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Cops Clear Homeless, Mutual Aid Protest Group from Cal Anderson Shelterhouse

Not a sweep, but not not a sweep.
Not really a "sweep," but not not a sweep. RS

After delivering a five-minute dispersal order at 8:00 a.m., on Friday morning dozens of cops wearing riot gear and wielding batons moved into Cal Anderson Park to clear protesters organizing aid for the homeless out of the Shelterhouse, a small rental facility they'd occupied earlier in the week.

A police officer who told me I couldn't film in the park during the action said police were "enforcing the parks code for camping in the park and trespassing." He added that the park had been "closed for COVID since March or whenever that started."

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HoneyHole Returns, Seattle Pops Pops Back Up, and More Seattle Food News You Can Use: August 14, 2020 Edition

That sloppy-hot sandwich youve been missing will soon be yours—HoneyHole is returning for pickup and takeout this Saturday!
That sloppy-hot sandwich you've been missing will soon be yours—HoneyHole is returning for pickup and takeout this Saturday! HoneyHole via Instagram

Jonesing for a cold pint in the sun? Optimism has more than doubled its outdoor seating to better accommodate social distancing. Looking for a month's supply of popsicles? Seattle Pops is back and selling frozen treats by the case. Seeking comfort in familiar places? HoneyHole and Pike Place's Crumpet Shop have reopened their kitchens. Read on for those and more food-world updates, and for more ideas, check out our full in-person dining directory, our takeout & delivery directory, and our guide to Seattle farmers markets.


Casco Antiguo
The Pioneer Square location of this Mexican restaurant and cantina reopened this week for dine-in and takeout. Stop by from Tuesday-Saturday for your taco and margarita fix.

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Collide-O-Scope Presents: Big Sexy Show!

We’re closing out summer with a big and beautiful, campy and colorful, super-fun and sexy show! The most absurd, provocative video and film finds, music, montage — all pooled together with into an awkwardly awesome video extravaganza of mind-melting hilarity! Collide-O-Scope is a free-wheelin' phantasia of ephemeral film fun that will leave you gasping for breath!

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Port of Seattle's Maritime Accelerator Might Invent Us Out of This Mess

Current Maritime Blue participants.
Current Maritime Blue participants. Port of Seattle

Part of the fun of being alive right now is predicting just what form of post-apocalyptic landscape awaits us once human civilization’s collapse really gets going. Is it going to be a Mad Max-style desert situation, with Tina Turner hollering at everyone? A Numenera experience, with the survivors regarding the technological ruins as magical marvels? Or more of a Logan’s Run setup, with an old man who recites T.S. Eliot's poems about cats? (I will be that old man.)

Now it’s looking like we might have a Waterworld situation on our hands, with the Port of Seattle announcing that they’re channeling money into an aquatic innovation program called Washington Maritime Blue that fosters inventions and breakthroughs in the “blue economy.”

A few years ago, I’d have been like, “Oh, neat, like SeaQuest,” but now it’s more “I wonder what my floating platform of pirate vagabonds will be like.”

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Optimism Brewing Is Now Also a Street Cafe and a Coworking Space

Optimism Brewing was the first business in the city to be granted a street-closure permit, so they could serve beer and snacks in the middle of the road.
Optimism Brewing was the first business in the city to be granted a street-closure permit. Optimism Brewing

I'm writing this blog post outdoors, in a new coworking space at Optimism Brewing under the sky.

I thought I was going to be writing this blog post in the middle of the street—the street in the photo above, the very first official "cafe street" in the city. But there's a construction project on the opposite side of that street (just out of the frame, to the right), and on weekday mornings construction workers need access to the road for vehicles and machinery, so Optimism's street cafe won't open until 3 or 4 pm today. On Saturdays and Sundays, though, there's no construction, and it opens at noon.

I'm sitting in their patio beer garden instead, where they have recently added more tables, including the table I'm sitting at. Wanna see?

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NUDE KITCHEN is Museum of Museum’s weekly figure drawing class.

