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There Were a Few Arrests, and Some Yelling, but Overall, the Alt Right Rally on Saturday Was Pretty Boring

There really werent that many people at Saturdays rally.
There really weren't that many people at Saturday's rally. Lester Black

The alt right came to the steps of Seattle City Hall on Saturday and guess what? It was pretty boring. If you stayed home or went on a hike or met a friend at a cafe, you accomplished more than what happened in downtown Seattle.

Police kept the alt right group and the counter protesters separated for most of the day, which started with speeches at City Hall Plaza and then included a march in a circle downtown. In my estimation, there were around 50 alt right folks and around 200 counter protesters. The march shut down traffic intermittently but the whole thing was mostly uneventful.

The most violent moment I witnessed was towards the end of the event, after the alt right had finished its march and returned to City Hall Plaza. A small scuffle broke out between two alt righters and a counter protester, which left one of the former bloody and the counter protester in handcuffs.

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Big Beer Is Getting Into Legal Weed. Are Local Farmers Freaking Out?

Lester Black

Big beer is making big bets on the legal weed market.

The New York Times reported this week that Constellation Brands, the parent company of Corona, as well as Robert Mondavi wine and Svedka vodka, recently invested $4 billion in Canopy Growth, a Canadian weed producer. Last year, Constellation bought a 10 percent stake in the company, but this new infusion of capital, according to the Times, is the largest investment made in the recreational weed industry to date.

The entry of big alcohol brands into the weed market is hardly surprising. Last year, sales of legal weed reached $10 billion, and that's only in the handful of states were it was legal. Meanwhile, growth of the beer market in the U.S. has slowed. So are small farmers shitting their overalls over the news that big business is coming? Not really.

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Last-Minute Plans: 118 Cheap & Easy Things To Do This Weekend: Aug 17-19, 2018

Venture to the north end of Capitol Hill to see live sets from local bands like Tres Leches at the Mercer X Summit Block Party on Saturday.
Venture to the north end of Capitol Hill to see live sets from local bands like Tres Leches at the Mercer X Summit Block Party on Saturday. Minna Lee

Panicking because you haven't yet made plans for the weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry—below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from Hempfest to the Mercer X Summit Block Party, and from Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day to the Seattle Hot Sauce Fest. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Movies at the Marina
Stretch out on the garden lawn or in the parking lot of the Ballard marina to watch the Disney hit Moana. Free popcorn will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.
(Ballard, free)

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Did the Black Man Die in Vietnam as a Black Man or as the Illusion of a White Man?


There are four movements in this post. The first is prompted by a comment in Ken Burns's vastly overrated and utterly shallow documentary (and it obscures this shallowness with its length—18 hours), The Vietnam War. The second is prompted by a comment made in the seventh lecture, "The Loss of the American Colonies," of Patrick N. Allitt's Teaching Company course The Rise and Fall of the British Empire. (To make more sense of this comment and its place in this post, please read this and this.) The third is in a documentary, No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger, that's a part of Northwest Film Forum's retrospective film series 1968: Expressions of a Flame. The fourth brings these comments from three different works connected only by themes together. Let us begin.

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Tickets for the 14th Annual HUMP! Film Festival On Sale Now!

The opening festival will take place this November in Seattle, Portland, and for the first time ever San Francisco! Only audiences at the opening festival will get to vote and decide which films will take home $20,000 in cash prizes! Limited Discount Early Bird Tickets available!

Get them while you can HERE

Once Ghosted, Twice Shy


Straight married woman in an open relationship. Earlier this summer I was dating someone who is also married and in an open relationship. We were texting and hanging out for about a month, went on a handful of dates, hooked up once (and it was good!), and then he ghosted me with no explanation. I wasn’t sure what happened or why he lost interest. Now this morning, a month later, he texted me out of the blue to say he wants to hang out again. I did have fun with him, but I don’t like that he wasn’t honest and straightforward with me. He said he just got busy with work. Should I see him again?

