News Yesterday 6:24 PM

Mayor Bruce Harrell and Denny Blaine Donor Texted about the “Problem of Nudity” at Nude Beach

Sloan Called Beachgoers “DISGUSTING,” Mayor Said He Shared “Disgust”

Newly obtained text messages that Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell sent from his personal cell phone to millionaire philanthropist Stuart Sloan reveal that both men share a mutual “disgust” for the “nudity” at Denny Blaine Park, a long-time queer nude beach. In the texts, Sloan described the beach as attracting a “sub-group” of people from “all over” with “very different morals than most of the people in Seattle, you and me included.” Meanwhile, Harrell wrote, “I have been made aware of the fact that the problem of nudity and hazardous waste has become totally totally unacceptable at the beach.” Harrell continued, “If you are disgusted I share your disgust.” 

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Billboard charting rapper Don Toliver will embark on his Psycho tour, his biggest headline tour to date, this fall. Genre-defying gem Santigold will stop in Seattle to support her 2022 album, Spirituals. Plus, set a reminder: tickets for bedroom pop singer-songwriter Clairo are going on sale next week. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events.



42 Dugg
The Crocodile (Fri Aug 30)

Alan Sparhawk's The White Roses Tour
The Crocodile (Jan 17, 2025)

BigXthaPlug: Take Care Tour
Neumos (Sun Dec 8)

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Music Yesterday 3:13 PM

A Major EDM Club Opens on Minor Avenue

VICE Seattle Promises Michelin Star Nightlife Action

"It's probably a good thing you're wearing a mask," Guy Godefroy tells me as we walk through the main room of the ambitious new Capitol Hill nightclub, VICE Seattle, which is saturated with construction dust. Four days before VICE's July 19 red carpet grand opening, workers are furiously grinding, sawing, drilling, and hammering. Consequently, we had to conduct the interview in a remote, concrete-walled stairwell. 

As the company's general manager, Godefroy brings more than two decades of Seattle-area nightlife experience as a DJ, booker, and administrator to VICE. We chuckle after recalling that I interviewed him for The Stranger 19 years ago—right before the Pioneer Square megaclub Trinity opened; Godefroy was GM there, too. 

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Elections 2024 Yesterday 3:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Tana Senn

Vote Senn for LD No. 41, Rep. Position No. 1

For someone who represents Mercer Island, State House Representative Tana Senn isn’t so bad. She sponsored and passed a bill to allow the Washington State Patrol to actually destroy the guns they confiscate, ending the State’s role as a gun dealer. On housing issues, she voted for rent stabilization and supports a 7% cap on rent increases. She also passed funding for electric school buses, which she highlighted as part of her passion for policies that address climate change.

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Elections 2024 Yesterday 12:00 PM

The Stranger Endorses Maria Cantwell

Vote Cantwell for United States Senator

Washington desperately needs to replace our US Senators, who have been in office for a combined 54 years, but, alas, no viable progressive challengers have stepped up to the plate. So, just as we were stuck with Senator Patty Murray in 2022, we’re stuck with Senator Maria Cantwell in 2024.

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tattooed pool babe

girl at sloop tavern a few weeks ago, you were playing pool and asked me what game i was playing (betrayal at house on the hill)! meet me for a drink?

Message on a Lid

Bubs, Thought I’d listen to you this time. Will be at bus stop waiting. See you soon.

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As the mercury continues to leap up the thermostat this summer, it's definitely way too hot for warm food. One surefire way to cool down: a refreshing repast of chilled noodles. We've compiled this list of cold, craveable dishes for your consideration, including chewy udon, dipping-style ramen, handmade soba, and icy naengmyeon. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.

This Japanese gem tucked away in Madison Valley is one of the city's most underrated restaurants. During the summer, they offer a variety of cold handmade noodle specials, including umaki zaru udon shiso-dare (noodles with a broiled eel omelette, shiso, and a cherry tomato dipping sauce) and tako-ten nametake oroshi (noodles, sashimi-grade octopus tempura, braised enoki mushrooms, and grated daikon, served in a chilled soup with a hint of wasabi).
Madison Valley

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Another sunny day: Good morning, Seattle! Do we even need to check the weather at this point? You know the drill. Clear, sunny skies, and temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s. Same goes for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend!

JOEVID-19: President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday because we cannot go a single day in this country without hitting play on the circus music. This comes hours after Biden said he would drop out of the race, as more and more of his party demands him to do, if he had a “medical condition.” I am not a religious person, but that feels like a sign, or at least a really fun plot point in a Netflix limited series.

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Summer Issue 2024 Wed 2:26 PM

Flying the Freak Flag

Seattle’s Genre-Bending Beautiful Freaks Will Fight (and Bleed) for You

Controlled chaos. Those two words perfectly sum up the intensity brought forth by noisy Seattle DIY stalwarts Beautiful Freaks. The band’s pit-inducing live shows have earned them a die-hard following of young clown makeup-ed fans. While they’re known for their off-the-wall and energetic live performances at local punk houses and basements, they’re very aware that there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

“I’ll see people stage diving and going hard, but I never see people actively targeting each other,” explained guitarist and vocalist James Bonaci. “Over the years, being very outspoken about safety in the pit and having stopped a couple shows because somebody looked like they took a bad hit… When we’ve done that [during a show], I think it’s really set a precedent of a weird mix of people moshing and stage diving, but also taking care of each other and knowing that the band’s going to advocate for them. No matter how heavy a show is, you should feel safe.”

