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Slog PM: God Bless These Goats, You Can Join Brandi Carlile's Wine Club, The Guardian Explores Seattle's "Antifa Cops"

Quick! Get to the hills! We need you to fight fires!
Quick! Get to the hills! We need you to fight fires with your insatiable gut! WENDY/JEFF SPARKS/TORQUEMADA/ GETTY IMAGES

University of Washington gets major investment from Knight Foundation to study fake news: The college will create the "UW Center for an Informed Public" after receiving $5 million from the Knight Foundation, the college announced today. "JUST FUND THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT. WE COVER THAT IN COMPOSITION," yelled a rogue former poetry professor from the corner of our office.

The poop beaches are re-opening: But only some of them. Discovery Park and Kitsap County beaches have opened back up for swimming after "ABOUT 3 MILLION GALLONS" OF UNTREATED SEWAGE SPILLED INTO PUGET SOUND ON FRIDAY, reports the Seattle Times.

Also, this is still happening: Turning these diverse, progressive congresswomen into "a very Racist group of troublemakers" is peak Trumpian. Yesterday, Trump said the four representatives were "not capable of loving the US."

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Poster Encourages Seattleites to Narc on Homeless People by Using the “Find It, Fix It” App

Someone has been taping up posters on Capitol Hill (and I hear, though I haven't seen, across the city) encouraging people to use the city's "Find It, Fix It" app to report homeless people sleeping in tents. "See a tent? Report a tent," the poster reads. "Living outside without access to sanitation is inhumane. Here's what to do." The poster then directs people to download the app and report the person who set up the tent, or else to pursue a general inquiry with the Customer Service Bureau.

At the Select Committee on Homelessness and Housing affordability today, Jason Johnson, interim director of Seattle's Human Services Department, said the posters were "not an HSD document." However, Johnson appeared to endorse the poster's message.

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The Newest Coworking Space in Downtown Seattle!

From the heart of Silicon Valley to the heart of the Emerald City, OnePiece Work has arrived and opened its Newest Coworking Space in Downtown Seattle! OnePiece Work is a global coworking community and platform, designed to foster innovation and growth through collaboration. We provide the spaces, events and professional connections that companies need to grow and unlock global markets.


Seattle's Growing Lack of Compassion

The death of anything like compassion in Seattle...
The death of anything like compassion in Seattle... Charles Mudede

This happened a few days before this year's Fourth of July. The time is about 7 pm. The location is a Hamtramck restaurant in Detroit called Aladdin Sweets & Cafe. Sitting on the other side of the table is Chido Johnson, one of the most fascinating humans I have ever met. He is white, his parents are Americans, but he was raised as a black African in rural Zimbabwe. In his accent, I hear the domination of black African (or Shona) English on its white African and standard American English elements. He is a sculptor, the founder of the Zimbabwe Cultural Centre of Detroit, a cultural innovator. One of the modes of his complicated style is to constantly blend Detroit's urban culture with Zimbabwean culture. He is into wire cars. He has made an imbira that can send text messages. He never stopped surprising me.

We are waiting for food in Aladdin, a restaurant owned and run by Bengali immigrants. I ordered Fish Masala, and a beef Seekh Kebab (Bengali plates, which are similar to Indian ones, include beef because Bengalis tend to follow Islam rather than Hindu). Chido ordered a rice dish with chicken. Then this thing happens before our food arrives. A homeless black man walks into the restaurant. He looks terrible. Belly exposed, shorts in tatters, hair a mess, eyes red. He is just standing there expecting something from someone. And all I can think is that he will get his ass kicked out of here. The owner will call the cops if he does not leave. It's a tense moment. But I soon learn that this tense feeling has little to do with the actual situation, but the way my own city, Seattle, has become accustomed to feeling about homeless people.

