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Meddling in the Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism

I Saw U

I Saw U: Ordering Pu-ehr Tea at Victrola, Taking My Picture at Linda's, Wearing Black and Gold at Monkey Loft

Stranger Suggests

Stranger Suggests: Indigo De Souza, Day In Day Out, Nikki McClure: Something About the Sky, Composition / Decomposition at SOIL, the Ten Pillars of Beacon

I, Anonymous

Careless Whisperers

Savage Love

Savage Love

Mayor Harrell's Plan to Convert Office Buildings into Apartments Is a Big Distraction

Our Supposedly Broke City Wants to Throw Money at Developers to Make Even More Unaffordable Apartments

Seattle City Council Puts Renter Protections in Its Sights

The Rollbacks Would Be Both Very Evil and Very Dumb

News Jul 9 4:09 PM

Council Member Tanya Woo Decries Graffiti Targeting Her in the CID as Hateful

The Graffiti Reads: “Fuck Tanya Woo Get Her Out!” “Tanya Woo Hates Black People,” and Tanya Woo Is [indecipherable]

News Jun 14 4:45 PM

Mayor Rolls Back Funding for Mental Health Support in Schools After Garfield Shooting

Students Demand the City Spend the $20 Million They Promised, Mayor Says It’s Not “Feasible”

War May 14 4:43 PM

War, Gaza Strip, and the Communicability of Pain

Everyone Should be Capable of Imagining Palestinians' Suffering–Here’s Why Some Can't

News Jun 18 10:31 AM

“We’re Making It Work”

Seattle Librarians Slog Through Cyber Attack Fallout

News Jul 2 9:00 AM

SCOTUS Ruling Won’t Change How Seattle Sweeps, Which Is Not a Flex

Seattle May Not Fine Unhoused People, but They Sure Will Keep Pushing Them Around!

Person of Interest: Taha Ebrahimi

Seattle’s Coolest Street Tree Expert

News Jun 3 12:33 PM

Kent Police to Sweep 200 Migrants Sleeping Outside of Empty Hotel

“They Would Rather Send Us to Jail Than to a Shelter.”

Guest Rant Jun 27 9:00 AM

Mad about School Closures? Blame Our State Supreme Court.

Washington Voters Must Elect Judges Willing to Allow the Legislature to Amply Fund Education

News May 21 9:00 AM

Is Washington Getting Its Own Cop City?

Potential for Militarization at New Lacey Training Center Spurs Concerns

Guest Rant May 15 10:00 AM

Help Us Make Social Housing a Success in Seattle

Housing Is a Human Right and a Powerful Green New Deal Solution

Sports Jul 9 7:30 AM

Seattle Is Getting a New Women’s Soccer Team

Ballard FC Leadership Is Partnering with Seattle Reign Players, Seattle Storm Leadership, and Others to Bring Semi-Pro Women’s Soccer to Seattle

Economy Jun 19 10:18 AM

Billionaires Are Betting Big on Seattle’s Space Industry

The Cosmic and the Commercial Cannot Be Separated

Queer May 15 9:00 AM

What Biden’s New Title IX Rules Mean for Trans Athletes in Washington

State Law Already Protects Them, but Federal Protections Would Be Cool

Bad Apples May 14 1:51 PM

Bad Apples

Seattle Police Officers Dismiss Domestic Violence, Unjustifiably Tase a Person, and Drive Drunk (Again)

Opera Jun 27 12:05 PM

Fandom of the Opera

See Drag Queen Anita Spritzer Perform in One of Seattle’s Gayest Non-Gay Institutions Thursday

Music Jun 17 9:00 AM

Remember When Seattle Was a Real Life Footloose?

New Podcast Remembers Seattle's Battle for All-Ages Music

Furry May 10 12:51 PM

All Aboard the Furry Cruise

A Historic Steamship Trip for the Fandom

Seattle's Only News Quiz Jun 29 9:00 AM

Seattle's Only News Quiz

The Queer Issue Edition

Film/TV Jun 7 2:26 PM

Get Lost in TRANSlations

Seattle Film Festival Celebrates Trans Existence and Creativity This Weekend

Economy May 17 10:47 AM

Seattle's New Economy Is No Different from the GOP's Old One

The City Keeps Throwing Money at Cops While Neglecting Education, Library Services

Guest Rant May 17 9:34 AM

Don’t Leave Communities Out of the Transportation Levy

Keeping BIPOC Communities in Place as Light Rail Expands Should Be a Key Component of the Seattle Transportation Levy