NUDE KITCHEN is a weekly figure drawing class hosted by Museum of Museums, and taught by Crystal Barbre and Madeline Owens. This two hour class provides professional instruction and unconventional models, designed for a range of students, from the beginner to the trained artist. Try interactive admission with personal instruction, or just come and draw!

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UW Protesters Embark on Month-Long Art Installation at George Washington Statue

Yesterday was the twelfth day of protests by UW's Black Lives Matter group held at the base of the campus's George Washington statue. JK
Last week, the University of Washington's Black Lives Matter coalition (UW BLM) kicked off its month-long installation of resistance art at the George Washington statue in Red Square on the university's campus in support of the list of seven demands put forth by students in June.

Inspired in part by the activist art in Capitol Hill Organized Protest, protesters with UW BLM have organized daily programming at the statue that includes banner making, chalk art, poetry, and performance that reflects their feelings about the university. They do this work every day from 4 pm -7 pm.

And every day, the university has removed all the art on and around the statue, wiping off chalk and paint and throwing away protest signs supporters have propped up around the base. The cleaning is standard practice by the university for any chalking or graffiti that violates university policy, but to the group it symbolizes something more.

"Well, obviously we're doing something right," said a representative from UW BLM who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from the university. "If they're doing everything in their power to cover it up, that just means we're making progress."

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The 49 Best Things to Do in Seattle This Weekend: August 14-16, 2020

Were entering peak sunflower season, and Bobs Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm is kicking it off with the first days of their third annual in-person Sunflower Experience this weekend.
We're entering peak sunflower season, and Bob's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm is kicking it off with the first days of their third annual in-person Sunflower Experience this weekend. Bob's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm via Facebook

A slew of major festivals are coming at you social distance-style this weekend, from the Seattle Design Festival to the Seattle Tattoo Expo, along with a special Best Coast streaming show, Pike Place Market's Dine & Donate event, and a reading with Akwaeke Emezi. Read on for all of our top picks for virtual and in-person events, or check out our guides to movies to stream this weekend. For event more options, check out our complete streaming events and protests & resistance calendars, as well as our guides to outdoor and socially distanced things to do this summer and anti-racism resources and events.


Othello International Festival in a Box
Budding South Seattle soccer players and general fun-havers (and their families) can scoop up boxes filled with all the trappings of a cute summer day: art supplies, Sounders soccer balls, a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, seed starter kits, snacks, and COVID-related safety stuff like masks and hand sanitizer. The day after claiming parcels from the no-contact drive-through, participants can tune in to a livestreamed soccer clinic on Zoom with the Sounders themselves.
New Holly Gathering Hall (Othello)

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Slog AM: How Seattle Became the Dishonorable City, Expect An Oppressively Hot Weekend, Pence to America: Kamala Harris Wants Your Red Meat

So much dishonoring going on here...
So much dishonoring going on here... divampo/

Amazon Is Fleeing Seattle: That's how the mainstream press wants the public to read Amazon's decision to offer "Seattle-based employees [the] choice of [working at] smaller offices outside the city."

Seattle Times:

In a message to employees Thursday, Amazon asked which communities near Seattle — including Tacoma and Redmond, Washington — they’d prefer. The title on the message, which was shared on Reddit and later deleted, was “office workplace options.” Amazon declined to comment on the matter.

Seattle has become the Dishonorable City. It failed to count and protect its many blessings and instead dishonored its upstanding police chief, dishonored its downtown mom-and-pop shops, and, worst of all, dishonored the king of American corporations, Amazon. All of this reminds me of that wonderful dishonor scene in Mulan.

I can only see Jason Rantz as this lizard-sized dragon.

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A Message to the City from Lynn Shelton

The Stranger is organizing a memorial for Lynn on August 28.
The Stranger is organizing a memorial for Lynn on August 28. Photo by Cory Gustason

Good morning. It's Friday, August 14.

After the award-winning filmmaker Lynn Shelton passed away earlier this year, there was no public memorial for family, friends, and fans to gather together and celebrate her life.

