Yep, the Washington State Department of Licensing Gave Immigration Activist's Info to ICE

Maru Mora Villalpando, a local immigration activist targeted by ICE.
Maru Mora Villalpando, a local immigration activist targeted by ICE. HG

The Washington State Department of Licensing released records to reporters today showing that the state responded to, and furnished records responsive to, a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) about immigration activist Maru Mora Villalpando. On December 7, a DOL employee e-mailed ICE agent Timothy Black with Mora Villalpando's driver's license and background information. Two weeks later, Mora Villalpando, a longtime activist advocating for the rights of immigrant detainees in the Northwest Detention Center, received a deportation notice.

Mora Villalpando held a rally in front of the DOL's office in Bellingham Thursday, urging the director of the department to resign.

On Wednesday night, Mora Villalpando told The Stranger she had received a phone call from the DOL notifying her that it would be releasing records about her to the Associated Press and Angelina Godoy, a University of Washington human rights professor Mora Villalpando had been working with. Among those records, she was told, was e-mail correspondence with ICE.

Mora Villalpando said she told the DOL, "It would be nice if you called me when ICE requested my records."

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King County GOP Chair Gets E-mail about Gun Control, Responds "Do Not Ever Contact Me Again"

An email exchange with the chair of the King County GOP.
An email exchange with the chair of the King County GOP.

After a 19-year-old walked into his former Florida high school Thursday and killed 17 people with an AR-15, a person identifying herself as a King County resident named Ginny Baldwin wrote to the chair of the King County GOP.

"I am a parent in King County," Baldwin wrote, "and I am writing to you, the GOP Chair, to ask that you and your organization please stop allowing the NRA to influence the lack of gun control locally and nationally."

Baldwin wrote that she believes people should be allowed to own guns but that assault rifle sales should not be allowed. In the last lines of the email, Baldwin wrote: "The American people overwhelmingly support tighter gun control regulations. Don't be complicit in the deaths of innocent children by doing nothing."

In response, she received a three-line email from King County GOP Chairman Lori Sotelo.

Sotelo quoted Baldwin's final "don't be complicit" line and then wrote: "WOW! Just. WOW! Please, do not ever contact me again."

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American Roots Singer Martha Redbone Tells the Epic Story of Four Generations of Cherokee and African American Women Living in Appalachia.

One of the most vital voices in American roots music, Martha Redbone travels back to her childhood memories and tales of her Cherokee ancestors in her new musical theater project, Bone Hill. With a stirring voice and commanding presence — backed by some of New York’s finest jazz and blues musicians — Redbone reveals an epic American story about a family’s connection to the land and the ruptures that threaten to extinguish it.

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Inbox Jukebox: A Weekly Shortlist of Good New Music. David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Drinks, and More

David Byrne delivers a minimalist curio with help from Oneohtrix Point Never.
David Byrne delivers a minimalist curio with help from Oneohtrix Point Never. Jody Rogac

David Byrne, "This Is That" (Nonesuch). I'm mainly recommending this song as an excuse to encourage you to read David Byrne's enlightening 2012 book, How Music Works, which I'm currently reading and enjoying. As for "That Is That," it's an odd, minimalist curio from the former Talking Heads frontman's new album, American Utopia (out March 9). Recorded with Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin), the song's tune is cautiously optimistic and subtly mournful, and its timbres sound both ancient and 21st-century digital. The guy who wrote "I Zimbra"'s voice is taking on an increased fragility with age (he's 65 now), adding greater poignancy to this slight composition. Byrne plays May 24 at the Paramount Theatre (it's already sold out).

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Inslee's Carbon Tax Not a Priority for Speaker Frank Chopp, Sources Say

Inslee brings out the big guns: John Kerry
Inslee brings out the big guns: John Kerry John Stang

A few days ago, Gov. Jay Inslee brought in former U.S. Secretary of State and advocate to fight worldwide climate change John Kerry to convince Democratic legislators to pass a $12-per-ton carbon emissions tax.

