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Slog PM: Prices for Video Game Consoles Could Skyrocket; Watch Out for Poop at Golden Gardens; A Debate Is Happening Tonight, Have You Heard?

Hell hath no fury like a broke 8channer.
Hell hath no fury like a broke 8channer. Getty Images

Stock up, nerds: Proposed tariffs from the Trump administration are threatening to cause an 18.8% price hike on American console sales, reports GeekWire. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have teamed up to push back against the tariffs, with the companies co-signing a letter to the Office of the United States Trade Representative claiming the tariffs "would cause significant supply chain disruption."

THERE IS A DEBATE: You know this. It's between ~half of the Democrat contenders running to replace Agent Orange. It starts at 6 p.m. PDT. Here are some places you can watch it in Seattle. Drink every time Jay Inslee pivots to climate change.

Bone up before the debate: How well do you know the Democrats running to take the Oval Office from Trump's lil' baby gremlin hands? Could you tell them apart from, say, a rando stock photo? I bet you can't. The Guardian has this fun quiz, "Can you tell difference between these Democratic hopefuls and random people posing in stock photos?" Take it and see. I got 7/9.

Not a great start for Hickenlooper: And, as you'll remember, he has more name recognition than Inslee.

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The Miracle of Asylum

After her very first makeover in the United States, Caporr was beaming.
Meet Marbella Caporr. JUSTICE LATRIECE

Marbella Caporr is from El Salvador and spent 10 months in the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma before receiving asylum in January 2019. Members of Seattle synagogue Kadima have been sponsoring her as she transitions into life as a legal permanent resident. Gregory Scruggs is a journalist and Kadima member who has helped her with translation and navigating local bureaucracy. He also pays for her ORCA card and occasional meals and basic living expenses. She agreed to share her story, which is drawn from a sworn affidavit prepared for her asylum hearing and also from a sit-down interview Scruggs conducted, both translated from the original Spanish. All names, including Caporr's, have been changed or removed for safety. Three of Caporr's relatives are living in the United States with pending asylum cases. —Eds.

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a girl. I was born in a male body, but I identify as a woman. While my mother and sisters accepted me, my father did not. My dad hit me with a machete case just for asking for a kiss from my mother. He said I brought shame on the family and needed to be punished. He said I was a curse and it would be better if I died.

When I was 12, my dad made me take more than 200 pills that supposedly were to produce masculine hormones. He made me take two a day. The only thing the pills did was make me gain and then lose a lot of weight, giving me stretch marks.

Around the same time, men in my town in El Salvador started harassing me on the street. They could see that I carried myself more like a girl. Many of the men in our neighborhood would mock me when I walked down the street. They would shout that they were going to fuck me. Sometimes they would call me marica or faggot or things that meant that my anus was big from having anal sex.

At 13, tired of the humiliations, mistreatment, beatings, and curses, I decided to leave the house.

When I was about 17 or 18 years old, I began to sell perfumes out of catalogs, and as a result, I spent more time in the town center. On those trips, I met other gay or transgender people. Some of us decided to rent an apartment together.

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The local choice for your academic financial needs

Looking for a loan to pay for school tuition? Or, are you seeking relief from existing student loan debt? Verity Credit Union’s new private student loan program can help! Come see how Verity is creating vibrancy for students and their families at Verity is federally insured by NCUA.

More info HERE.

Seattle Pride 2019: The Top 46 Events You Need to Know About

Kremwerk will bring you a special Pride edition of KINGS: A Drag King Show on Saturday.
Kremwerk will bring you a special Pride edition of KINGS: A Drag King Show on Saturday. Kingmon Creative

We're coming up on the end of June, which means the biggest Pride events are just beginning. To help you sort through all of your options (there are a lot), we've rounded up our critics' picks for the top dance parties, drag shows, and festivals for the weekend, from Kremwerk Complex Pride Week to PrideFest Capitol Hill. See them all below, and check out even more options on our complete Pride calendar.

Found something you like and don't want to forget about it later? Click "Save Event" on any ofneig the linked events below to add it to your own private list.


Trans Pride Seattle
For the seventh year, the Gender Justice League will host a full day of activities celebrating trans, non-binary, and gender diverse identities on Capitol Hill with live music, speeches, and comedy in Cal Anderson Park following UW Q's Trans Pride Parade at Seattle Central College. Also, check out a cocktail-filled kickoff at Babeland and a laid-back community tea at Friday Afternoon the day after the main event.
Capitol Hill

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Buy Your Tickets to These 22 Newly Announced Seattle Events Before They Sell Out

Lets hope Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne plays Girlfriend when she comes to Seattle in September.
Let's hope Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne plays "Girlfriend" when she comes to Seattle in September.

We all know that many of the biggest Seattle events often sell out well in advance. But it's not a lost cause—if you plan ahead, you can still score tickets for the most popular events. To help you with that, we've rounded up all of the major events that are going on sale in the next couple of days, like Avril Lavigne and Tiffany Young. Can't get tickets? Check out our complete Things To Do calendar for more events.