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The Great Art Neville, Keyboardist for Funk Legends the Meters, Has Died

Photo by David Redfern/Redferns

Today keyboardist/vocalist Art Neville passed away due to natural causes at age 81. He is best known for his work with New Orleans group the Meters, who created one of the greatest bodies of work in the funk genre. From 1969's Look-Ka Py Py to 1975's Fire on the Bayou, the Meters had one of the strongest runs of any funk outfit on the planet. What distinguished them was their economical dynamics, precision grooves, and the use of space between beats. Their less-is-more approach manifested in extravagant listening and dancing pleasure. Hearing them at their peak helped you to understand what soulful Southern hospitality sounds like when it's translated to the musical realm. The Meters is some of the most disciplined party music ever created.

While Neville continued to further his legacy in the Funky Meters and the Neville Brothers, he also lent his formidable chops to records by fellow recently departed New Orleans legend Dr. John and to the funkiest sides by Robert Palmer, before the British singer became a pop star in America with "Addicted to Love."

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For Pride This Year, Uncle Ike’s Gave Entre Hermanos a Big Lift

Do you ever sit up at night, or in the morning, afternoon, early evening, and all other times, dwelling on how absolutely fucked our immigration system is and how powerless most of us are to do anything about it? Haha same! But while none of us can personally abolish ICE, there are things we can do right here in Seattle to improve the lives of immigrants and asylum seekers. Specifically the LGBTQ+ ones served by Entre Hermanos.

Here’s how.


Aminé, STRFKR, and More Capitol Hill Block Party Photos


Timothy Kenney

Timothy Kenney


Timothy Kenney
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The Coolest Fits from Northwest Thrift-Con

Michelle Larcom of Jokell Vintage pairing a bright vintage graphic tee with 80s red corduroy shorts by Gloria Vanderbilt. <br />
Michelle Larcom of Jokell Vintage pairing a bright vintage graphic tee with '80s red corduroy shorts by Gloria Vanderbilt.
Jack Ryan

We came, we saw, we thrifted. The scene was beyond wild at Tacoma’s first-annual Northwest Thrift-Con, a new event hosted on July 21 and created by All-Star Vintage founders Richard and Desi Sjouwke and previewed not once but twice on this here blog, Slog.

Thrift-Con was a veritable smorgasbord of vintage clothing representing nearly every imaginable style and era of 20th-century fashion, spread out across 40 vendors inside, outside, and down the hallways of the historic Court House Square. Some 1200 ticketed guests turned out for the event, according to Thrift-Con co-founder Richard Sjouwke.

I caught him outside taking a quick breath around midday, the sun shining, the building packed. “We’re just getting started with this event,” he tells me. “At the end of the day, brother, this is our family and we’re going to keep building for the next ten years.” I sure hope it’s true—there was some truly one of a kind wild shit available at this event, and if this was just year one, I can’t wait to see how it grows in 2020 and beyond.

Here’s a dozen or so of the coolest pieces and fits we saw at the show, with photos by Jack Ryan.

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So You Want to Be a Member of the Seattle City Council? Here's Some Advice.

Abel Pacheco has learned a few things this year as a temporary Seattle City Council Member.
Abel Pacheco has learned a few things this year as a temporary Seattle City Council Member. Seattle City Council

With a record number of individuals running for Seattle City Council this year, at least a few of the 56 candidates must be wondering what it’s like to actually land on the council.

Running for office is one thing, an experience I talked about with Morgan Beach four years ago. But if you get this job, it'll present an entirely different set of challenges.

I would know. In April, I was appointed to fill out the remainder of Rob Johnson’s term representing north Seattle's District 4 on the council. After spending my 10 years in Seattle attending graduate school at the University of Washington's Evans School, working for the UW’s Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity and the Seattle Police Foundation, and running (unsuccessfully) for office twice, I now have an eight-month window into the life of the council—until a new District 4 council member is sworn-in at the end of the year.