The question is, what is more important to a Democratic legislator sitting on the fence about a carbon tax—a pep talk from a visiting celebrity politician, or his or her own constituents fearing increases in their gasoline prices.

One of Inslee’s greatest passions is fighting climate change, and trimming Washington’s carbon emissions is the main weapon in his arsenal. Since 2013, a GOP majority in the Senate—which voted in 2015 to declare global warming is not necessarily manmade—has stopped him. Now, Inslee has a super-narrow Democratic majority in the Legislature—25-24 in the Senate and 50-48 in the House.

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Have more stuff than space?

Urbin Attic’s ”on-demand” storage service is a new convenient way to store your stuff. Say good-bye to u-hauls and spooky storage units. Their service will pick up & drop off any item right to your door. A 24/7 secure facility and tracking system lets you know where your stuff is at all times. Take pictures & list your stuff online so you don’t forget what you’ve packed. Pay by the item, not for space you don’t use.

For $50 off your first order, use the code FREE50.

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With No Sign of Any Solution to Mass Shootings, Parents Might Seriously Consider Bulletproof Backpacks

A bulletproof backpack might save her life in a mass shooting.
A bulletproof backpack might save her life in a mass shooting. skynesher/

Q13Fox reports that the retailers of bulletproof backpacks expect "a jump in sales" right after a mass shooting in a school. We can conclude from this grim admission that the speed with which these companies move their goods corresponds with the size of a mass shooting. (The most recent such shooting, which happened in the gun-friendly state of Florida, killed 17 people.) Q13Fox also reports that the business of bullet-resistant school supplies came into its own after the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012—a turning point in American history (the point at which mass shootings officially became a normal and accepted part of American life). One school in Florida is already selling ballistic armor to parents for $120. The parents are encouraged to place them in their child's backpack. The school's head of security told the Miami Herald that he would "rather be prepared for the worst than be stuck after saying ‘Wow, I wish we would’ve done that.’”

The security guard lives in a post-Sandy Hook world. He is not saying something crazy. He is offering real advice. Bulletproofing your backpack is now a matter of life of death. To certain ears, however, this kind of talk certainly echoes those darkly funny fake ads in Paul Verhoeven's science fiction films of the 1980s and 1990s.

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Last-Minute Plans: 101 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do In Seattle This Weekend: Feb 16-18, 2018

See brand-new work from Pacific Northwest performers at 12 Minutes Max this weekend.
See brand-new work from Pacific Northwest performers at 12 Minutes Max this weekend. Base Experimental Arts + Space via Facebook

Panicking because you haven't yet made plans for the weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry—below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from Tavi Gevinson: Rookie on Love to the closing of Futurama Redux — Urban Mobility After Cars and Oil to an Acapulco Lips concert. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

Stay in the know! Get all this and more on the free Stranger Things To Do mobile app (available for iOS and Android), or delivered to your inbox.

1. U-District Art Walk
This art walk happens the third Friday of every month and features art in cool funky business of the U-District such as Chaco Canyon, Cafe Solstice, Gargoyles Statuary, Moksha, and Trabant Coffee & Chai.
(University District, free)

2. Fifty Shades of Eye Candy
Join the men of stripping revue Chocolate Drizzle for a sexy post-Valentine's Day soiree.
(Capitol Hill, free)

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Teen Responsible for Columbia River Gorge Fire Sentenced

The Eagle Creek Fire in Sept. 2017 burned nearly 50,000 acres in the Columbia River Gorge.
The Eagle Creek Fire of September 2017 burned nearly 50,000 acres in the Columbia River Gorge. Trip Jennings/Balance Media

The 15-year-old Vancouver, Washington youth who set off smoke bombs in the Columbia River Gorge last September and sparked the massive Eagle Creek Fire was sentenced in Hood River County Circuit Court Friday to 1,920 hours community service and five years probation. He will spend his community service volunteering with the U.S. Forest Service.