Note: Tickets on sale at 10 a.m. unless otherwise specified

Mini Ladd Presents: Demonetized
Wed Sept 18 at Neptune Theatre

Tues Nov 12 at Barboza

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UW Researchers Unite to Salvage Their Work After Radiation Leak Shuts Down Their Labs

Researchers only had 90 minutes to grab the equipment and materials necessary for their research.
Researchers only had 90 minutes to grab the equipment and materials necessary for their research. gevende/Getty Images

On the morning of Friday, May 3, Dr. Dirk Keene woke up in Atlanta to an automated alert message from the University of Washington. A radiation leak had been detected at the Harborview Research & Training (R&T) building in Seattle, the same building where he researches neurological diseases and trauma. At the time he didn’t think much of it. He’d seen plenty of these alerts before for chemical spills and laboratory accidents and they never seemed to amount to much; maybe a short evacuation or a day of cleanup, but never more than a minor inconvenience.

It wasn’t until he returned home to Seattle that it became clear this was no ordinary accident.

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Where To Watch the First 2019 Democratic Presidential Debates in Seattle

Each of these floating heads will get some stage time in the first round of Democratic Debates, screening on NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo.
Each of these floating heads will get some stage time in the first round of Democratic Debates, screening on NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo. Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

There are 20 Democratic candidates vying to run against Trump in 2020, and since we can't hear from them all in one night, the first round of Democratic Presidential Debates will be split into two (June 26-27 at 6 p.m. PST). Read on or check out our debate calendar for all the places to watch over beer, snacks, and bingo. For even more events, check out our resistance & solidarity calendar.

Found something you like and don't want to forget about it later? Click "Save Event" on any of the linked events below to add it to your own private list.


Floating Bridge Brewing
Hear from the first group of Democratic presidential candidates (including Jay Inslee, Beto O'Rourke, and Elizabeth Warren) over beers with Seattle and Wallingford Indivisible.

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Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: The Insane Audio Collage "Badass Bullshit Benjamin Buttons Butthole Assassin" by the Mysterious Blarf

Listen now... while its still legal. #noclownstep
Listen now... while it's still legal. #noclownstep Stones Throw Records

Blarf, "Badass Bullshit Benjamin Buttons Butthole Assassin" (Stones Throw)

Who is Blarf? I wish I could tell you, but Stones Throw Records is deliberately keeping his identity a mystery. My semi-educated guess is label boss Peanut Butter Wolf, whose vinyl weighed a ton in 1998—it may be even more now. Whatever the case, this Blarf character hooked me from jump with "Badass Bullshit Benjamin Buttons Butthole Assassin," a title that demands immediate investigation. Your curiosity will be rewarded with some of the most insane sampladelic tomfoolery to smack you upside the noggin since Black Dice and Fat Worm of Error.

Blarf's Cease & Desist album is a hallucinogenic action painting of mangled-to-hell samples, noise explosions, ludicrous juxtapositions, judiciously selected spoken-word snippets, and head-nodding beats. On Bandcamp, Stones Throw cheekily tags this surreal collage as "devotional" and "hip hop," which is funniest thing the music industry has generated this year... intentionally, anyway. I'd bet your annual salary that none of the samples have been cleared through the proper channels. However, I have a hunch that the authorities would not bother to scrutinize the cultural anarchy of an entity named Blarf.

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Okay, Jenny Durkan, Let's Talk About Banning Vapes in Seattle

Hands off my vape, Durkan!!
Hands off my vape, Durkan!! Mike Force
A day after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors banned Juul and e-cigarettes, Mayor Jenny Durkan did a tweet:

Okay, Durkan, let's have that discussion.

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My Boyfriend's Hipster Beard Prevents Him From Going Down On Me


I'm a straight female from the West Coast. My boyfriend has let his beard and mustache grow really long. He has shaved twice in our year-long relationship and I love his face, which I can't see anymore.

When we first started dating I mentioned I was not into the beard and he shaved it. He also shaved it when he met my mom and dad. The problem is in addition to his beard not being visually appealing I can no longer kiss him because the mustache is so long. It really sucks as when we are having sex I don't feel intimate without kissing. That and he doesn't go down on me anymore since the beard "gets in the way." I don't understand his attachment to the beard because he keeps nice and tidy down there.

I think it may be a fashion thing because he's a hipster but it makes him look much older and he always gets food in at when we are eating. I've told him I don't like it and he said, "How would you feel if someone told you they didn't like a part of your body?" He is a wonderful man, very caring, and supportive and I do love him but I'm frustrated then he won't shave for me. What should I do?

Scraggly Hairs Aren't Very Enticing

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What We're Going to Be Watching for as 20 Democrats Debate in Miami

Episode 203 prepares for two nights of Democratic debates, compares the student loan forgiveness plans of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and then talks about Drag Queen Story Hours.
Episode 203 prepares for two nights of Democratic debates, compares the student loan forgiveness plans of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and then talks about Drag Queen Story Hours. Drew Angerer / Getty Images

What happens when you cram 10 Democratic presidential candidates onto one debate stage in Miami, and then do it all over again the next night with 10 more candidates?

