Free Concert Wednesday to Save the Showbox!

Slog PM: Dave Meinert Officially Removed From Capitol Hill Businesses, Maine Restaurant Gets Lobsters High Before Killing Them

Lucky ValentynVolkov/ Getty Images

Dave Meinert officially removed as operator of his Pike/Pine businesses: When the multiple sexual misconduct allegations against Meinert came out, he allegedly sold his stake in his Capitol Hill businesses. Paperwork unearthed by Capitol Hill Seattle Blog shows that the change has been solidified and Meinert is no longer involved with Queer/Bar, Grimm’s, and Lost Lake Cafe. He still is the sole owner of the 5 Point Cafe in Belltown. Thanks, JSeattle.

Big loads only please: Big? What about super? Three big rigs are in the process of lugging a transformer (no, not the Shia Labeouf kind) across State Route 14 and U.S. Highway 97. The transformer is headed to the Columbia River Gorge where it will connect wind farms to Bonneville Power Administration’s electricity grid. Well, it will one day, currently it’ll just be a backup. The transformer combined with the transport rig weighs in at nearly 1 million pounds.

Paul Allen wants to do stuff for the homeless now, too: Last week, Jeff Bezos introduced his plan to give $2 billion to homeless families and also fund private preschools. Today, Paul Allen, not to be outdone, broke ground on the new Mount Baker Family Housing & Resource Center that will house 94 families. Allen didn’t break ground himself, Bill Hilf, CEO of Vulcan, did that. Allen’s charity threw in $30 million to the project. It cost about $46 million in total. That’s a bit more than the $25,000 Allen contributed to killing the head tax.

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Democrat Carolyn Long Packs a Candidate Forum in Trump Country

Long shaking hands with supporters at a forum in Woodland, WA.
Long shaking hands before facing off against Republican incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler at a forum in Woodland, WA.

A noon forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce in a county Trump carried by 14 points should be hostile territory for a Democrat. But when Carolyn Long walked into a room at the back of The Oak Tree restaurant in Woodland, WA, a crowd of about 300 people clapped and chanted her name. "Caro-lyn! Caro-lyn! Caro-lyn!"

I heard no such chanting for incumbent Republican Jaime Herrera Buetler, who's seeking her fifth term in a surprisingly tight race against Long in Washington's 3rd Congressional District. That's not to say Herrera Buetler didn't have some any support in the room—she did—but they weren't so vocal.

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Mormons Draw a Bigger Crowd to Safeco Field Than the Mariners

Anybody whos anybody was at Safeco Field on Saturday
Anybody who's anybody was at Safeco Field on Saturday JOAN MARCUS

Maybe the King County Council, who just handed $135 million to Mariners, should reconsider who they choose as their sole tenant.

Russell L. Nelson is 94, the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and packed Safeco Field on Saturday and brought more fans to Safeco Field than almost any Mariners game this year, especially if you consider no one in the crowd came for beer.

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108 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week: Sept 18-23, 2018

Sean Nelson called the Internet Cat Video Festival a celebration of the internets greatest (and arguably only) contribution to the cultural life of this planet. Get bombarded with painfully cute short clips when it returns this weekend.
Sean Nelson called the Internet Cat Video Festival "a celebration of the internet's greatest (and arguably only) contribution to the cultural life of this planet." Get bombarded with painfully cute short clips when it returns this weekend. Shutterstock

Our arts critics have already recommended 70 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 35 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from the Internet Cat Video Festival to Fremont Arts Council's autumnal equinox celebration Luminata, and from the grand opening of a virtual reality arcade to the Snohomish Tweed Ride. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Displaced: Design for Inclusive Cities—Winners Celebration
Hail the winners of the Displaced: Design for Inclusive Cities competition, an international contest organized by Design in Public and the American Institute of Architects Seattle to encourage "belonging, dignity and resilience for immigrants and refugees navigating the challenges of urban life." The awardees, who'll stay for a discussion, will receive $15,000 in cash prizes collectively.