According to the Willamette Week, locals spoke in court about the impact the nearly 50,000 acre fire had on their lives. In the aftermath of the fire, nearby highways were shut down, hikers were stranded in burning forests, businesses were shut down, homes were evacuated, and thousands of acres of recreation areas were destroyed.

The teen reportedly faced harassment and death threats after the incident, which was observed by a hiker. In court, he admitted to reckless burning, criminal mischief, and endangering human life, but with no evidence of criminal intent, prosecutors declined to charge him with felony arson.

On Friday, he addressed the court:

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Mamma Mia! at the 5th Avenue Theatre Is Amazing

And the set is phenomenal.
And the set is phenomenal. Tracy Martin

My god. Who knew? I thought I hated Mamma Mia. The last time Mamma Mia was in Seattle, 11 months ago, on the 20th anniversary of the national tour, I wrote that, by the end of act two, "I was ready to drown the mom, the daughter, the three guys who might be the dad, the set designer, and whoever wrote the book in the Aegean Sea."

But the absolutely fantastic production of Mamma Mia! at 5th Avenue Theatre right now proves that this show can be done well. My date on opening night last week was a friend who enjoys hating things as much as I do, and she loved it, too. No one was more surprised than we were.*

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Mean Jeans’ Jingles Collection Is Wonderful Junk

Joe Leonard

The goofball wits of Mean Jeans have never shied away from product placements. The band’s carefully constructed wasteoid universe, which lives in the brilliantly silly zone between Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Rock ’n’ Roll High School, is a burnout paradise of Cheerios and Jäger and Kraft and Coors Light.

It should shock no one, then, that Portland’s pop-punk geniuses have just released a collection of original (and entirely unsolicited) jingles for some of their favorite brands. Did the world need songs dedicated to Skoal, Best Western, Applebee’s, and Selsun Blue? Not until Mean Jeans decided it did. As ridiculously catchy as it is conceptually sound, Jingles Collection continues the band’s undefeated streak. The Stranger spoke to singer/guitarist Billy Jeans about the perils and pleasures of shilling for wonderful junk.

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Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Teen Girl Has a Porn Question


This letter was originally published Oct 30, 2009.

I read your column all the time and I'm hoping you could help me with something. I'm a straight 16-year-old female and I like porn. But for some reason I really enjoy watching Girl-On-Girl or a Girl-With-Toys. If there is a guy in it I find myself looking at the girl. I have no sexual desire for women when I'm not watching porn and I have all the normal teen girl fantasies about boys. But I do remember when I was around eight experimenting sexually with a neighbor (also a girl, also around eight). Does watching lesbian and/or bi porn have something to do with processing that experience or am I a lesbian and don't know it yet? I'm seriously trying to figure this out.

Very Confused

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Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther Album Is Dazzling and Afrocentric


Initially enchanted by lead single “All the Stars,” with its tribal drum beat and dazzling Afrocentric music video, I’ve been bumping the Kendrick Lamar-curated Black Panther soundtrack all week. The song (which features SZA) is a worthy representative of the rest of the album—and, as I’d hoped, it came on right as Black Panther’s end credits rolled for the audience to enjoy as we waited for the sequel-teasing stingers.

In addition to producing original music for the album, Kung Fu Kenny appears on roughly half of the 14 tracks. After seeing the latest Marvel installment (and discovering how unapologetically Black it is), Lamar’s integral involvement in the movie’s music makes even more sense. There’s a humming tribal undercurrent throughout the album, with African beats, chants, and various verbal references to Wakanda and other elements of Black Panther. Lamar is famous for his unconventional use of jazz influences and artists on his critically acclaimed album To Pimp a Butterfly; here, he incorporates a variety of styles and artists on the track list.

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More New Ice Cream Shops, CBD Lattes, James Beard Award Nominations, and Other Seattle Food News You Can Use

Renee Erickson of Bateau (pictured) was nominated for a James Beard award for Outstanding Chef this week.
Renee Erickson of Bateau (pictured) was nominated for a James Beard award for Outstanding Chef this week.

