Vivian McCall

Vivian McCall

Vivian McCall is a staff writer for The Stranger covering queer culture and politics in Seattle and beyond. In her private life, she is a musician and Wii U apologist. If you’re reading this, you either love her or hate her.

Recent Articles

News Jul 8 12:47 PM

Trans Woman Launches Hunger Strike After State Moved Her to Men’s Prison

The Washington DOC Had Never Removed a Trans Person from Gender-Affirming Housing Before

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Games Jul 2 2:15 PM

Roll for Initiative!

Seattle's LGBTQ+ Center's D&D Drop-In Games Offer a Fun Space for Queer Youth to Play with Identity

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Queer Issue 2024 Jun 11 10:00 AM

The Future of HIV Treatment Is Injectable

Promising Drugs Could Expand Treatment–If We Get Out of Our Own Way

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Film/TV Jun 7 2:26 PM

Get Lost in TRANSlations

Seattle Film Festival Celebrates Trans Existence and Creativity This Weekend

Queer Issue 2024 Jun 5 10:00 AM

50 Years of Queers

Gay Betrayals! Rich Prudes! Queer Futures! And an Absolutely Stuffed Pride Calendar!

Queer Issue 2024 Jun 5 4:00 AM

What’s Next for Denny Blaine?

Maybe New Rules, but Certainly Fewer Thorns