We’re finding out this week, and Eli Sanders, Katie Herzog, and Rich Smith have some thoughts about what to watch for and whether this is really that great a debate plan.

After that, Katie and Rich try to sort out whether Bernie Sanders’s new plan to eliminate student loan debt is better—or worse—than the plan Elizabeth Warren is already promoting.

Finally, Jasmyne Keimig and Chase Burns wade into the Pride Month “controversy” over Drag Queen Story Hours. Plus...

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Pot and Pride, All Year Round


While Seattle’s Pride celebrations are just ramping up, Pride Month goes through all of June. It’s a month chosen to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969, but 50 years later, Pride Month has grown to draw attention to the many concerns facing LGBTQ+ communities, including safety, housing and employment discrimination, and a multitude of other threats our current dystopian fever-dream administration seems to be adding on the regular.

What does this have to do with weed? Cannabis has a long relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, and pot-loving heteronormative cisgender white dudes such as me owe a tremendous debt to the queer community. So let’s explore some of those connections and the ways your canna dollar can support LGBTQ+ business owners all year round.

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Pride Comes to White Center

White Center flag raising ceremony.
White Center flag raising ceremony. PATRICK SAND FROM WEST SEATTLE BLOG

It is a Sunday night, and I'm in a gay bar in White Center for the third night in a row. I'm tired from all the partying, which is why it takes me a second to realize that someone is rubbing my feet.

It is a man I do not know. He asks me a question, but I can't hear him. We are at the Swallow, a nautical-themed gay bar recently opened by Marcus Wilson, the cocreator and former manager of the popular Capitol Hill bar Pony. House and techno music is blasting.

"WHAT?" I yell.

"ARE YOU WEARING CONVERSE?" the stranger yells back.

He's referring to my boots.


He pauses, mulls over the information, squeezes my boots. It doesn't feel creepy. We're smiling. Everyone in the bar is very nice, and I welcome the interaction, though I am surprised that a stranger has come up to me and not only started talking to me but is actually now rubbing my feet. There is no Seattle Freeze in White Center.

"ARE THEY SMELLY?" he yells.



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There’s a New Delay in the "Missing Link" of the Burke-Gilman Trail

It doesnt have to end here.
It doesn't have to end here. Lester Black

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has been forced to modify its work plan for the Burke-Gilman Trail’s missing link, delaying work on a problematic section of the route till at least next year while construction on the trail's other sections continues.

The work delay is caused by the need to relocate a working rail line. Louisa Miller, the project’s manager, told The Stranger it wasn’t clear if the modification to the work plan would push completion of the project beyond 2020, which was the city’s latest estimate for finishing the long-contested section of the trail.

“It’s hard to say at this point,” Miller said. “We’re trying to keep things moving forward and it really depends on how our coordinated efforts with the railroad go in terms of if Phase 3 will be delayed beyond 2020.”

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Summer of Stax: Reissues Galore from the Legendary Memphis Label's Vault

Every day for the month of June, Craft Recordings is digitally rereleasing a long-lost gem from the legendary Stax Records archives. Since we’re most of the way through the month, that means almost all 30 of these albums are now available on whatever streaming service you prefer. Here’s a Spotify playlist that’s been adding a track a day—one from each of the 30 albums—and is one of the easier ways to access this pretty amazing portal to the past.

Craft has also reissued, on vinyl, Stax's two-LP compilation from 1969, Soul Explosion, which compiled the label’s biggest hits of that time onto the first disc, coupled with rare, hard-to-find tracks on the second.

It’s part of a program to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Memphis record label’s banner year of 1969 as well as June being Black Music Month. In 1968, Stax had stepped out on its own following the dissolution of a crucial partnership with Atlantic Records. After defining Memphis (and Southern) soul for the preceding decade, Stax was essentially starting from scratch as an independent. Coming not long after the tragic demise of the label’s biggest star, Otis Redding, and with Atlantic whisking away the rights to everything they'd released so far, Stax was pretty down in the mouth in 1968.

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Slog AM: South Seattle Schools Get Funding for Noise Pollution, Megan Rapinoe Isn't Going to the "Fucking White House," Netflix Will Remove The Office

Rapinoes pretty positive the team wont even be invited if they win the World Cup.
Rapinoe's pretty positive the team won't even be invited if they win the World Cup. MARC ATKINS/GETTY IMAGES

Washington's voter registration woes: The August 6 primary is approaching, and shit is getting interesting. Not for good reasons. Washington elections underwent a huge $9.5 million software overhaul in the voter registration department. And it's buggy. Shouldn't Silicon Valley North be able to find someone who can make that transition without erasing voters' apartment numbers, putting whether overseas and military voters would even receive their ballots in limbo, failing to translate the site into multiple languages, and more? Supposedly the issues have been fixed. We'll see how many people receive their ballots.

BREAKING: The House Oversight Committee just voted to subpoena Kellyanne Conway for testimony in regards to her "disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in an official capacity during television interviews and on social media." That's a violation of the Hatch Act. Additionally, the committee has recommended that she be fired from her job. At least she'll always have a home as a Fox News correspondent.

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