Seattle's ice cream boom is still going strong: Today, Salt and Straw opens on Capitol Hill (joining the Ballard location that opened last week), and Southcenter gets a liquid nitrogen ice cream lab called Cloud Nine Creamery. Plus, air travel just got an upgrade, with Molly Moon's partnering with JetBlue and Sunset Fried Chicken and Skillet coming to Sea-Tac. As always, we've gathered that and all the other food news you need to know for your weekend below, including CBD lattes at Cafe Hitchcock and the James Beard Award nominations. For more ideas, check out our complete food & drink calendar.

Cafe Racer
The beloved U District cafe, which Jeff Ramsey is re-launching, will have its soft re-opening this weekend and will debut a limited brunch menu, with a grand re-opening scheduled for March 4.
University District

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Delvonn Heckard, the Man Who Sued Former Mayor Ed Murray For Rape, Has Died

The man whose lawsuit led to the uncovering of sexual assault allegations against former mayor Ed Murray has died, according to the King County Medical Examiner.

Delvonn Heckard, 47, died in Auburn Friday. According to the medical examiner, the cause and manner of his death are pending. The Seattle Times reports Heckard was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in an Auburn motel.

Delvonn Heckard sued Murray last April, alleging Murray raped and molested him in the 1980s when Heckard was a teenager struggling with drug addiction and Murray was in his 30s. By September, five men had publicly accused Murray of sexual abuse. Murray denied all of the allegations.

Two of those accusers, Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson had attempted to come forward to the media nearly a decade earlier, but their allegations were not reported. Heckard's lawsuit reopened the Seattle Times investigation into the story. Heckard's lawyer, Lincoln Beauregard, wrote on Twitter Friday, "A hero died today." Beauregard did not return The Stranger's requests for comment. MyNorthwest reports Beauregard will speak to KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Friday afternoon.

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“It’s Gotten a Lot More Scary,” Says Helium’s Guitarist and Singer Mary Timony

“It’s definitely a different world than it was in the ’90s,” says Mary Timony, center. Mary Timony will play the music of her former band Helium Tues., Feb 20 at Neumos.
“It’s definitely a different world than it was in the ’90s,” says Mary Timony, center. Mary Timony will play the music of her former band Helium Tues., Feb 20 at Neumos. JAMES SMOLKA

Shortly before getting on the phone to interview Mary Timony, I had a strong memory from the fall of 1997. I was talking to a guy I only ever saw at Orpheum, and I asked what he thought of the then-new Helium record, The Magic City.

He made a puckery face and suggested that Timony and her bandmates had sold out to the corporate demand for electronic music by putting a keyboard line on “Leon’s Space Song.”

How better to illustrate how wrong everyone was about everything back then? But 21 years later, Timony isn’t so sure.

“Yeah, that keyboard part sucks,” she laughs. “I kind of agree with that person. I just made a bad call on the actual sound of the keyboard. I’ve always regretted that decision, honestly.”

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13 Russians and 3 "Russian Entities" Indicted by Robert Mueller

Are you sitting down? Good. It looks like the Russians meddled in the 2016 presidential election. They pitted Americans against each other and — according to testimony offered by the heads of our intelligence agencies earlier this week — they're still at it and the Trump administration isn't doing anything to prevent Russia from interfering undermining the 2018 midterm elections. And why would they? The Russians helped throw the 2016 election to the Republicans and the Republicans are clearly hoping they'll get 'em another anti-democratic reach-around from Putin this November.


The 37-page indictment lays out in extensive detail how, prosecutors say, Russia’s Internet Research Agency in 2014 initiated an effort to systematically interfere “with the U.S. political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016.” The elaborate, multi-million-dollar project involved staging on-the-ground protests in the United States, creating “hundreds” of social media accounts pretending to be American citizens, trying to suppress minority voter turnout, and even promoting false claims that Democrats committed voter fraud.

They backed Sanders during the primary and attacked two of Trump's competitors for the GOP nomination:

“They engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump,” it adds later.

Over to you, WaPo:

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