EverOut Today 3:28 PM

Ticket Alert: Pearl Jam, Vampire Weekend, and More Seattle Events Going On Sale This Week

Plus, BECU ZooTunes and More Event Updates for February 22

Seattle-born grunge icons Pearl Jam have announced hometown shows to support their forthcoming new album, Dark Matter. Indie rock outfit Vampire Weekend will stop by Climate Pledge Arena this summer on their Only God Was Above Us tour. Plus, BECU ZooTunes will bring acts including the Roots, Norah Jones, and Violent Femmes to the Woodland Park Zoo this summer. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



Alvvays with The Beths
Woodland Park Zoo (Mon Aug 19)

The Brad "Scarface" Jordan: Behind The Desk Experience
The Showbox (Wed Mar 27)

Built to Spill performing "There's Nothing Wrong with Love"/ Yo La Tengo
Woodland Park Zoo (Thurs Aug 15)

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Music Today 1:44 PM

Nirvana Wore Susie Tennant's Dresses

And More Wonderful Stories to Celebrate the Woman Who Helped Build Seattle's Music Scene

Susie Tennant, the record executive and promo representative who helped launch Nirvana's career and championed countless other bands and artists over the years, passed away in January from frontotemporal dementia. She was 61 years old.

On Friday her friends and family will gather at the Paramount to celebrate her life and love of music, and, in true Susie style, everyone's invited.

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Issa López, a Mexican woman, directed all of the episodes of what I consider to be the most radical True Detective season by far. The other seasons had the series creator, Nic Pizzolatto, as frequent director and writer. He is now famous for marking his disapproval of the direction Season 4 took.


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Food & Drink Today 12:02 PM

The Stranger Presents Nacho Week

Specially-crafted Nachos Available for $10 at 15 Locations March 4-10

Do you know what's been missing from your life since the Super Bowl? No, it's not football. And it's certainly not images of Taylor Swift watching football. It's an excuse to eat nachos by the shovelful. 

Well, we have good news, people of Seattle: Starting Monday March 4 through Sunday, March 10, The Stranger will celebrate the return of NACHO WEEK!

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Film/TV Today 10:00 AM

Film Review: In 'The Taste of Things' Simple Pleasures Shine

Trần Anh Hùng’s Portrait of 19th Century French Countryside Haute Cuisine Sizzles with Scintillating Restraint 

Early on in The Taste of Things, a renowned chef asks a young culinary prodigy to taste a consommé and note how the flavor has changed. The prodigy concludes that it’s become less strong, and the chef agrees. “What you lose in taste you gain in color,” he says, explaining that the clarification process has alchemized the broth into something smoother, subtler, gentler, more delicate and pure.

It’s a fitting analogy for the film itself, which forgoes embellishments and is all the more powerful for it. Director Trần Anh Hùng allows long, uninterrupted cooking sequences to speak for themselves. Instead of relying on music to evoke emotion, he scores the movie with a symphony of sounds: the clink of cutlery against china, the sizzle of short ribs in a pan, and the crackle of a hearth, all set against a near-constant backdrop of birdsong and buzzing bees. Sunlight filters through window panes, bathing the room in a dreamy Campion-esque golden glow. 

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Olympia Today 9:00 AM

Seattle's LGBTQ Communities Demand Rent Stabilization

Sen. Jamie Pedersen Has One Job: Get This Bill Over the Finish Line

In a potential boon for tenants, last week Seattle Sen. Jamie Pedersen breathed new life into a bill to reduce rent-gouging when he steered the legislation away from his chamber's housing committee, where a similar bill suffered a clumsy and untimely death at the hands of Vancouver Sen. Annette Cleveland, and toward the Ways and Means committee, where it now faces obstacles in the form of... several other conservative Democrats.

That Senate committee will hear the bill today. If they end up voting on it later on, renters can only lose one Dem vote, and Democratic Sen. Mark Mullet already opposes the legislation. Of the other Dems in that committee, Majority Leader Andy Billig told The Stranger he's riding the fence, and Sens. Steve Conway, Lisa Wellman, and Sam Hunt did not bother to answer my question. Meanwhile, though Sen. Kevin Van De Wege cosponsored the Senate's version of the bill, he's since launched a bid to become the state's landlord. I asked him if his support extended to the House's version of the bill, but he didn't bother to respond, either. 

Though Pedersen helped keep the bill alive in his chamber, he can now either help convince his colleagues to support the popular proposal or else help to arrange a quiet execution.

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Nowhere is safe: Israel tightly packed about 1.4 million displaced Palestinians in the border city Rafah, promising refuge. But last night the army killed at least 48 people in another bombardment of the area. According to Al Jazeera, Israel may soon launch a ground invasion, which could severely hamper humanitarian aid efforts, once-again displace Gazans, and, of course, empower the IDF to kill even more civilians. Ceasefire now, ceasefire yesterday, ceasefire fucking months ago. 

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News Yesterday 12:08 PM

King County Prosecutors Decline to Charge SPD Officer for Killing Pedestrian

Officer Kevin Dave Will Face No Criminal Consequences for Hitting and Killing Jaahnavi Kandula

On Wednesday, King County Prosecutors announced their decision not to bring charges against Seattle Police Officer Kevin Dave, who struck and killed 23-year-old college student Jaahnavi Kandula while she crossed in a crosswalk in January 2023. Dave remained on duty with the department, and the administrative investigation into his conduct paused while prosecutors reviewed whether he should face criminal charges. The Office of Police Accountability must now complete its investigation into whether Dave violated any department policies when he hit Kandula, and whether his actions amounted to a fireable offense.