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The 43 Best Things To Do in Seattle This Week: July 22-28, 2019

Its the last week to see Citizen: An American Lyric, a play about what its like to deal with the daily insults of racism.
It's the last week to see Citizen: An American Lyric, a play about what it's like to deal with the daily insults of racism. Jovelle Tamayo

Our music critics have already chosen the 40 best music shows this week, but now it's our arts critics' turn to recommend the best events in their areas of expertise. Here are their picks in every genre—from Game of Chefs to Bon Appétit! The Julia Child Operetta, and from Japanese garden-set butoh performances at Wandering and Wondering to the opening of Re:definition 2019: The Latinx Diaspora. See them all below, and find even more events on our complete Things To Do calendar.

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Elissa Washuta and Theresa Warburton: Shapes of Native Nonfiction
It makes all the sense in the world for Elissa Washuta—an erstwhile fixture of the Seattle literary scene who's now flourishing in Ohio—to use craft as a way to shape this fantastic anthology of 27 Native American essays. In her own work, Washuta is known for wrapping her personal experiences and private theories around found forms, such as popular television scripts and reverse timelines. In Shapes of Native Nonfiction, she and Theresa Warburton use concepts from the art of basket weaving to coil and plait these coiled and plaited stories together. The book offers a collection of work from new and more established writers, including Stephen Graham Jones (Mapping the Interior and about a million others), Terese Marie Mailhot (Heart Berries), Billy-Ray Belcourt (a Griffin Poetry Prize winner and author of NDN Coping Mechanisms: Notes from the Field), and scholar Kim TallBear. RICH SMITH

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Yves Tumor, Cuco, and More Highlights from Capitol Hill Block Party's Final Day

TERMINATor Timothy Kenney


It made all kinds of sense for TERMINATor to play the Cha Cha. Its queasy red lighting and Mexican dive-bar paraphernalia were the ideal backdrop for the Seattle trio's woozy, wonky rock. Their ramshackle songs served as the perfect soundtrack to a day-drunk stagger in 86-degree heat. Albie's guitar emitted metallic radiation as the band coaxed a singular strain of dubby rock that sounds like its batteries are running low.

One song—perhaps the best song—began with Veronica Dye's flute solo of delicate solemnity getting looped until it coalesced into phantasmagorical trills. The dirge-y march crescendoed to a chaotic climax before returning to the initial calm.

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Welcome to Summer! Don't Drink the Water.

Beautiful, shitty Lake Washington
Beautiful, shitty Lake Washington. Kelly O

Most of the country is sweltering this week, and while the climate in the Pacific Northwest just does not compare to the wet, heavy blanket covering the eastern two-thirds of the country, it's kinda hot. Not hot enough to require air conditioning (so don't even think about it) but hot enough to dip a toe or two in one of our ample natural waterways.

Luckily for you, there is no lack of access around here, even for those of us without waterfront mansions. Pulitizer Prize-winning outdoorsman Eli Sanders put together a compendium of Seattle's 149 public swim spots, many of which you probably didn't even know were available to you. There are, however, a few things to be aware of before you choose a place to swim: One, voyeurs and pervs seem to have colonized Denny Blaine, so wear shoes if you don't want to get sperm between your toes. And two, the water at some of those beaches is a bit more reminiscent of toilet water than a sparkling clean lake.

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He Always Said He Didn't Wanna Know and Then He Found Out


I'm a gay guy in an almost eight year relationship. One morning, after what I knew was a party night for my boyfriend, I found the door to the kitchen blocked. I pushed it open found my boyfriend sitting with his back against the door taking close up pictures of a friend's cock. My boyfriend is a professional photographer and told me it wasn't what it seemed like—it was just him exploring nudes. We talked about it right when it happened and he apologized. Three week later I asked whether more was going on between them as things seemed a bit off between us. He said no. But during our talk it came up that he has been having short sexual encounters during his solo travels over the years. Also, relatively early in our relationship, he told me about making out with a guy while on at trip and I found out he went to a gay sauna with friends.

