Bumbershoot, Capitol Hill Block Party, Day In Day Out, Belltown Bloom... Seattle is silly with spring and summer music festivals, and each one brings with it its own impressive list of performers.

Timber! Outdoor Music Festival is different. It was started by Artist Home founder Kevin Sur in 2013, just a few years after Artist Home co-founded Doe Bay Fest, another popular, outdoor, nature-forward festival experience. While most of today’s local music festivals take place in the city—hot blacktop, little shade, lots of crowds—Timber! lives about 45 minutes outside of town in Carnation, WA. The bucolic surroundings are as much a part of the experience as the bands, which this year include Jeff Tweedy, the King Khan & BBQ Show, Black Belt Eagle Scout, and Guerilla Toss, among others.

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EverOut Yesterday 3:31 PM

Ticket Alert: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Hozier, and More Seattle Events Going On Sale This Week

Plus, Bumbershooot Announces 2023 Lineup and More Event Updates for March 23

Billboard-charting rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie will stop in Seattle to support his latest album Me Vs. Myself. Irish singer-songwriter Hozier will take you to church on his Unreal Unearth tour this coming fall. This summer in Auburn, The Offspring will team up with Simple Plan and Sum 41 for a nostalgic punk show to remember. Plus, Bumbershoot is back after a three-year hiatus with headliners including Sleater-Kinney, Sunny Day Real Estate, Phantogram, and Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: Me Vs. Myself Tour
WaMu Theater (Fri June 9)

An Evening With Steve Hackett
Moore Theatre (Thurs Nov 9)

Bryson Tiller
Showbox SoDo (June 13-14)

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Books Yesterday 12:30 PM

Soft Sounds from Another Planet

Talking to Michelle Zauner About Growing Up in Oregon, Moving to South Korea, and Writing a Screenplay Based on Her Memoir

“I think it’s almost too meta to cry in H Mart now,” said Michelle Zauner, author of memoir Crying in H Mart and lead vocalist of indie pop band Japanese Breakfast. 

Released in April 2021, Crying in H Mart tells the story of Zauner growing up in Eugene with a Korean immigrant mother whose love manifested in unyielding expectations, knife-like criticism, and the most delicious and attentively-prepared meals. In her mother’s final months with pancreatic cancer, Zauner once again used food to show love and process grief. 

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EverOut Yesterday 12:19 PM

The Top 10 Seattle Cocktail Week 2023 Events You Need to Know About

Coffee Cocktails, Drag Performances, and More

Seattle Cocktail Week, which highlights the movers and (cocktail) shakers of the Seattle bar scene with events and drink specials, kicks off this Sunday, March 26 and runs through the following Sunday, April 2. To get you started, we've picked out some of the most unique events we think you should know about, from a hair metal-themed party to a coffee cocktail pop-up, plus the main event, Carnival of Cocktails. For more inspiration, check out our full Seattle Cocktail Week calendar and our food and drink calendar.


SCW Kickoff Party: Mountaineering Club x Hey Love PDX
Enjoy drinks from Portland's stylish '70s-inspired lounge Hey Love—minus the road trip. The award-winning tropical cocktail bar will take over the Mountaineering Club to sling "Illegal Mezcal-laced delights," while its resident DJ Hanukkah Miracle will spin and the plant shop Glasswing will shroud the scene in a verdant "disco plantscape." Bonus: You'll get to feast your eyes on the sunset from the vantage point of the Mountaineering Club's lofty rooftop.
Mountaineering Club, 6-10 pm

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Food & Drink Yesterday 11:15 AM

Milk Bar Finally Comes to the Pacific Northwest

Christina Tosi's Dessert Dreamland Opens Grab-and-Go Counter in Bellevue Square Mall

Milk Bar has finally come to Washington!

For years, brilliant dessert maker Christina Tosi has been scattering her Cereal Milk-soft-serve-serving Milk Bars across North America. It started as a small, innovative dessert shop next to David Chang's Momofuku in New York City and has expanded to include more than eight New York locations with shops in Washington DC, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, too.

Seattle would get teased with the occasional pop-up, but that just made the longing grow stronger. Finally, Tosi has responded to our butterfat signals—today is the grand opening of Milk Bar's dessert counter in Nordstrom at the Bellevue Square Mall. Is it weird to walk through Nordstrom's dress department to get some top-notch soft-serve? Yup! You should do it anyway.

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News Yesterday 9:30 AM

Settling for SCORE?

Lawsuits Over the Regional Jail's Medical Care Raised Flags During Council Hearing

At a public hearing on Tuesday, criminal justice advocates urged the King County Council to vote ‘no’ on a measure to send county inmates to a regional jail in Des Moines, WA. 

The council postponed consideration of the bill until its next meeting. If approved, the County could send at least 50 people to the regional South Correctional Entity, also known as SCORE. However, the council mentioned that King County Executive Dow Constantine said he may want to send as many as 150 people to the Des Moines jail. 

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You've probably never heard of them: Bumbershoot is trying to recapture its roots in its 2023 lineup, and they kind of nailed it, according to The Stranger's Megan Seling. Sleater-Kinney, Brittany Howard, and Band of Horses rank among the "Oh, thems." The Screaming Females and Bomba Estéreo fall into the "who?" category for me. I got a parking ticket yesterday, and a single-day pass to Bumbershoot now is only about $20 more than the ticket. In this time of customizable Dick's cheeseburgers and $44 parking tickets, honestly, the new "affordable" Bumbershoot is welcome.  

Washington hospitals lose another $500 million in 2022: But most importantly, Washington hospitals get 60% to 80% of their funding from government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, according to an article in the Seattle Times. Keep that tidbit handy the next time someone argues about Medicare for all. We. Are. Already. SPENDING. THE. MONEY. 