No artist had a more profound impact on the Seattle filmmaking world over the last two decades, and just about everyone in the local scene has a story about her.

On August 28 at 6 pm PST, artists, family members, friends, fans, colleagues, and film critics will gather together on Zoom to share stories about her. You're invited. One hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit the Shelton/Seal Family Fund at Northwest School.

The memorial will feature storytelling and commentary by Megan Griffiths, Tomo Nakayama, Kevin Seal, Ben Gibbard, Sean Nelson, Lori Goldston, Annie Wagner, Charles Mudede, and others.

We invite your stories and remembrances as well.

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Slog PM: Cliff Mass Claps Back; No COVID Relief This Summer; Let's Get Sexy, USPS!

Its time to show that package on OnlyFans, Ken.
It's time to show that package on OnlyFans, Ken. Kyle Monk / Getty Images

Fuck your COVID-19 relief: Says the United States Senate as they go on vacation until after Labor Day without passing another COVID-19 relief package. This week—which was technically supposed to be the first of the vacation (which, I'm sorry, these windbags get over three weeks of vacation?!?) was the last-ditch effort to get agreement between parties. It didn't work.

Meanwhile, the airplane industry is cratering: Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CIT) in Kent, which is responsible for making a bunch of interior plane stuff, is about to lay off around 595 people. The downturn in the aerospace design industry first started when Boeing's 737 MAX 8 was grounded and continued when the pandemic grounded flights worldwide.

Fortnite was kicked out of Apple's App Store and the Google Play store: Now Fortnite's developer, Epic Games, is suing Apple. The issue began yesterday when Epic introduced the ability for players to buy "V-Bucks" directly on the Fortnite app, instead of through the App Store and Google Play store. To encourage users to use that direct payment method, Epic offered users a 20% discount by purchasing the "V-Bucks" directly from them. This practice is in violation of both the App Store and Google Play store's guidelines. Epic argues, along with many others, that this practice is monopolistic. As an NBC headline reads: "Fortnite conquered the video game world. Now, it's taking on Google and Apple." Check out this epic video Epic had at the ready:

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This Mask Is the Best Mask

In my personal experience. Faces vary.
For me. Faces vary. Photo by Christopher Frizzelle

Here's the thing about faces: They're all different.

What works for me won't necessarily work for you. I bought a beautiful Afriquaino mask because a friend on Facebook said it was his favorite, but its elastic straps fold up my ears like tacos. I tried the face masks sold by Timothy De Clue Collection, manufactured in Italy, but it wasn't a firm enough fit. A friend in Massachusetts sewed the last sentence of To the Lighthouse, my favorite novel, into a mask she sent me through the mail, but it has tie-on straps in the back—slightly inconvenient.

The best mask I've tried for my particular face is the three-layer cotton chambray face mask created by the Seattle company SwaddleDesigns. Right now on their website, it's $5.99.

The CEO of the company, Lynette Damir, is a registered nurse who worked at Swedish Hospital on First Hill for 10 years. "As a nurse, I have a desire to help people," she says in an interview with The Stranger.

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Here’s Why You Need to Go Blueberry Picking This Weekend

How to pinpoint the closest field awaiting your grubby little hands? See below.
How to pinpoint the closest field awaiting your grubby little hands? See below. m-gucci/Getty Images

Yes, the world is in a terrible tumult right now, with disaster around every corner. Every waking moment carries the risk of receiving some new horror, which is why there’s never been a more vital time to turn your cellphone off and wander out into a field with a wicker basket and a hunger for blueberry pie.

The entire state of Washington is in the middle of a robust blueberry-picking season, and if that sounds like terribly mundane news, you’re right it is and you’re welcome, isn’t it nice to have news that is mundane instead of horrifying? There’s a ton of blueberry farms open for business right now, not to mention a blueberry recipe contest currently underway, and an urgent need to escape from all your woes.

