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The Washington State Delegates Are Coconut-Pilled

“All Options Are Welcome and All Will Fail,” Says State Democratic Party

Following President Joe Biden’s highly anticipated exit from the 2024 presidential race, Democratic members of congress, celebrities, and stan Twitter endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris en masse. She even clinched the delegate count ahead of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), according to an unofficial tally published by the Associated Press. 

Still, the party’s plans for nominating a new candidate at the convention will remain unclear until Wednesday, when the DNC Rules Committee meets to discuss rules, perhaps in a virtual roll call before the convention. Though some clearly back Harris, others call for the Democrats to hold an open convention to consider other options, including self-help guru Marianne Williamson.

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Elections 2024 Today 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Imraan Siddiqi

Vote Siddiqi for United States Representative Congressional District No. 8

Imraan Siddiqi, a longtime civil rights leader who currently directs Washington’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, wants to divest from wars abroad so we can invest those US tax dollars right here at home. Instead of building bombs to drop on starving babies, he wants to create a better and cheaper health care system, construct more affordable housing, properly fund education, and shrink the carceral state while he’s at it.

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Summer Issue 2024 Today 10:00 AM

Octavia Butler Saw Our Doom

Parable of the Sower Is the Opposite of a Light Summer Read, but You Need to Read it This Summer Anyway

Every summer has become, for me, a window on a train that’s rushing toward a collapsed bridge. Everyone should be on one side of the air-conditioned cars—the side with windows that view the approaching void. Everyone will die real soon. But almost everyone is preoccupied with a phone, or a game of cards, or some food from the bistro car. 

This train is, of course, our consumer-driven society; and the destroyed bridge ahead is, of course, the catastrophe of climate change. The summers keep getting longer and hotter, and extreme weather events are becoming more and more costly and deadly. Who will rescue us? 

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So it begins: Opponents of Seattle's transportation levy have begun coming out of the woodwork, including a one-time assistant to former Mayor Norm Rice who claims tax fatigue in a Seattle Times op-ed. On the other side, Seattle Bike Blog is amped on the levy, calling it "by far the best Seattle transportation funding measure in recent memory."

Former Port police chief wins $24M in wrongful termination case: A King County jury awarded former Port of Seattle Police Chief Rod Covey $24.2 million in damages Monday following a wrongful termination lawsuit suit. The Port placed Covey on leave in 2020 after a port police officer accused his superiors, including Covey, of racial discrimination. The port then fired Covey the following year. Covey's attorney claims Port investigations were unfair, and that the Port "capitalized on" the 2020 racial protests, the Seattle Times reports. 

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Music Yesterday 4:18 PM

Capitol Hill Block Party Highlights

Pretty Sure Chappell Roan's Pink Pony Club Is the Mayor of Seattle Now

While Chappell Roan's Friday night set was indeed a highlight of this year's Capitol Hill Block Party, the president of the Pink Pony Club wasn't the only star of the weekend. Remi Wolf, Becky Hill, and tons of local artists, including TeZATalks, Linda from Work, and THEM, also put on memorable performances that wowed anyone brave enough to withstand the crowds and the summer heat.

Read on for recaps and more photos than your eyeballs can handle.

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Elections 2024 Yesterday 3:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Chris Stearns

Vote Stearns for LD No. 47, Rep. Position No. 2

To put it nicely, State House Rep. Chris Stearns contains multitudes on the issues of criminal justice reform and taxation, but ultimately he’s the best choice for this Covington-area seat.

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Music Yesterday 12:33 PM

Jah Wobble Sweetens the PiL

The Legendary Bassist Dubbed Up Post-Punk Classic Metal Box and More at the Triple Door

The prospect of experiencing Public Image Ltd.'s landmark 1979 post-punk album Metal Box (aka Second Edition) live was tantalizing, even if it were just PiL bassist Jah Wobble and a pick-up band, 45 years after the fact. After all, Metal Box set a new standard for fusing avant-rock and dub; Keith Levene's scathing, scything guitar attack, John Lydon's harrowing lyrics delivered with traumatized charisma, and Wobble's supple yet chest-caving bass lines were unprecedented and vastly influential. Simon Reynolds—author of the totemic post-punk study Rip It Up and Start Again—has declared Metal Box to be the genre's peak. Stereolab's Tim Gane considers Metal Box "probably my favorite album ever."

Calling this the "Metal Box - Rebuilt in Dub Tour" primed audiences not to expect Wobble to faithfully replicate the LP from "Albatross" to "Radio 4." Rather, it allowed the Stockport, England musician and his Invaders of the Heart band latitude to take liberties with the rich source material. Of course, early PiL were anything but traditionalists. Tearing up the plans came naturally to them. And the man born John Wardle had plenty of surprises in store on Saturday night for the reverent Triple Door crowd (which should've been larger, honestly).

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Elections 2024 Yesterday 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Pramila Jayapal

Vote Jayapal for United States Representative Congressional District No. 7

Those who stand firmly against genocide, forever wars, corporate greed, and cruel immigration policies will find themselves well-represented by four-term congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. 

