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Ticket Alert: G-Eazy, Omar Apollo, and More Seattle Events Going On Sale This Week

Plus, Sturgill Simpson and More Event Updates for June 13

Top 40 rapper G-Eazy will stop by Seattle this fall to support his forthcoming album, Freak Show. Rising alt-R&B star Omar Apollo has announced his God Said No tour. Plus, reigning king of outlaw country Sturgill Simpson is coming to Gorge this September on his Why Not? tour. Read on for details on those and other newly announced events, plus some news you can use.



Andy Grammer - Greater Than: A One Man Show
Moore Theatre (Wed Oct 9)

ANOHNI and the Johnsons
Paramount Theatre (Mon Oct 7)

Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2 Tour
Moore Theatre (Feb 25, 2025)

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Cathedral yoga cutie

You: redhead who complimented my Metro sweatshirt after yoga at Saint Marks. Me: blond on the mat in front of you too shy to talk more! 

Mutual awe at Shorty’s

U were gawking at my pinball game on Pulp Fiction, I said I loved your outfit. You were celebrating a friend’s graduation and I wish I got your info.

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On the morning of June 10, I saw a cloud of grayish smoke rising from Little Saigon. I was walking down Elder Street. I had just passed the King County Juvenile Detention. The plan was to catch the 36 bus to Beacon Hill at a stop near the intersection of 12th and Jackson. But my plan was undone by a fire that, according to reports, "broke out at midnight" and destroyed much of the building vacated by Viet-Wah Supermarket in 2022. The Seattle Fire Department was still fighting the fire nearly 12 hours after it started. Buses, automobiles, streetcars, bikes, and pedestrians could not enter the area surrounding 12th and Jackson. 

As I approached the police's "Do Not Cross Tape" on the east side of Jackson, as more and more smoke drifted across the otherwise sunny sky, as I noticed a number of people sleeping in the shady space between the sidewalk and walls of this and that business, the intensity of a dread-filled feeling struck and surprised me. It was as if my own experience of this city's not-unusual (and self-imposed) scenes of misery, degradation, and destruction were displaced by someone else's. But who was making me feel this way? A moment of thought revealed the answer: Octavia Butler. 

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Where to Celebrate Father's Day 2024 in Seattle

Beer, Bratwurst, and More

This Father's Day, thank your father figure for all the sage advice and corny jokes with a feast fit for a king. Whether he prefers beer or chocolate, we've got your back with food and drink specials and gift ideas. For more ideas, check out our Father's Day calendar and our food and drink guide.

Hellbent Brewing Company
Hellbent invites you to "juice up" Father's Day with a four-pack of their Lucky Juiciano Hazy IPA, which is made with a blend of Ekuanot, Mosaic, Simcoe, Sabro, and El Dorado hops and "bursting with coconut, stone fruit, and just the right amount of bitterness."
Olympic Hills
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Weather: Today will not be as nice as yesterday, so I’m really sorry if you didn’t drink prosecco outside with your dear friends in the sunshine. I sure did! But you can definitely still spend time outside this fine Thursday— we’ll get a high of 68, we’ll just have a little more cloud cover than Wednesday. Not too bad!

Florida's not so lucky:

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Queer Issue 2024 Wed 3:04 PM

Out of This World

Forming the SassyBlack Universe

When I moved to Seattle from the Big Island, Hawaii, in 1997, was 10 years old and expecting to go to school and live a life not unlike Lisa Turtle’s in Saved by the Bell. I thought I would be a cool kid. I didn’t even realize Seattle was a real place until I moved here, I thought it was just a made-up city used as a backdrop for Sleepless in Seattle. The unknown made me feel limitless.

But whoa, I was way off.

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With a lack of publicly available bathrooms in Seattle, many City employees, delivery drivers, and service workers use Volunteer Park restrooms. Unfortunately, sometimes Volunteer Park completely closes all bathrooms and doesn’t provide any other restroom service to replace it. This can be hard on many workers who use the park as a rest stop. 

Are we supposed to pee in bottles because the City can’t keep restrooms open for the public?

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I Saw the TV Glow

(FILM) You will always remember where you were when you saw I Saw the TV Glow, the latest from the exciting director Jane Schoenbrun. It tears open the mind and soul to lay bare what it means to be alive in all its transcendent yet terrifying detail. Telling the story of two teens—perfectly played by Justice Smith and Brigette Lundy-Paine—who connect over a show known as The Pink Opaque, I Saw the TV Glow is a stunningly evocative experience about culture, transness, and exploration that feels like it is creating its own cinematic language. It’s not only the most inventive work of modern independent horror since We're All Going to the World's Fair, Schoenbrun’s previous feature, which was also outstanding, but it’s the type of film that feels like it will only worm its way even further into the recesses of the mind the longer we have the honor to reflect on it. (Now playing at several local theaters including SIFF Cinema Uptown, Northwest Film Forum, and the Varsity Theatre) CHASE HUTCHINSON

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Trust the process? After months of meetings with queer activists and neighbors to hash out a policy that works for everyone, Seattle’s gay nude beach, Denny Blaine, isn’t getting new rules after all. They tried, but the proposal for nude and clothed areas went over poorly. (If you want a recap, I wrote the whole story in our recent Pride issue.) Still, something could come from all this. In a blog post, the Department of Parks and Recreation wrote that they’re planning to improve the park’s staircases in the near future, and that it may study long-term improvements such as restrooms and additional parking.

