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Slog PM: Time to Consider Masking Up Indoors Again, Dem Senators Approve Pentagon Spending Boost, and Some Initial Thoughts on the OIG's Analysis of SPD's Response to the Summer Protests

You can call me a pessimist, but I dont think an app is going to stop this kind of response to protests against the police.
You can call me a pessimist, but I don't think an app is going to stop this kind of response to protests against the police. Nathalie Graham

Seven Black women sue Seattle for discrimination: The women, all over 40, worked in the Parks Department. "Most of the plaintiffs allege they were denied promotions, most allege they were retaliated against for various reasons and several say they were wrongly disciplined," the Seattle Times reports.

Good luck getting east of Easton: The Kittitas County Sheriffs Office evacuated the area near milepost 78 on I-90 due to a wildfire burning out of control. KING 5 reports WSDOT closed the freeway east of that point for now, and there's "no estimated time of reopening."

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Live music is BACK at LagunitasSeattle! Fresh tunes paired with even fresher Ballard-brewed beers…

The beer is a-flowin’ and the music is a-playin’ down at the Lagunitas Ballard TapRoom! We’ve got fresh stock of our Bridgetender Pilsner, an ‘old-world’-style crisp lager with a ‘new-world’ touch of special hops, to enjoy alongside the return of live music. Summer’s back at Lagunitas!

This Week in Seattle Food News: Flora Bakehouse Opens a Rooftop Patio, Opus Co. Says Goodbye, and Mochi Donuts and Rice Dogs Come to Southcenter

Flora Bakehouse in Beacon Hill opened its new rooftop patio this week.
Flora Bakehouse in Beacon Hill opened its new rooftop patio this week. Flora Bakehouse

This week, Flora Bakehouse unveils a new rooftop patio, and Opus Co. is saying goodbye with a six-week-long tasting menu before it closes for good. Plus, The Lumber Yard Bar finds a new location after the White Center fire, and Mochinut brings mochi doughnuts and rice dogs to Southcenter. Read on for more of this week's food news. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


The Apothecary
This weekend, the Canterbury Ale House is opening The Apothecary, a "secret" bar concealed behind a hidden wall. The speakeasy-style addition will offer cocktails and small plates.
Capitol Hill

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There Is No Future in Seattle's First Automated Parking Garage

The future in the past (not in the present) looks like this...
The future in the past (not in the present) looks like this... I, Robot

One of the recent big transportation stories in Seattle concerns the city's first automated parking garage. The garage lives beneath Spire, a 41-story tower just for those with the means (the 5%) to live comfortably in luxury. (The Spire cost $350 million to build.)

Mike Lindblom, Seattle Times' transportation reporter, writes:

Spire residents [will] leave their cars at one of three elevators, then tap a key card. A red dolly under the car sprouts steel tines to lift the car a few inches. The elevator then descends like a trap door. Once the car is lowered into the garage, it’s shuttled to another dolly that moves it to a parking place. Multiple dollies on rails transfer cars across 266 stalls in levels B2 to B9.
This robot, we are told, is popular in dense places such as Tokyo and New York City. It's also being promoted as friendly to the environment because it's electrical and does not require energy inputs such as ventilation and lights. In this story, the robots will save us.

But what the Spire tells us is that cars are still in the future.

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George Freeman is running for Seattle City Council Position 8 to BE the change.

Police accountability, social justice & race and gun violence are top on his list. He advocates for providing services for the homeless population while helping them transition to permanent, stable, affordable housing. Educational & vocational programs are also a key portion of Freeman's campaign. George's philosophies on transit and zoning changes are visionary as are his ideas on city improvement policies.

The Stranger Endorses Lorena González for Mayor

Seattle City Council President Lorena González is the mayor the city needs right now.

When Mayor Jenny Durkan wasn’t watching her own cops gas Capitol Hill, mourning broken windows downtown, allegedly mistreating her own staff, or sweeping homeless people out of public spaces, she was going out of her way to obstruct and undermine a progressive city council that finally achieved a majority after Seattle overwhelmingly rejected big businesses’ attempts to install a bunch of stooges in 2019. Durkan vetoed the payroll tax to fund affordable housing, she left federal funds for homelessness on the table, and she consistently refused to direct funding to programs that addressed the rotten bouquet of crises the city continues to face.

We don’t have to live like this anymore. We really don’t!