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Music Yesterday 7:51 AM

Bumbershoot Announces 2023 Music Lineup

Sleater-Kinney! Jawbreaker! Sunny Day Real Estate! Brittany Howard! Bomba Estéreo! Descendents! So Many More!

Bumbershoot's music lineup is here! With a good mix of long-beloved headliners and local up-and-coming acts, it definitely tracks with organizers' hope to celebrate Pacific Northwest art while delivering a little something for everyone.

Headliners include some of the original Olympia riot grrls Sleater-Kinney, electronic producer Zhu, '90s Bay Area punks Jawbreaker, goth punks AFI, Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard, dance DJ pioneer Fatboy Slim, emo-leaning indie rockers Sunny Day Real Estate, electro-leaning rockers Phantogram, and New Orleans eight-piece roots rock band the Revivalists (I am unfamiliar, I saw suspenders in a promo photo, but I'll keep an open mind).

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If you're anything like us, The Last of Us's season finale left you hungry for the next chapter of Joel and Ellie's apocalyptic saga. Pacific Northwesterners have a particularly keen connection to the hit HBO series: The action-adventure video game on which it's based features Seattle as a prominent location, and a study by Solitaire Bliss recently revealed that Washington is the state third most obsessed with the show, based on Google search term data. Though you may not be tempted to immediately reach for mushrooms after watching a deadly fictional strain of cordyceps wipe out most of civilization, it may comfort you to know that scientists say the possibility of the fungus spreading infection among humans is highly unlikely, so we can enjoy its delicious flavor and health benefits without worry. Read to discover three tasty ways to tide yourself over while anxiously awaiting season two.

The Greenwood location of the local cafe chain is taking advantage of the moment with "The Latte of Us," an eight-ounce latte with maple syrup, almond syrup, cordyceps powder, and eye-catching edible glitter, served with a chocolate "breakfast truffle." (Breakfast truffles should be a more widespread phenomenon, if you ask us.) The special will be available through the end of March, but don't dilly-dally: The business warns that the limited-time offering may turn "into a clicky boi" at the end of its run.
Pickup, dine-in

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News Wed 4:11 PM

Big Business Wants a Three-Year Tax Break

So Glad These People Have a Hand in Recommending Future Progressive Taxes!

As the City discusses how to bring in more progressive revenue to fill its ever-growing budget hole, Seattle’s biggest business players proposed a way to protect their profits: suspend the JumpStart payroll tax for three years and, for new businesses, suspend the city’s Business and Occupation tax (B&O).

In a letter to the Mayor and his executive leadership, the Downtown Seattle Association, the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and the Commercial Real Estate Development Association called on the City to “do no harm” by promoting a “robust economic recovery downtown,” which they predict will continue a downward spiral over the next couple of years. 

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Dance Wed 2:36 PM

PNB's Boundless Delivers on Its Promise

Watch Three Ballets Push the Boundaries of Dance in Wildly Different Ways

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Boundlesswhich opened on Friday and runs through the weekend, featured three different contemporary choreographers premiering different ballets that all pushed the boundaries of the form in wildly different ways.

In my unhumble opinion, to varying degrees, a couple of the pieces could have used a liiiiittle more time in the shop. But watching the company's dancers breathe life into new roles for the first time made for an exciting evening that's well worth your time—especially if you take advantage of the pay-what-you-can Thursday deal I keep screaming about.

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Wednesday 3/22

Douglas Smith with Marcie Sillman

(BOOKS) Douglas Smith, a historian and translator who lives in Seattle, will discuss tonight his translation of the first three volumes of Konstantin Paustovsky's six-volume autobiography, The Story of a Life, which was published in Russian in 1943. According to Smith, the massive "work moves forward less by the dictates of chronology and more by the power of memory." What this means is it's a work of literature rather than a simple (or straightforward) document of a life that experienced the Russian revolution of 1905, the revolution of 1917, the First World War, multiple jobs, and the emergence of society that claimed one of the two key political legacies of the 19th century: the labor movement that began in England. Konstantin Paustovsky was nominated for a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1965. All of this is fascinating and worth checking out. (Elliott Bay Book Company, 1521 10th Ave, 7 pm, free) CHARLES MUDEDE

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Art and Performance Spring 2023 Wed 11:37 AM

Solaris Is About a Black Woman

Will Book-It Repertory Theatre’s Adaptation Catch What Others Have Missed?

The astronaut arrives at a space station above an ocean that almost entirely covers a planet called Solaris. The ocean, which was discovered 100 years before, might be one giant organism that has some form of consciousness, and the space station that orbits it houses three scientists.

The arriving astronaut is Kris Kelvin, a psychologist. His journey from Earth to So laris took 16 months. He needs a shower. But the space station is a mess, and one of the researchers, his mentor Dr. Gibarian, committed suicide just hours before he docked. One of the remaining two scientists, Snaut, appears to have gone mad; the other, Sartorius, is locked up in his cabin. A window provides a view of the extraterrestrial sea.

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Guest Rant Wed 10:30 AM

End Washington’s Racist ‘Superpredator’ Laws

As a Judge, I Know the Untold Harms of These Laws

I am a retired King County Superior Court judge, writing in support of Engrossed House Bill 1324, now being considered by the Washington State Senate. The proposal would end the practice of automatically sentencing people to longer prison terms because of crimes they committed as children. 

The current law is based on the 1990s myth of the irredeemably violent “superpredator” child, a term applied disproportionately to Black kids and to other persons of color. Brain science showing that juveniles tend to have less judgment and maturity than adults has since debunked the myth.

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I’m tired of everyone complaining about Daylight Saving Time and having to change the clock on their dumb old microwave ovens.*

If we’re going to continue using a standardized, clock-based scheduling system, the LEAST we can do is acknowledge that nature does not adhere to that system. 

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