Already Ghosted Once

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Two Men Are Yelling Loud Islamophobic Shit by the Capitol Hill QFC

These guys are yelling a lot but they swear theyre not Proud Boys.
These guys are yelling a lot but they swear they're not Proud Boys. Lester Black

Two white guys are currently yelling hate-filled messages about Islam on the corner of Broadway and Pike. I went to investigate after I heard they might be affiliated with the Proud Boys, an alt right group that is rallying tomorrow at Seattle City Hall. Was this a warm-up act for tomorrow's main event? An hors d'oeuvre of hate, if you will, before tomorrow's full festival of fuck boys?

I went to investigate.

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Free Burgers and Chinese Food, Food Porn, and More Seattle Food News You Can Use: August 16, 2018 Edition

Find out where to drink bubble tea this weekend, including this unique version in a collectible light bulb-shaped glass jar from the Food Porn pop-up in South Lake Union on Saturday.
There are lots of places to get your bubble tea fix this weekend, whether it's this unique version in a collectible light bulb-shaped glass jar from the Food Porn pop-up in South Lake Union on Saturday, at the grand opening of the new Dao Tai House, or at the newly opened YoYo Station. South Lake Union Market via Instagram

As we do every week, we've rounded up all of the foodie intel you need for your weekend, including where to get free burgers (the Habit's grand opening in Ballard) and Chinese food (the Dao Tai House Grand Opening) and which pop-ups to head to for sourdough croissants and pastries, Molly Moon's, and delicious things to put on your Instagram. Read on for all of that and more exciting food news, like when you can expect Shake Shack to open in Seattle. For more food and drink inspiration, check out our list of places to eat peaches in Seattle, our list of August food and drink specials, and our full food and drink calendar.

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A Pizza Mart
A new location of A Pizza Mart, which was announced last fall, soft-opened in the Modera building on 11th Avenue in Capitol Hill on August 9.
Capitol Hill

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14 Places to Eat Peaches in Seattle Right Now

For the six weeks its available, A La Modes famous peach pie is owner Chris Porters favorite.
For the six weeks it's available, A La Mode's famous peach pie is owner Chris Porter's favorite. A La Mode Pies via Facebook

Sweet, juicy, and fragrant, ripe summer peaches are the pinnacle of the season's fresh produce, and August is National Peach Month, so there's no better time to enjoy them. Though you may not be able to get millions of them (cue the Presidents of the United States), we've hand-picked 14 places in Seattle where you can consume as much of the succulent stone fruit as possible in all its different forms, from beers to cupcakes to pie. For more ideas for things to eat and drink in Seattle, check out our complete food and drink calendar.

Note: Availability may vary.

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A La Mode Pies
For the six weeks it's available, the pie bakery's famous summer peach pie, made with ripe, Washington-grown Pence peaches, is the favorite of A La Mode owner Chris Porter, a.k.a. "The Pie Guy."
Various locations

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Rep. Matt Manweller Sues Central Washington University for $2 Million, Says He'll Release the Report Next Week

He sued, but he didnt release report.
Release the report sooner, Matt. WASHINGTON STATE LEGISLATURE

Friday afternoon Rep. Matt Manweller sued his former employer, Central Washington University, for wrongful termination. In a statement, Manweller, who taught political science at the university and who faces allegations of sexual misconduct, says he's "seeking damages in the excess of $2 million." He also argues that political differences motived administrators to launch three separate investigations into Manweller's behavior with students, including one in 2012 and another in 2013.

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We Need to Talk About My Favorite Wife, the Hecka Gay Film Starring Cary Grant and His (Alleged) Gay Boyfriend

The gaydar is pinging!
The gaydar is pinging! YouTube

If we're to believe Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, Cary Grant was hecka gay. In the new documentary based on his popular memoir, Full Service, Scotty Bowers, bisexual "pimp to the stars," claims that he would regularly hook up with Grant and his alleged longtime lover Randolph Scott—often at the same time. Bowers is hardly the first person to talk about Grant's gay relationships, but his honesty is salacious and refreshing. The documentary highlights the 1940 film that stars Grant and Scott, My Favorite Wife, and... guys... I watched the film for the first time last night, and it's so gay. It begs to be rewatched.

