Us. This Friday. The internet.
You. Me. Mike. This Friday. The internet. City of Seattle

We're not in Paris for the big international climate change conference, so it seemed like a good idea to check in with some Seattleites who are there.

To do that, we're going to do something new (for us). This Friday, at 12 p.m. PST (9 p.m. in Paris), The Stranger will hold a live Google+ Hangout with Seattle City Council member Mike O'Brien.

Check back on Slog for the live-streaming interview. You can also tune in directly on Google+ or YouTube.

During the interview, we'll be fielding questions from Stranger readers about the climate talks through Google+ itself as well as through Twitter. (If you're going the Twitter route, just get your questions ready and then tweet them to @strangerslog on Friday.)

O'Brien plans to attend the C40 climate summit for local leaders, where mayors of major cities taking climate action all over the world will speak. After all, whether COP21 results in ambitious international commitments or not, cities will still have some of the greatest opportunities (and the political will) to become radically more efficient and climate-conscious.

But what is Seattle doing to actually reach its lofty carbon neutrality goal when transportation remains one of the biggest sources of emissions? What does O'Brien think about Portland's new commitment to oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure moving through the city? Has any other city figured out what to do about explosive crude oil trains? Hypothetically speaking, what's the legality of deporting a city's "war on cars" pearl-clutchers to a petro-paradise near the Gulf of Mexico?

Or, if you don't like any of those questions: What do you think we should we ask Mike? Comment below, e-mail me at, or, like I said, tweet @strangerslog on Friday.