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Queer Yesterday 11:50 AM

Denny Blaine Activists, Beachgoers Upset about Mayor's Texts

Texts Revealed Harrell and Playground Donor Stuart Sloan Shared Disgust about Nudity

The activists who killed a City plan to build a children’s playground at Denny Blaine Park are angry with Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell after texts from his private cell phone to millionaire philanthropist Stuart Sloan, the donor behind the playground project, showed that both men shared a mutual “disgust” for nude bathers at the queer beach. They also feel Harrell gave Sloan preferential treatment by arranging for City administrators to meet with Sloan to directly address concerns about legal nudity at the beach, and that Harrell’s office had been dishonest about its involvement with the playground plan. 

The mayor’s office maintains that Harrell did not know Sloan pledged $1 million to pay for the playground, despite the texts, two in-person meetings with Sloan previously reported by The Stranger, and Sloan’s direct contact with the mayor’s staff. 

Sophie Amity-Debs, co-lead organizer of Friends of Denny Blaine, a park stewardship group affiliated with the Seattle Parks Foundation, did not buy Harrell’s claim.

“That he has had a far greater involvement than he has let on has been pretty apparent from the start,” Amity Debs said. “That’s obviously a lie.”

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EverOut Yesterday 10:00 AM

The Top 40 Events in Seattle This Week: July 22–28, 2024

Seattle Art Fair, Blastfest, and More

How's everyone's brat summer? If you only have a rough idea of what you're doing this week, let us help you fine tune your schedule. We're suggesting top-tier events from the Seattle Art Fair to Blastfest and from the Gossip to Niall Horan.



Niall Horan: The Show Live On Tour
X-Factor star turned One Direction member Niall Horan soldiers on solo in the pop music space, most recently with his third album, The Show. The album hones in on Horan's gift of writing pensive pop hooks, which you might have heard on One Direction hits penned by him, like "Don't Forget Where You Belong." Though the singer has left his boy band days behind him, it’s a safe assumption that the bulk of his audience remains 1D devotees. AUDREY VANN
(White River Amphitheatre, Auburn)

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It's Joever, it's Kamalencing, we're existing in the context: After weeks of speculation and an op-ed by Aaron Sorkin in the New York Times saying the Democrats should nominate Mitt Romney, President Joe Biden tweeted a letter announcing his departure from the 2024 presidential race. Wolf Blitzer ran to the studio probably without even finishing his Wolf Spritzer. Minutes later, in a different tweet, Biden endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris. Giddy, shock-fueled chaos ensued. Was this strange feeling, this weightlessness of not having a nominee with an 8:00 pm bedtime ... hope? 

So, what happened? According to Politico, things were still "full steam ahead" for the Biden campaign as of Saturday morning. Then, later that day, two of Biden's top advisors sat him down at his Delaware home and laid out the facts: donors were drying up, the polls were bad, victory in November was tantamount to an iceberg's chance in hell. Those sorts of things. The next day, while his team was still whipping delegates, in a shock to the political world, Biden resigned. Another factor at play was that Nancy Pelosi had threatened to go public with the bad polling and call for Biden to step aside this week. “Nancy made clear that they could do this the easy way or the hard way," a Democrat told Politico. Biden chose the easy way and preserved his dignity. 

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EverOut Fri 4:21 PM

This Week in Seattle Food News

Vietnamese Coffee, Hot Pot, and A Farewell to Weird Taco Time

This week, Drip Drip Coffeehouse slings Vietnamese beverages, Old Street Malatang brings a new style of hot pot to Capitol Hill, and Slim Goody hopes to be Ballard's next favorite sports bar. Plus, bid adieu to the misfit Taco Time of Wallingford and get ready for Bite of Seattle. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Drip Drip Coffeehouse
This new Vietnamese-inspired cafe opened in the Central District's Cherry Hill neighborhood earlier this month, serving coffee made with Robusta and Arabica beans sourced directly from Lam Dong, Vietnam. Menu items include concoctions like salted egg yolk coffee, tiramisu lattes, and coconut pandan matcha clouds.
Central District

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Elections 2024 Fri 3:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Gerry Pollet

Vote Pollet for LD No. 46, Rep. Position No. 1

Writing an endorsement for State House Rep. Gerry Pollet feels a little bit like living in that meme where an army dude kneels in front of someone’s bed, shielding them from missiles as they sleep. We are the army dude putting our young, hot bodies on the line to protect a sleepy, 12-year incumbent, but not for no reason.

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Elections 2024 Fri 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Suzan DelBene

Vote DelBene for United States Representative Congressional District No. 1 

If voters give Suzan DelBene a seventh term and a Democratic trifecta in the federal government, she pledges to lead the charge to expand and make permanent the Child Tax Credit, increase the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, and create a more “fair” tax code that doesn’t “favor the wealthy.” Doing so would mean significantly cutting child poverty, significantly increasing the number of affordable housing units throughout the country, and, well, we don’t know what she really means by creating a more “fair” tax code because she wouldn’t get specific about which sorts of progressive taxes she’d support or which Trump tax cuts she’d let die their extremely timely deaths in 2025. Given her past life as chair of the New Democrat Coalition, a centrist caucus within the party dedicated to preventing transformational change, and given her current life as chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, we’ll assume she’ll take the middle-of-the-road path she’s taken during her last 12 years in office.

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