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The Kids Aren’t Alright: Troubled Teens on Screen

(FILM) Teen movies really hit their stride once the youngins started hanging out in malls in the early '80s. Suddenly, teens were more visible, and with that visibility came more complex and rebellious young roles on screen. Local filmmaker Jeremy Cropf will chat about some of the most enduring teen films of the last 40-odd years in this series, which includes screenings of Jennifer's Body, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and more alongside hybrid lectures on teen representation with themes corresponding to high school grades ("Freshman Year: The Invention of the Teenager" [February 21], "Sophomore Year: Dark Comedy and Social Satire" [February 28], and so on). Show up if you're into Euphoria. (SIFF Film Center, 305 Harrison St, 7 pm, $16.50) LINDSAY COSTELLO

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I, Anonymous Yesterday 10:00 AM

Blurred Lines

Seattle, did you know that the lines on your highways, roads, streets, and stroads are literally fucking invisible??? 

In recent years, the City appears to have added some reflectors to the lines. Excellent choice. Now we can all see the lines at night when it's raining and dark, which happens to be much of the year. Hooray! Problem solved, right? 

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Savage Love Yesterday 9:40 AM

Savage Love

Routine Maintenance

I’m off this week. Please enjoy this column that originally ran in December of 2014. — Dan

What is your stance on maintenance sex? I'd never thought about the issue until reading Amy Poehler's new memoir. I didn't find anything she said controversial and was surprised when this quote blew up in the feminist blogosphere: "You have to have sex with your husband occasionally, even though you're exhausted. Sorry." I'd never realized many people firmly believe one should have sex with their partner only when they are in the mood! Some articles even made it sound like maintenance sex is a form of nonconsensual sex. I have sex with my husband pretty often when I'm not in the mood. He would prefer sex every day, and I'm more of an every-other-day or twice-a-week girl. I'd say about 25 percent of the time we are having sex, I am doing it for maintenance purposes. I always enjoy it and I get off the majority of the time, but I don't always go in wanting it or needing it. Is this wrong? Am I not the feminist I thought I was?

Maintenance Sex Supporter

I'm pro maintenance sex, MSS.

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Olympia Yesterday 8:46 AM

The Five Anti-Trans Bills That Didn’t Survive This Session

Let Us Now Dance on Their Graves 

At the halfway point of Washington’s short 60-day session last week, every bill that didn’t pass out of its chamber of origin died on its heels.

The dead include all five of Washington’s fledgling anti-trans bills, nearly all of which purported to protect children, and none of which got more than a reading in the House or Senate. Woo! Excuse me for grave-dancing. 

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Yes, Bruce, give us nothing: Hannah covered yesterday’s State of the City address and, boy, it was one of the speeches of all time. Mayor Bruce Harrell told Seattle that he’ll be going back to basics, innovatively, which translates to doing the bare minimum and satiating the conservatives that built our new city council. The biggest news was his announcement of his “One Seattle” comprehensive plan, which he will release about a year behind schedule. The city promised us those goods in April 2023. Read more about a little levy and a big deficit.

Ceasefire now: Hundreds of people gathered on the Capitol steps in Olympia Tuesday to urge state lawmakers to pass a resolution supporting a ceasefire in Gaza. The event was the first “advocacy day” held in Olympia by the Washington Coalition for Peace, a group of Palestinian Americans and 39 organizations statewide that represent different religious and cultural groups, according to the Seattle Times. No state legislators attended the rally.

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News Tue 3:38 PM

Mayor Bruce Harrell Promises to Deliver Bare Minimum at 2024 State of City Address

The “Basics” Sure Sound a Lot Like Austerity, Car Infrastructure, and Cops

In his third State of the City Address, Mayor Bruce Harrell said he wanted to go back to the “basics” while still “innovating.” However, given the next moves he said he plans to make, he seems most interested in doing the bare minimum and regressing to please the conservative forces that got him and his new city council elected. 

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Guest Rant Tue 12:00 PM

Censorship Is Choosing a Side

The King County Bar Association’s Director Should Step Down After Removing Pro-Palestine Op-Ed

I’ll admit that when I read Dua Abudiab’s op-ed in the online version of the King County Bar Association (KCBA) Bar Bulletin titled “From the River to the Sea,” which denounced the widespread censorship and discrimination of pro-Palestine voices on and off social media, my initial reaction was shock; not in response to the content, but in response to the outlet that published it. 

As a former employee of the KCBA, I am very familiar with their recent politics, so, while I was pleasantly surprised to see the op-ed, in my head I knew it was too good to last. I was right. KCBA Executive Director Christina Entrekin Coad, “leadership,” and the Board of Trustees swiftly deleted the piece after less than 24 hours. 

They left the link intact, so if you go to it now, then all you will see is a prime example of the censorship that pro-Palestine activists have been experiencing since October 2023. Leadership and the Board replaced the op-ed with an apology for the harm they caused by allowing such a thing to be released. Nowhere in the lackluster statement did they acknowledge the tens of thousands of Palestinians that Israel has killed in Gaza during the last four months, or the Palestinian-Americans that have been attacked or killed on US soil. They claim the “conflict in Israel and Palestine” is outside of the scope of their mission and insist that the KCBA is a professional service organization, an argument akin to “not our business, not our fight.” But that stance is ironic, given the organization’s conception.

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