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Weekday Trumpdate

The big, beautiful wall is not happening.
The "big, beautiful wall" is not happening. Win McNamee / Getty Images

• Money for President Trump's long-promised border wall with Mexico was not included in the new federal budget just passed by the Republican-controlled Senate. Will anyone notice? Will Trump notice? I mean, he did recently tweet this:

• But Trump's also kinda busy right now feeling "so badly" for what his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, "a great gentleman," is "going through."

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New Savage Lovecast: Second Opinion with Hola Papi!


A woman enjoys anonymous webcamming with older men. But do they cross a line when they both pretend that she's... very young? A poly father doesn't know how to explain his healthy, happy relationships to his 5-year-old daughter.

On the Magnum, Dan enlists JP Brammer, author of the "Hola Papi" advice column to talk about interracial dating and to take down a personal trainer/tease. And, a guy with a girlfriend is sick of everyone asking when they're going to have kids. They don't want kids. What is wrong with people?

A snippet:

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A Peek Into the HUMP! 2018 Jury Room

To See What I Have Seen, To See What I See!: Inside the HUMP! jury room.
"To See What I Have Seen, To See What I See!": Inside the HUMP! jury room.

The annual HUMP! film festival—featuring sexy 'n' hilarious five-minute dirty movies submitted by sex positive amateurs from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond—doesn't just appear out of nowhere. We get upwards of 100 submissions every year, and only accept around 20-25 of the best entries to be allowed in the festival. So you may be asking yourself, "WHO ARE THE LUCKY PEOPLE WHO GET PAID FOR WATCHING PORN ALL DAY AND DECIDE WHAT GETS INTO HUMP??"

That is a reasonable question. While the process is mired in secrecy—much like how a new Pope is selected—I can reveal the following as a former HUMP jurist. You get about 7-10 people in a room, all employees of either The Stranger and our sister paper The Mercury, along with festival originator/sex columnist Dan Savage, and then you watch 100+ porn videos for about 9 HOURS STRAIGHT.

Trust me when I say, it's a lot. In fact, after my stint as a HUMP jurist, I dreamed of being chased around by all manner of genitalia for an entire week. And you know those particularly... ummm... uncomfortable HUMP videos that are featured in the festival and make you feel like you'll never be able to scrub those images from your eyes? If you're on the HUMP jury, multiply that by 25.

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Dude York, SassyBlack, and More Are Playing a Free Concert Outside of City Hall to Save the Showbox

Image this but with people and music!
Image this but with people and music!

It turns out Councilmember Kshama Sawant isn't just a socialist organizer, she's also a pretty good music promoter. Seattle's most famous socialist has brought together some of the city's best music talent for a free show in City Hall Plaza tomorrow to rally around saving the Showbox.

The show starts at 4 p.m. and includes Dude York, SassyBlack, Spirit Award, Sol, Smokey Brights, and Ruler. The City Council is holding a meeting at 6 p.m. in council chambers as part of the public notice process for their recent expansion of the Pike Place Historical District, which granted a 10-month protection for the historic venue.

If you've never heard of any of these bands then you need to get your head out of the sand and start listening to good local music. Former Stranger music writer Amber Cortes described Dude York as a "power-pop trio" with a "bold, polished sound." I saw them at Sasquatch a couple years ago and guess what? They're fun!

SassyBlack is the solo project of Catherine "Cat" Harris-White, who was formerly in the R&B duo THEESatisfaction which released two albums on SubPop and got nationwide attention from outlets like Pitchfork. SassyBlack sounds like a classically trained jazz singer went to outer space with a beat machine and a synth and sang about the real shit people are going through in 2018. Read our review of her 2016 album No More Weak Dates by Ciara Dolan.

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Another Sufferer of Death-Grip Syndrome


Hi, Dan. I'm looking for some advice. I'm 26 years old. Never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl before. But a few months back I met a girl started dating and eventually having sex. Before her I used to masturbate a lot, like four or five times a day. Everyday. But since we started having sex she hasn't been able to make me come — or should I say, I haven't been able to come. She's doing all the right things but it feels like nothing. Maybe I've been desensitized to the "light" touch. I don't know. But it's really starting to bother her, even though I assure her it's not her, it's me. Do you know of any steps I can take to alleviate my ejaculate situation or any way I can calm and reassure her that her efforts are "valued" (for lack of a better word)?

