Comedy Yesterday 4:00 PM

Don't Sleep on Stand-up Comedian Joe Pera

Meet the Master of Ambient Comedy

Joe Pera is the ace knuckleball pitcher of comedy. The Buffalo-born comedian's jokes come at you slowly and unpredictably; while they may initially seem underwhelming compared to those of high-velocity comics, they invariably wind up in the strike zone and make you shake your head in disbelief and amusement at their off-kilter trajectory and the revelatory thud they make in the catcher's mitt of your mind. His deadpan, okey-dokey delivery belies a sharp, sneaky wit. 

Adding to the laugh factor is Pera's appearance. Although he's in his 30s, he walks as stiffly as an octogenarian ex-NFL lineman. He's bespectacled and modestly attired, like a high-school science teacher from a town you can't find on a map. His body seems to be as square as his demeanor. He's used his blond hair, glasses, and mild features as fodder for perhaps the most tasteful Jeffrey Dahmer bit ever. 

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Music Yesterday 2:20 PM

Sharks, Bubbles, Saxophones, and Carly Rae Jepsen

Here's Everything We Loved at Day In Day Out Festival This Weekend

Day In Day Out Festival took over the Seattle Center this weekend with performances by Carly Rae Jepsen, Bleachers, Mannequin Pussy, Peach Pit, Suki Waterhouse, and so many more. We'll be sharing lots of coverage from the event on our Instagram throughout the week—including video of some performances!—so be sure to follow along there. For now, here are a bunch of photos—and some words about a couple of our favorite headliners—from the three-day party:

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Food & Drink Yesterday 1:30 PM

Soft Serve Showdown

Taste Your Way Through Seattle’s Most Twisted Ice Cream Offerings

According to a heat stress-induced Google search on a recent 87-degree day, there are more than 25 places to get good soft serve in Seattle. Making decisions even more difficult, many shops are doing their damnedest to put their distinctive, ahem, twist on the treat. 

Matcha Man in Georgetown is the go-to for build-your-own taiyaki cones. Fill the base of their freshly baked, fish-shaped sweet waffle with red bean paste, custard, or Nutella and top it off with your choice of soft serve from a revolving menu of flavors like black sesame, ube, matcha, pineapple Dole Whip, and Vietnamese coffee. Indian street food spot Spice Waala only offers one flavor at a time, but they make it count with flavor combos you won’t find elsewhere in Seattle, including pistachio cardamom, fennel, and rose. Cold Plate in the University District is known for Thai-style rolled ice cream, but bubble tea fans shouldn’t sleep on their “floateas,” aka BUBBLE TEA SOFT-SERVE FLOATS. And Indigo Cow in Wallingford is so dedicated to recreating traditional Japanese soft cream that they claim to SHIP THEIR MILK IN FROM HOKKAIDO, JAPAN. Their soft serve travels more than 4,300 miles to get in your mouth!

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EverOut Yesterday 10:00 AM

The Top 40 Events in Seattle This Week: July 15–21, 2024

Capitol Hill Block Party, Tasting Notes with Chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, and More

Hey, Seattle! An exciting week lies ahead, and we're here to guide you through it with standout event picks from Capitol Hill Block Party to The Roots and from Tasting Notes with Chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt to the kick-off match of the NWSL x LIGA MX Femenil Summer Cup.



Dengue Fever
Los Angeles-based ensemble Dengue Fever draws inspiration from Cambodian pop music, '60s psychedelic, and surf rock for their signature kaleidoscopic sound. They will play songs from their sixth album, Ting Mong, which takes its name from a scarecrow-like figure in Khmer folklore. AUDREY VANN
(The Crocodile, Belltown)

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Fri 4:52 PM

This Week In Seattle Food News

Canlis Plans A Barbie Party, Oma Bap Says Goodbye, and A Hong Kong-Inspired Restaurant Is Coming Soon

This week, we're gearing up for a Barbie-inspired bash from Canlis and bidding farewell to Oma Bap. Plus, read about the Hong Kong-inspired bar and restaurant headed to Capitol Hill soon. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Yellow Bee
This cheerful Asian market and cafe recently opened in the Yesler Terrace neighborhood, offering coffee, milk tea, bành mí, and other grab-and-go options in addition to a grocery selection with meat, seafood, produce, and more.
Yesler Terrace

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News Fri 12:03 PM

Have You Seen Sadako Sasaki?

Life-size Statue of 12-Year-Old Who Died of Radiation After Hiroshima Bombing Goes Missing

Quakers from University Friends Meeting ask that Seattleites keep an eye out for a life-size statue of Sadako Sasaki that went missing from her home in Peace Park last night. Someone apparently cut off the statue at her ankles, leaving only her disembodied feet at the park. 

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Housing Fri 11:30 AM

Mayor Harrell's Plan to Convert Office Buildings into Apartments Is a Big Distraction

Our Supposedly Broke City Wants to Throw Money at Developers to Make Even More Unaffordable Apartments

On Tuesday, the city council unanimously approved Bruce Harrell's big plan to encourage developers to convert empty office buildings into apartments. There are, of course, more rational ways to deal with Seattle's housing crisis, which has less to do with supply, and more to do with what the urban geographer David Harvey calls "accumulation by dispossession." But a consistently rational approach to housing would undermine the market's primary objective, which is to make life expensive. And the main objective of a pro-business City Hall is to turn its back on this fact and to form and push policies that move in the opposite direction of any reasonable solution that might result in actual affordability. 

Mayor Bruce Harrell believes "innovative ideas," the purifying powers of "competition," and the plain commonsense of "removing regulatory barriers" will end, once and for all, downtown's real estate slump, which is nothing but a market failure. The animal spirits (in the Keynesian sense) that ignited the decade-long building boom are gone. What is to be done? The budget-strapped city must try to excite developers with the same devotion and ingenuity that zookeepers use to try to get reluctant rhinos to copulate.