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I can still remember the sound of your old pick-up truck as it struggled to go up the hill on Dravus Street in Magnolia. I was walking my dog before his bed time when one of your friends turned on the high beams. I could hear the truck slowing down, and I remember a shiver down my spine as I thought, “Something bad is about to happen."

Before I could even react, you had slowed to a crawl next to me. I can still remember how your voice was filled with hate and bigotry when you yelled at me.

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And so it begins. With the primary election weeks away, outside conservative interests started throwing cash at the 2024 race for the citywide city council seat. Big business won all but one seat on the council in 2023 because they outspent the labor lobby five fold. If labor wants more representatives in City Hall, then they may not want to take such a hands-off approach this go-round. 

Washington Realtors Political Action Committee (WRPAC) spent $60,000 on advertising to promote incumbent Tanya Woo, according to a July 16 Public Disclosure Commission filing. Of the $60,000, WRPAC spent $16,000 on video ads delivered via streaming services, $6,500 on other online video advertising, $4,000 on display ads like banners on websites, and another $5,000 to “retarget” those display ads, presumably to maximize their reach and efficacy. 

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Hiatus Kaiyote and Digable Planets

(MUSIC) Aussie jazz-funk ensemble Hiatus Kaiyote will take to Remlinger Farms in support of their fourth album, Love Heart Cheat Code, which embraces spontaneity with improvised tracks like "Sparkle Tape Break Up" and "And We Go Gentle." However, the show’s real draw is that Digable Planets, the greatest hip-hop group of all time (in my opinion) is opening. The trio of rappers, who have adopted the insect alter-egos Butterfly, Ladybug Mecca, and Doodlebug, will perform classic tracks from their influential jazz-rap albums Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) and Blowout Comb. If you're not familiar with the group, I suggest listening to their 1993 track "La Femme Fetal," which tackles the persistent issues of abortion rights and fascism. (Remlinger Farms, 32610 NE 32nd St, Carnation, 5:30 pm, $54.50, all ages) AUDREY VANN

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Film/TV Wed 9:00 AM

The Acolyte Might Be Woke, but the Force Is Not

The One Conservative Thing about the Star Wars Universe

My favorite alt-right reading of Disney's The Acolyte is found, of course, on Reddit. Its title: "Woke, Wobbly and Steeped in Feminism." Its substance: The new Star Wars show is way too Black, doesn't have enough white people, has no white males of note, and the white women who are Jedis "appear like they are all lesbians." As if this were not enough, the key planet in the series is run by a lesbian community. A Black woman is the queen of these galactic witches, and her daughters (conceived without a man) are Black and have—get this—a white mammy. 

A person with the handle Efficient-Hold-2734: "I watched it. It's complete woke bullcrap. And the hate against white males is real... In the second episode [we see] two white Jedis. One is very [unsympathetic] and the other one just kills himself for feeling guilty... A Jedimaster who kills himself. What a BS."

What this group wants is a return to the basics, to the unwoke Star Wars, but this is not possible because Star Wars has never been not woke.

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The one way Seattle is actually dying: The Seattle Times asked 647 artists how much they make, and they confirmed what has become obvious: this city is too expensive for them. The paper’s survey found even the region’s most successful visual artists, writers, filmmakers, and other creatives can’t keep pace with the rising cost of living. Of the 611 artists who shared their income with the Times, 62% made less than $50,000, and 80% made less than $75,000. According to the MIT Living Wage Calculator, a living wage for a single adult living in this area is $59,696. A Consumer Affairs analysis of Zillow rent data estimated a single adult needs about $87K a year to live here comfortably.

Don’t light the grass on fire, kids: The National Weather service issued a red flag warning for our region over the possibility of dry thunderstorms and gusty, erratic winds, conditions ripe for quick-spreading fires. This week has been bad enough, so listen when I say outdoor burning is really not recommended.

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Books Tue 4:47 PM

Into the Soil

How Author Noé Álvarez Uses Music and Memoir to Confront Death in His New Book Accordion Eulogies

It’s hard to categorize Accordion Eulogies by Noé Álvarez in genre-stable terms. Wisps of memoir, musical theory, travelog, political treatise, and dirge combine to spawn a searing commentary on neglect and healing and belonging. Immersive beyond words, it’s even got a playlist to accompany its punchy prose. 

At its core, Álvarez’s second book is about a haunting absence. His paternal grandfather—named Eulogio (eulogy)—abandoned Álvarez’s father growing up, leaving him to face homelessness in Mexico. With Eulogio no longer around, cautionary tales about him took his place. Some stories about Eulogio, however, praised his dexterity on the accordion playing corrido music: sweeping ballads about oppression and existential struggles. 

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