K From Queens

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Maybe We Need a "Slow Tech" Movement?

Sloooooow tech.
Sloooooow tech. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Plenty of people have written about the psychological and intellectual benefits of slowing down their own techno-consumption.

But maybe it's time for the speed merchants at the helm of Big Tech to decide that they, too, want to be part of slowing our collective roll? That, at least, is the suggestion from Nicole Wong, who's worked as a lawyer for Google and Twitter and also served as Chief Technology Officer for the US federal government during the Obama administration.

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Kavanaugh's Accuser May Be Telling the Truth but Don't Trust Polygraph Tests

Brett Kavanaugh
Brett Kavanaugh Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Polygraphs are in the news once again after Christine Blasey Ford, now a 51-year-old professor in northern California, accused Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her when they were teenagers. According to Ford's account (which Kavanaugh denies), at a party in the early '80s, he and a friend took Ford into a room, turned up the music so no one could hear her protesting, pinned her to a bed, and tried to pull off her clothing. When she tried to scream, he allegedly put his hand over her mouth to shut her up.

Ford reportedly didn't tell anyone about the alleged attack until 2012, when she told a therapist, as well as her husband. After Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, she contacted the Washington Post, as well as her congresswoman, Democrat Anna G. Eshoo, whose office then sent Ford's letter to the office of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. That letter was later leaked to the press, and Ford's name then became public.

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Soda Companies Are Spending $13 Million As They Freak Out Over Seattle's Soda Tax

Soda companies are freaking out over the possibility of local taxes on their drinks
Soda companies are freaking out over the possibility of local taxes on their drinks. KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/GETT

The soda industry is putting a massive amount of money behind an initiative that would stop Seattle's soda tax from spreading to other cities in the state.

Last week, according to the state Public Disclosure Commission, four soda companies donated a collective $5 million in one day to Initiative 1634, a measure that would make it illegal for local governments across Washington to raise taxes on sodas.

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Vaping While Black in NYC Gets You a Night in Jail

This person would probably be in jail if they were black and in NYC.
This person would probably be in jail if they were black and in NYC. Getty Images

This Saturday I was hitting a vape pen and scrolling through Twitter when I saw something that shocked me—a New Yorker was in jail for doing what has become so nonchalant for us Seattleites.

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The Seahawks Offense Sucks so Much, Y'all, They’re so Bad and I Hate Them

Guys? The offense? It sucks.
Guys? The offense? It sucks. Quinn Harris / Stringer

That the Seahawks defense is worse than it was a year ago, and yet even worse than the years leading up to last year is no surprise. So many Pro Bowlers and superstars have left the team, that ESPN’s broadcast booth felt the need to interrupt Seattle’s 24-17 loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday with an allusion to the new Avenger movies in which (spoiler alert) half the people vanish to nothing. Of course with the injuries and defections they’ve suffered, the Seahawks defense is down more than half of its key pieces from past years, but the point remains: the Seahawks defense ain’t what it was.

And yet on Monday the defense was not really a problem. They were actually… pretty good? Wildly fresh faces including Austin Calitro, Akeem King and Mychal Kendricks (who came available because of some light white collar crime) filled in admirably for a fleet of missing stars. And while the pass rush was still weak, the team’s remaining stars (Earl Thomas and uh, Bradley McDougald and Shaquill Griffin straining the definition of the word “stars” a bit) prevented Chicago from picking up any big plays and forced a pair of huge turnovers. The defense is not what it was, but they played hard, and given everything they’ve gone through acquitted themselves admirably in defeat.

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Donald's Dick Looks Like a Toadstool

Smaller than average not freakishly small.
Smaller than average not freakishly small. Alex Wong/Getty

If you wondered why "Mario Kart" was trending on Twitter this morning, bad news: Nintendo did not release a new game overnight. Rather, according to a new story in the Guardian, in Stormy Daniels's forthcoming memoir, she describes, in excruciating detail, what the presidential penis looks like.

From the Guardian:

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