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EverOut Fri 10:00 AM

The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Seattle This Weekend: July 12–14, 2024

Ballard SeafoodFest, West Seattle Summer Fest, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15

This July weekend, sunny weather and enticing events from West Seattle Summer Fest to Ballard SeafoodFest and from Hot Off the Press Book Fair to Seeking Cultura Mexican Filipino Tianguis Block Party are sure to draw you out of the house. Read on for more promising options, and for more ideas, check out our guide to this week's top events.



Center City Cinema
Seattle Parks and Recreation presents this summer series of much-loved film screenings under the stars, with pre-movie activities kicking off around 6 or 7 pm and each film beginning at dusk. The series will continue on July 12 at Cal Anderson Park with Mamma Mia!, starring Meryl Streep as a free-spirited matriarch singing and dancing through her daughter's chic Greek wedding. ABBA fans will be wiggling along in their seats. LINDSAY COSTELLO
(Cal Anderson Park, Capitol Hill, free)

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Play Date Fri 9:30 AM

Meddling in the Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism

Anyone Is Welcome, So Long as They Keep It Pre-17th Century

Fremont’s KapKa Cooperative Elementary School smelled of rubber, stale sweat, and nostalgia. The smack of duct-tape-wrapped rattan swords on real steel armor reverberated across the room. Fighters thrust swords and sidestepped blows across faded three-point lines. 

Every Monday in this gym, fencers, fighters, and rapier-wielders gather for combat practice. On different Mondays, dancers learn the steps to Renaissance-era jigs. On certain Wednesdays, scribes meet at Third Place Books in Ravenna. You’ll find bards, heralds, jousters, seamstresses, cooks, and so many more in this gym and at events around the region, including fairs, camp-outs, tournaments, and staged wars. Anyone is welcome so long as they stick to the rules: Keep it pre-17th century.  

This is the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a group of people interested in what they call “living archaeology.” They learn the practical skills and culture of the pre-modern era, and then they put them into action. 

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News Fri 9:00 AM

Seattle City Council Puts Renter Protections in Its Sights

The Rollbacks Would Be Both Very Evil and Very Dumb

At a committee meeting with affordable housing landlords on Wednesday, Council President Sara Nelson said she wanted to “examine” Seattle’s renter protections. The plain English translation of that politician-speak could mean reworks, rollbacks, or repeals to nominal working-class victories won by previous councils, such as the recent $10 cap on rental late fees, the First-in-Time ordinance, the 2019 roommate law, or the winter and school-year eviction moratoriums. 

But Nelson, who prides herself on being a defender of landlords, seems to have ignored the actual content of the presentation from the affordable housing landlords. Rather than mentioning any of those city policies, the landlords lamented the slowness of the eviction process. That process will not speed up if Nelson gets to live out her post-argument shower fantasies and relitigate the last time renters’ rights champion and former City Council Kshama Sawant embarrassed her on the dais. 

Attacking these modest protections under the guise of helping affordable housing landlords with concerns that seem more appropriate for state and county lawmakers would set up yet another stupid fight in Seattle, wherein the new council members would simply punish renters not to solve problems but rather to virtue-signal to their conservative base. 

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AT&T's big leak: Bad news, AT&T customers and probably anyone who's texted or called AT&T customers, a big, fat data leak in 2022 exposed all call and text message records of anyone using their network between May 1, 2022 and October 31, 2022. That's likely 110 million people. AT&T says the leak does not contain any of the content in these texts or calls. The cellular provider found out about this leak in April while they were dealing with the aftermath of a separate, unrelated major data breach. 

Hearing for SPD cop: Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) vice-president Daniel Auderer was caught on tape joking after a fellow officer hit and killed 23-year-old pedestrian Jaahnavi Kandula. Auderer joked to SPOG president Mike Solan about Kandula's death, calling her "a regular person" with "limited value" and that the city should "just write a check." In a hearing this week, Auderer argued his side of the story. Now, it's on interim police chief Sue Rahr to decide whether to discipline Auderer. According to Publicola, "The Office of Police Accountability has recommended discipline ranging from a 270-day suspension to termination." 

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Michael Shrieve, "The Fierce Energy of Love" (7d Media)

Seattle's been home to a musical legend for decades: former Santana drummer Michael Shrieve. Out of the limelight that bathed his peak years slapping skins on eight albums with Latin-rock superstars Santana (1969-1974) and after sessions with German synth guru Klaus Schulze, Japanese percussionist Stomu Yamsh'ta's Go, ambient luminary Steve Roach, and a stint with American space-rock band Automatic Man, Shrieve has been creating adventurous music on his own and with the groups Spellbinder and Trilon, among others. He also worked on soundtracks for Paul Mazursky's Tempest and David Lynch's American Chronicles TV show, to name only two.

Similar to former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, Shrieve has spent the time outside of his most famous band exploring various styles, revealing voracious curiosity and skillful versatility. Over the last decade, Shrieve's produced compelling releases that ingeniously incorporate spiritual jazz, funk, jungle, prog rock, and Fourth World ambience. Unlike most of his classic-rock peers, the 75-year-old Shrieve always has been keen to leave his comfort zone.

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Country superstar Luke Combs will take a fast car to Washington this fall for a two-night stint at the Gorge. Dreamy alt-rock band Sixpence None The Richer has announced their first tour in over 20 years. Plus, Latin pop phenom Luis Fonsi has added a local stop to his 25 Años Tour. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



Champagne Drip
Neptune Theatre (Wed Nov 27)

City of the Sun
Barboza (Sun Sept 29)

Conor Byrne Co-op Grand Reopening: The Moondoggies
Conor Byrne (Aug 2–3)

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