Housing Yesterday 3:20 PM

Seattle’s Experiencing a Millionaire, Centimillionaire, and Billionaire Boom

You'd Think That Would Make the City Richer. It Doesn't.

One would expect that the 3,700 millionaires Seattle added in 2023 alone would mean the city as a whole (meaning, the public spirit of the area) would be that much richer. But such is not the case. Indeed, it appears to be the opposite. The Seattle City Council now claims to be broke, the same goes for Seattle Public Library and Seattle Public Schools. And so, the addition of, as Puget Sound Business Journal worded it, "3,700 newly minted millionaires, nine centimillionaires and one billionaire in 2023" is not at all a blessing. Indeed, it's not a stretch to connect this explosion of the richest of the rich with the new and deeply regressive composition of the City Council. Is this a law that needs our attention? One that has, like so much in economics that's related to reality or facts, been ignored? Concomitant with a rise in W is a decline in P? (W being the number of wealthy people and P representing public wealth.) What kind of city or urbanism can we expect with this law?

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I, Anonymous Yesterday 2:00 PM


Can we please bring checkout lanes back? The number of people who take an entire, overflowing cart of groceries through a self-checkout lane thinking they can scan groceries faster than a cashier is astounding, especially when they eventually run out of space on the ever-so-sensitive bagging scale and start standing around to wait for employee assistance anyway. 

I've seen people with a broken arm and a full cart of groceries go through the self-checkout. I've seen parents letting their children painstakingly scan each and every item in the cart, only to have them not put something in the bagging area and—surprise!—require the help of an employee!! The grocery store checkout is not some play place! I'm sure you could even buy a toy checkout set at Fred Meyer!!

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Amy Tan: The Backyard Bird Chronicles

(BOOKS/BIRDS) In 2020, a lot of us started birding—mass layoffs and an unfamiliar amount of hours to fill tend to encourage people to look to the skies, I guess. National treasure Amy Tan (The Joy Luck Club) will conjure plenty of conversations about spark birds with her latest book, The Backyard Bird Chronicles, a "gorgeous, witty account of birding, nature, and the beauty around us that hides in plain sight." Even if you've never identified a single species beyond a parking lot crow, chances are good that you'll find the book inspiring. My suggestion? Go pick up some 'nocs. (Seattle Public Library - Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave, 7 pm, free, all ages) LINDSAY COSTELLO

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Diaz is out: Ashley reports that Seattle Police Department Chief Adrian Diaz will no longer lead the department, according to a source. Sources told Fox 13 station that he cleaned out his desk last night, and that Mayor Bruce Harrell re-assigned him to special projects. The City will reportedly hold a press conference around 1 pm today. Ashley will have more on this developing story later.

Library cyber attack: Someone hit the Seattle Public Library system with a ransomware attack over the holiday weekend. It shut down several online services Tuesday. The attack affected staff and public computers, library loaning, access to the online catalog, e-books, e-audiobooks and the main website, which is now back online. Buildings remained open, allowing people to check out regular-ass books with old-school paper forms, which, if anything, should bolster your stalwart faith in our greatest public amenity.

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News Yesterday 8:12 AM

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz Out as Top Hog

City Launches National Search for New Police Chief

As first reported by The Stranger, Seattle Chief of Police Adrian Diaz stepped down from his position on Tuesday amid a flurry of lawsuits over a culture of sexism and racism at the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and rumors about an inappropriate relationship with a top aide.

King County Sheriff Sue Rahr has stepped up to replace him as Interim Chief of Police, Mayor Bruce Harrell announced at a press conference Wednesday. Harrell emphasized her expertise in recruitment, particularly as it relates to hiring women. 

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News Tue 6:52 PM

City Council Delays Last-Minute Attempt to Pull Money from Black and Brown Community Development Projects

BIPOC Organizers Chewed Out Maritza Rivera for Three Hours Straight

For more than three hours, BIPOC-led organizations shamed Council Member Maritza Rivera for her last-minute amendment to rug-pull funding for the beloved Equitable Development Initiative (EDI). EDI, passed in 2016, aims to curb displacement by empowering BIPOC-led community groups to build affordable housing, community centers, and other capital projects. They called Rivera, her supportive colleagues, and the amendment racist, discriminatory, ridiculous, preposterous, outrageous, appalling, tone-deaf, short-sighted, misguided, and ugly. 

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Sex Tue 4:14 PM

“My Boyfriend’s Son Is Stealing My Underpants"

On the Magnum: Dr. Evan Goldstein

Yikes! Her boyfriend’s pre-teen son has been stealing her underwear. This very naughty lad lives with them half the time. How can she get this boundary violation out of her head?

Twelve long years ago, he cheated on his wife. They got through it with therapy and endless processing. While watching TV with their kids (age 10 and 13) the subject of infidelity came up on the show, and his wife appeared upset. She was angry that he didn’t pause the show and tell his kids that he had cheated on their mom. How can he work with her unresolved issues?

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How to Seattle 2024 Tue 11:00 AM

How to Seattle: Food & Drink

The Best Side of Seattle Is Waiting for You at the Hot Dog Cart

It’s true that Seattleites can come off as shy at best and emotionally unavailable to a clinical degree at worst. The Cascadia subduction zone has taunted us all our lives, reminding us that our time on Earth is finite. Is it any wonder we haven’t bothered with human connection? But there is one surefire way to soften our stiff exteriors: Food. Something happens when we convene in the waiting area of a favorite brunch spot or stand in line to buy a hot dog slathered with cream cheese at 2 am. We talk to one another. We bond over steaming bowls of pho and burritos the size of babies and slices of cakes that are so expertly crafted, they’re worth the 30-plus-minute wait. If you want to find the best version of Seattle, start with really good food. 