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The Best Movies to Stream This Weekend in Seattle: August 13-16, 2020

Its rare to see this side of Africa on the screen, writes Charles Mudede about Wanuri Kahius Rafiki. See it this weekend as part of the Northwest Film Forums Queer as German Folk series.
"It's rare to see this side of Africa on the screen," writes Charles Mudede about Wanuri Kahiu's Rafiki. See it this weekend as part of the Northwest Film Forum's Queer as German Folk series.

The Northwest Film Forum's Queer as German Folk film series continues with Wanuri Kahiu's Rafiki, SIFF and Grand Illusion are bringing back the iconic early concert film Jazz on a Summer's Day, and we'd be remiss not to mention that Selena Gomez is reluctantly dissecting octopi in her home kitchen on HBO Max's Selena + Chef. Below, we've rounded up all those and more of our top picks for movies and shows streaming through local theaters and national platforms this weekend. Longing for the big(ger) screen? Check out our guide to drive-in movie theaters in the Seattle area, or check out our guide to streamable shows that received Emmy nominations.

New & Noteworthy: Supporting Seattle Businesses

Freaky Friday
A punk teen (Lindsay Lohan) and her straight-edge mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) make a chaotic switcheroo in the beloved 2003 remake of the 1973 film Freaky Friday. This virtual MoPOP screening comes complete with games and ideas for themed snack pairings.
Available via MoPOP as part of Pop+ Punk
Sunday only

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Currently Hanging: Anthony White's "WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS" at Greg Kucera Gallery

The balm my brain needed this week.
The balm my brain needed this week. JK
Seattle artist Anthony White's latest at Greg Kucera Gallery is killer; a vibrant, plastic portal into another world. The piece, named after the tattoo that elegantly tracks the figure's hairline, is part of the gallery's contribution to Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair, a project which Greg Kucera helped spearhead late last month. Kucera constructed a replica art fair "booth" in the back galleries that features a collection of both local and national artists. White is folded in with the likes of Kerry James Marshall, Alison Saar, and Helen Frankenthaler. And it's there he shines.

"WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS" portrays a subject (one of White's real-life friends) taking a selfie in a convex mirror against the abstracted spinning wheel of death. In an email, White told me he completed this painting during quarantine, when "all hell was breaking loose" in the US with violent state crackdowns on protesters and the intensifying pandemic.

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Mutual Aid Group Occupies Cal Anderson Shelterhouse to Serve Homeless

I didnt even know this place could open.
I didn't even know this place could open. I guess I thought it was a shed. For now, at least, it's small soup kitchen. RS

For the last two days a mutual aid protest group has been occupying the newly remodeled Cal Anderson Shelterhouse, a small rental facility equipped with a kitchen, gas fireplace, and a bathroom.

Organizers have been using the kitchen to feed the neighborhood’s homeless population, including some who had been swept along with the rest of CHOP last month.

Wednesday night one of the volunteers, Ali, said she’d heard people who had been living in the park had “gotten in” to the locked facility to use the bathroom and the kitchen. She said some of the homeless using the facility had been swept from the Waterfront, and then later from the CHOP.

"There are people here who still don't have their belongings back from that sweep," she said. A guy who gave his name as Mikey B. said he lived in the park during CHOP and lost his social security card and birth certificate in the sweep.

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You've Only Got a Few Weeks—NOW Is the Time to Submit to SLAY, The Stranger's New Horror Film Festival


It's official: The world loves HUMP!—America's sweetest homemade-porn film festival, where entrants make short dirty movies for the chance to win impressive cash prizes! And now, the freaky minds behind HUMP! (and SPLIFF, our cannabis-themed film festival) have a brand-new and terrifyingly fun contest we know you're going to love: SLAY—a film festival for fans of horror!

SLAY is a great opportunity for amateur filmmakers (like you) to stretch their artistic muscles and make an eight-minute-or-less spine-tingling movie that can earn big, BIG money. And like HUMP!, the possibilities are endless! SLAY films can be legitimately horrifying and gory, spooky and unsettling, campy and funny, political/science-fiction/dystopian-themed, animated, sexy, sweet, old-timey, new-timey... YOU NAME IT!

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