In his defense he reminded me that on more than one occasion over the last eight years I had said something like, “If a sexual encounter happens with someone else, I don’t want to know.” And more recently (before the night I found him in the kitchen) we were playing a dirty Q&A card game with friends and I got a question about how I defined "open relationship." I again replied that I wouldn’t want to know the details about who, when, where, etc.

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Just Announced: Lizzo is Coming to Bumbershoot 2019!


In case you haven't been paying attention, Bumbershoot has been on a wild ride so far this year—after delaying their lineup announcement by nearly a month, they finally announced this year's artists in June, but with a mysterious five stars (★★★★★) at the top of their lineup poster in place of another headliner.

This afternoon, the festival announced on Facebook that that mysterious headliner is...Lizzo! She'll perform on Friday, August 30. Get excited.

If the star's show at Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend is anything to go by, her set will be packed.

See full details about the festival (Aug 30–Sept 1 at Seattle Center) and get tickets here.

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The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 6, 2019, Primary Election: Lisa Herbold, Council District No. 1


We have now arrived at the battle for the soul of the Seattle City Council! And what better place to start than incumbent council member Lisa Herbold, who last year voted for the homelessness-services-funding "head tax" that made Amazon so furious that the company halted construction of a downtown office building in protest. Such a big-ass, floor-pounding fuss was kicked up over this "head tax" that the council—including Herbold—soon voted to repeal it. But Amazon is not done flexing, and a political action committee the corporation is bankrolling is now going after Herbold.

Good thing Phil Tavel, one of the folks getting help from Amazon, is pretty much a walking reason to vote for Herbold. Just listen to what Tavel told the SECB: "Lisa cares more about the renters' rights"—sold!—"and not necessarily someone who owns a home, or is a landlord, or owns a business."

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A Swedish Photographer Captures American Disco Decadence

Shots like this emphasize the disorientation and altered states inside Studio 54.
Shots like this emphasize the disorientation and altered states inside Studio 54. HASSE PERSSON / COURTESY OF THE NORDIC MUSEUM

Studio 54 gets top billing at the Nordic Museum's exhibition of Hasse Persson's photography, and while the shots of that über-trendy and exclusive New York nightclub are fascinating, the real highlights may be the "Beyond" material, which the museum has placed in the first part of the exhibit.

A Swede working in the United States during one of the country's most turbulent cultural and political eras (roughly 1968 to 1980), Persson insinuated himself into some highly evocative situations. His black-and-white shots of major cultural and political figures include Muhammad Ali, Coretta Scott King, Bob Dylan, Jesse Jackson, and Richard Nixon. (Nixon is captured in a caustically funny triptych.)

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The 40 Best Music Shows in Seattle This Week: July 22-28, 2019

Seattle bedroom-pop project Hibou will bring shimmery ethereal tunes to Chop Suey on Wednesday.
Seattle bedroom-pop project Hibou will bring shimmery ethereal tunes to Chop Suey on Wednesday. George Baker

This week, our music critics have picked everything from the cumbia rhythms of Orquestra Pacifico Tropical to the bedroom pop of Hibou to the top-tier lyricism of Talib Kweli. Follow the links below for ticket links and music clips for all of their picks, and find even more shows on our complete music calendar.

Found something you like and don't want to forget about it later? Click "Save Event" on any of the linked events below to add it to your own private list.


Corespondents, the Sheen, Shitty Person
Seattle band Corespondents (Olie Eshleman, Doug Arney, Kieran Harrison-Buhlinger, and Todd Arney) have been around a while, though I am only now discovering their high-quality brand of trippy music. They mix all the elements I love, from psych, surf, experimental, and lo-fi alt rock, infusing generous dashes of vintage-vibing world music (cumbia, West African rock, East Asian folk, Italo-Western music) and using instruments ranging from bouzouki to dan bao to achieve their intriguing sonic textures. LEILANI POLK

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