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Outside the office building, we paused to hand out signs. A bright orange-and-yellow sun with the phrase “Defend Environmental Justice” written on it, “People Over Fossil Fuels” written on used cardboard, and the shortest on—”Stop LNG” written in Sharpie. Together, they expressed the reasons we were taking action: the buildout of liquified natural gas, or LNG, currently spreading across the Gulf South and throughout the country. 

LNG is one of the most pressing risks to our climate and communities in the US, but because of the fossil fuel industry’s false advertising, most people have never heard of it. Chances are you’ve seen it, though. If you live in the Seattle area, you may have spotted a slogan on the side of energy trucks that reads, “Going Green with LNG!” However, while the industry promotes LNG as a clean energy source, it is actually a nonrenewable fossil fuel posing serious risks to the safety of our communities.

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EverOut Tue 10:00 AM

The Top 35 Events in Seattle This Week: May 28–June 2, 2024

Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales, Pearl Jam, and More Top Picks

This week, we're closing May out strong and diving right into June, thanks in part to stellar events from Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales: Together Again, Again! to Pearl Jam and from MoPOP's Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival to Bacon Eggs & Kegs.



Holly Humberstone
Having opened for pop royalty like Olivia Rodrigo and Girl in Red, British singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone has collected some major Gen Z street cred since releasing her 2020 EP, Falling Asleep at the Wheel. Now embarking on a headlining tour, Humberstone will play songs from her debut album Paint My Bedroom Black, which documents her knack for capturing turbulent life moments like breaking up ("Antichrist") and homesickness ("Room Service"). AUDREY VANN
(Neumos, Capitol Hill)

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News Tue 9:00 AM

Seattle’s Winter and School-Year Eviction Moratoriums Could Be on the Chopping Block

Big-Time Landlord Asks Council to Exclude Renters with Income from Historic Protections

The Seattle City Council is on a crusade to undo the previous council’s marginal progressive wins—from a promise to reinstate archaic anti-loitering laws to an attempt to gut the historic gig worker minimum wage. It appears the hard-fought eviction moratoriums could be next on the chopping block. Those protections keep kids and teachers housed during the school year and keep income-qualifying renters off the streets during the coldest months.  

In an email to Council Member Cathy Moore and to the members of her Housing and Human Services Committee, Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) Executive Director Sharon Lee asked the council to “modify” the City’s winter and school-year eviction moratoriums to exclude “people with income who decide not to pay rent.” Lee told The Stranger that LIHI supports strong tenant protections and called the exclusion of renters with income a “narrow exception” to the moratoriums, not a repeal. 

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Good morning! Expect a rainy day today after 10 am and a high of 59 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. I really need summer to come a little faster because they've turned off the central heat in my apartment building. 

City Council to vote on rolling back "Pay Up" ordinance: The council plans to vote at 2 pm today on Council President Sara Nelson's bill to lower the minimum wage for gig workers in Seattle. Lots to watch here. Will Council Member Tanya Woo vote on the bill despite a conflict of interest? Which amendments does Council Member Tammy Morales plan to introduce? If the bill passes, will Mayor Bruce Harrell veto it and earn his MLK Labor Oscar? Hannah will have a play-by-play. Update: Seattle Times reporter David Kroman the vote may not happen today as CM Woo seeks more input from the ethics committee. 

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EverOut May 24 4:50 PM

This Week in Seattle Food News

Desert Vibes, Beach Sandwiches, and Free Burgers

Ease into Memorial Day weekend with our roundup of the latest happenings in the local food and drink world, from Capitol Hill's new desert-themed bar The Wash to the Golden Gardens sandwich emporium The Kite Cafe and from free burgers to peach tea macchiatos. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Crumble & Flake
The local ptisserie, which closed its Capitol Hill location last November, debuts its new Issaquah shop on Saturday. Due to staffing issues, the cafe menu has been delayed until next week, but rest assured there will be plenty of flaky pastries.

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How to Seattle 2024 May 24 11:45 AM

How to Seattle: Arts & Culture

Only in Seattle Can You Scream in a Museum and Dance to Robyn at Church

Amazon. Grunge. Weed. Coffee. Visual art is probably pretty low on the list of things for which Seattle is known. And what a shame. Because Seattle’s art scene isn’t under a spotlight like New York or Los Angeles, artists here aren’t afraid to get a little weird, to take risks. Seattle’s best art spaces and installations are immersive and interactive. They invite you to join in—to touch, explore, gather, and scream your face off. (In more than one instance, actually!)

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EverOut May 24 10:00 AM

The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Seattle This Memorial Day Weekend: May 24–27, 2024

Northwest Folklife Festival, Big Ass Boombox, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15

If there's anything we love more than the weekend, it's a looong weekend. Fill your time with fun events that won't break the bank, from the Northwest Folklife Festival to the Crocodile's Big Ass Boombox festival and from Honoring Our Black Wall Streets to the Kinda Bookish Zine Festival. For more ideas, check out our guide to the top events of the week and our roundup of restaurants and bars to make the most of your staycation.



Girl and Girl Live at Easy Street Records
Rising Aussie rock band Girl and Girl will celebrate the release of their Sub Pop debut, Call a Doctor, with a free in-store performance at beloved West Seattle record shop East Street. If you're still listening to 2010s indie rock phenoms like Bright Eyes, Phoenix, and the Strokes, then Girl and Girl will be a new favorite—their sound is reminiscent of the aforementioned rockers while maintaining a fresh, urgent, and emotive edge. To guarantee your entry to the show, preorder a copy of the record. AUDREY VANN
(Easy Street Records, Junction, free)

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