That ransomware attack hit the library hard: Systems are still not a 'go' more than two weeks after someone cyber-attacked the Seattle Public Library. The library won’t give details on the attack but said it is working with outside organizations specializing in forensics and recovery. Digital materials and services, including e-books and audio-books, remain unavailable. The Wi-Fi still isn’t working, either.

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Queer Issue 2024 Tue 10:00 AM

The Future of HIV Treatment Is Injectable

Promising Drugs Could Expand Treatment–If We Get Out of Our Own Way

As Sidney Adjetey laid on an exam table at Harborview Medical Center with his T-shirt hiked up, research clinician Phoebe Bryson-Cahn examined injection sites on either side of his belly button. In April, University of Washington researchers at the UW Positive Research clinic injected Adjetey with about a teaspoon of a new and experimental long-acting HIV treatment as part of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. They’re monitoring him to learn how long this medication lasts in his body and whether it could effectively suppress the HIV if the virus had been present.

Adjetey doesn’t have HIV, nor do any of the 12 participants in Phase I of this proof-of-concept clinical drug trial. At this early stage, researchers are evaluating dosing and safety because the drug has never been used on humans before. They’ll determine efficacy in Phase II, but that could be years away.

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News Tue 9:00 AM

SPD Sergeant Caught on Video Repeatedly Hitting Suspect Once Bragged About Breaking Nightstick on Someone

The Office of Police Accountability Has Opened an Investigation into Sgt. Nathan Patterson

The Stranger identified the two Seattle Police Department (SPD) officers captured on video repeatedly hitting a person suspected of arson on May 31 as Sergeant Nathan Patterson and Officer Cody Alidon. The Office of Police Accountability (OPA) opened an investigation into both officers, and SPD Interim Chief of Police Sue Rahr said her office also plans to gather information and review the arrest.

Patterson, who has a history of complaints and lawsuits against him for excessive force, can be seen in the video hitting the suspect three to five times with his baton as the man appears to resist arrest by tensing his arms. This wouldn’t be Patterson’s first time wielding his baton, either. Back in 2012, a YouTube user posted footage of him taking pride in breaking a nightstick over someone. 

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Good morning! The weather today should be a mix of a little drizzly in the morning and then sunny the rest of the day, according to the National Weather Service. A high near 67 degrees, but with winds up to 21 miles per hour, so wear maybe like a light jacket.

Prosecutors charge off-duty security guard in teen's death: Aaron Brown Myers, 51, faces second-degree murder charges after he allegedly shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old Hazrat Ali Rohani, according to KING 5. King County prosecutors argued for a high bail for Myers given his obsession with vigilante security. Apparently, Myers had a habit of acting like a spare cop, once even calling the police on someone who was riding around on a bike with what Myers thought was a gun. Myers told officers he may need to shoot the person, according to charging documents. Turns out the cyclist was holding a bike part.

Tragically, Myers's supposed obsession with fighting crime led to him allegedly shoot 17-year-old Rohani in a parking lot that Myers had singled out for his "overwatch" surveillance. He allegedly shot Rohani seven times, despite Rohani putting his hands up and slowly backing away, according to security footage. Prosecutors said they believe Myers's "self-imposed 'duty to intervene,' threatens public safety." Washington's own George Zimmerman. 

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Food & Drink Mon 5:08 PM

The Stranger Staff Debates Seattle's Best Burger

Things Got Messier Than a Red Mill Veggie Burger in Slack

I suppose it's my own fault. A few weeks ago, in Slack, I asked my colleagues for their favorite burger and veggie burger recommendations. I was hoping to round out the food section of our city guide. I figured there'd be one runaway option—a burger to beat all burgers. 

I should've known better.

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A lot of weirdos want cis people to believe that trans people hate our bodies, which would be laughable if their narrative were not so damn dangerous. Saying we hate our bodies is a lot like claiming your uncle hates the muscle car he endlessly tinkers with. He loves that thing, even when it gives him trouble, or when it’s up on cinder blocks in the yard. Trans people, like everyone else, have a complicated relationship with their bodies. There’s just more to navigate.

Given all this negativity, The Stranger wanted to focus on what trans people love about their bodies. We wondered what wisdom they’d share with their younger selves if given the chance.

The five trans people we posed this question to—an electrical engineer, a writer, a powerlifter, a comedian, and a multidisciplinary artist—sent us five moving letters concerning the body, the spirit, and what joy awaited them in their futures.

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Film/TV Mon 12:41 PM

Eric Hates Beatboxing

And I Hate Eric

The key to Netflix's new and limited series Eric should entirely be its time (1985) and location (Manhattan). But this key—which concerns the twilight of a period that began with President Gerald Ford refusing to bail out civil New York City from debts it could no longer service (1975), and ended with Jean-Michel Basquiat overdosing on heroin in his Noho flat (1988)—only works on the first half of the six-episode series. Eric also begins as an impressive mystery (missing child, detective with secrets, powerful people pulling all sorts of strings) and ends [SPOILER ALERT] as a fanciful Freudian family drama (daddy was mean to his son because his daddy was mean to him). Had the show stuck with its time and space, and kept the disappearance of the boy a crime that had to be solved, it would have produced a masterful narrative that presented the social forces that shape family life.

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