (Also, what the fuck is up with that "The Trash Man" headline?)

I'm looking forward to seeing all the hard work that White has put into this show—though I do hope Seattle's visual art writing community will continue to rally around other up-and-coming artists with similar gusto.

In that spirit, tonight during the Pioneer Square Art Walk, I'm eager to see Joe Rudko's Same as it ever was that is showing alongside White at Greg Kucera Gallery. His collages and found photo interventions seemingly bloom right in front of you. Rudko, who made the album cover of Death Cab for Cutie's Kitsungi, will also be celebrating his birthday today too!

Also Zah, a multidisciplinary artist of color originally from the Seattle area and now living in Brooklyn, will be debuting their show Deity at Party Hat tonight. The artist has been featured in Dazed, i-D, and Paper Magazine. The opening will feature "soft sculptures" which sounds as compelling as it does cuddly.

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everything by me, 2017

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Brian Sanchez's first solo show Idle Urge at Treason Gallery looks good too—there's an element to his work that feels very much tethered to abstract art of the previous century but also something inherently digital about his paintings. I want to be consumed by them.

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Statix will be showing Kamryn Tulare's 100 Heads series, which features colored pencil prints of… 100 heads. They are wonderfully bright and seem to almost shimmer. It's Tulare's first ever gallery show.

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88/100 #100heads @guvmanian 💟

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I'll see you all there 💋