Let's review:

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The DCCC Is Coming For Rossi In the 8th

I rate this attack ad Mildly Spicy.
I rate this attack ad 'Mildly Spicy.' Screenshot from DCCC Video "Remember"

On Thursday the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee selected Kim Schrier for its Red to Blue program. The designation earns Schrier, who's running against Republican Dino Rossi in the race to fill Rep. Reichert's seat in Washington's 8th Congressional District, some "strategic guidance, staff resources, candidate trainings, and more" from the DCCC.

Inducting Schrier into the program means that every contested congressional race in the Evergreen State is on the national radar. Lisa Brown, who's running against Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in the 5th District has been on the list for a while. The DCCC added Democrat Carolyn Long to the list after exceeding expectations in her race against Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 3rd.

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Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: The Sinister Diss Song "Bye Bich (Dark Meat Remix)" by Blunt Seattle MC Guayaba

Guayaba drags cultural appropriators in her latest track.
Guayaba drags cultural appropriators in her latest track. Kelly O

One of the city's most distinctive rapper/vocalists, Guayaba (formerly Aeon Fux) is an outspoken, bilingual advocate for queer POC who also doesn't avoid the pleasure principle in her unconventional hiphop productions. It's safe to say that she is the only artist in her field who's influenced by "power metal" and "the cycle of fruit growing and decaying and being eaten by insects."

Guayaba's latest joint, "Bye Bich (Dark Meat Remix)" (produced by Khris Moore and engineered by Eric Padget), spotlights her voice at its most sinister. Here, she calls out the environment that fosters inane cultural appropriators such as Bhad Bhabie with brutal verses such as:

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Death Cab for Cutie Filmed a Video on Our Street Without Asking Us First

ICYMI (we sure did) Death Cab for Cutie filmed what has to be the cheapest lyric video ever made in front of our office/construction site. It came out last month but we are too busy writing about new Seattle issues like the Amazon grocery story, Amazon movie theatre, Amazon health care iniative, and big ol' Amazon balls to write about old Seattle issues like music. It's too bad we missed the filming, however, because the song wasn't just shot in spitting distance of Stranger HQ, it's clearly about us too. I mean, take this lyric: "Oh, how I feel like a Stranger here, searching for something that's disappeared." We're right here, Ben! Call us next time!

In other news, we commend Ben Gibbard's commitment to bangs as well as the real video for this ode to a changing Seattle, which was, oddly, filmed in LA.

If You Missed Their Set at Upstream, Jawbreaker Plays Two Nights in Portland This Weekend


Last year, beloved pop-punk trio Jawbreaker stepped onstage for the first time in more than 20 years to headline the final night of Chicago’s Riot Fest. It was the preliminary step in a long-dreamed-of reunion (they are playing Portland’s Crystal Ballroom on August 17 and 18).

There’s even chatter of new music being hashed out by the group. It’s the kind of news that should warm every sensitive soul who used quotes from “Accident Prone” and “Kiss the Bottle” as the status message on their AIM accounts (“I kissed the bottle / I should have been kissing you”).

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Marky Mark's Horrible Mile 22 Is Barely a Movie

Look at me, Im a real tough guy!
"Look at me, I'm a real tough guy!"

Bad movies aren’t uncommon. A lot of the time, they can even be fun. But it’s truly (and blessedly) rare to come across a movie as shoddily made, as contemptuous of its own story, and as utterly disinterested in being comprehensible as Mile 22. It is a loathsome, hateful thing without a single redeeming quality.

The “movie,” which is more accurately described as a haphazard assemblage of random sound and image, is ostensibly about a group of secret American spy people who do secret spy things with the help of guns and grenades and expensive surveillance technology. Mark Wahlberg is one of the group, The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan is another, and John Malkovich is their eye in the sky. It’s directed by Peter Berg with what seems to be outright malice toward the audience.

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