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Cheap & Easy Things To Do in Seattle This Weekend: July 23-25, 2021

The citys Welcome Back Week series continues in Occidental Square on Saturday (featuring performances by The Black Tones and other local favorites) and Westlake Center on Sunday.
The city's Welcome Back Week series continues in Occidental Square on Saturday (featuring performances by The Black Tones and other local favorites) and Westlake Center on Sunday. Danny Denial

Another weekend of events is here to prove that you don't need a reserve of disposable income to go out on the town. See below for the latest batch of last-minute events under $10, from Welcome Back Week events in Occidental Square and Westlake Center to the Vashon Repertory Theatre Fest, and from Kubota Garden's Wandering and Wondering to Vera on YR Block. Plus, check out our guides to the best things to do this week and the best movies to watch this week for more options. 


Unstreamable Presents: 'Pink Floyd: The Wall'
The Stranger's Chase Burns and Jasmyne Keimig will take their weekly Unstreamable column—where they review movies viewable only in analog form—to Bellingham, where they'll present an outdoor screening of Pink Floyd: The Wall. There will also be "food, music, and good vibes" before the movie starts.
Pickford Film Center, Bellingham (free)

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Seattle Sticker Patrol: Retain Sawant

Jess Stein

"Retain Sawant"
Clever! JK
I'm pretty sure I spotted this one somewhere in District 3. I've yet to see a yard sign version.

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This Weekend: Watch Luca While Swimming!

What could be a more appropriate place to watch the movie Luca than in a large body of water? The Evergreen Community Aquatics Center will host a dive-in movie night this weekend, featuring the new animated Pixar film that is about two completely different things depending on whether you are heterosexual or queer. Anyone age 10 and up is welcome, and a reservation is required — it’s like the Arclight, but wet. This is the start of a summer Disney-movie series that will include The Incredibles 2 and Cruella; why Finding Nemo, The Thirteenth Year, or Ponyo aren’t on the agenda is a mystery for the ages. Keep your eyes peeled for sea monsters!

Luca will show during the "Movie Night in the Pool" event at the Evergreen Community Aquatics Center on July 24th at 8 pm.

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Basic Income Programs, Affordable Housing, and..."Arts Bucks?" Mayoral Candidates Share Their Plans to Revitalize the Arts

Eight mayoral candidates talked about their plans to revitalize the arts at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute on Thursday night.
Eight mayoral candidates showed up to talk about the arts at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute on Thursday night. Mark Van Streefkerk

Seattle’s mayoral candidates all agree that arts and culture play an important role in the city’s post-pandemic recovery, but not every candidate has a clear vision for reviving the arts after over a year of closures and restrictions.

Yesterday evening, eight mayoral candidates had a chance to elaborate on their arts recovery plans at an in-person forum at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. Hosted by a coalition of arts groups, the two-hour forum was closed to the public but live-streamed via the Seattle City of Literature Facebook page. You can watch the whole thing here.

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The Cannonball Run Is Unstreamable

Dont get into a car with these two.
Don't get into a car with these two. Courtesy of HBO Video

Unstreamable is a weekly column that finds films and TV shows you can't watch on major streaming services in the United States.*

Are you reading this from Bellingham? Unstreamable is swinging by your fine city this Friday night—TONIGHT! Come join us downtown near the Pickford Center for a free screening of Pink Floyd - The Wall.

United States, 1981, 95 min, Dir. Hal Needham
Prepare yourself for one wild ride.
Prepare yourself for one wild ride. Courtesy of HBO Video
The Cannonball Run is stuffed full of stars and stupidity. Based around an outlaw car race from Connecticut to California, the cast of weirdo characters runs deeps.

Burt Reynolds plays J.J, a suave race driver who buddies up with Victor (Dom DeLuise) to cleverly convert an ambulance into a race car to clear their path to victory. Farrah Fawcett plays a sexy tree-obsessed photographer nicknamed Beauty, who catches J.J.'s eye. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. play characters dressed up as (alcoholic) Catholic priests speeding cross country in a red Ferrari. Roger Moore plays a man pretending to be a James Bond-like version of Roger Moore. And Jackie Chan pops up in one of his first American roles as a Japanese Subaru driver. The film is a deeply chaotic, deeply '80s mess of racial stereotypes, sexist jokes, and fast-ass cars that reminds me of movies I'd watch as a young kid with my friends' older parents. It's equal parts fun and very outdated.

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Slog AM: 20% of US Olympians Said No to Vaccine, Cougars Football Coach Said No to Vaccine, Seattle Escapes Next Week's Coast-To-Coast Heat Dome

The US next week...
The US next week... FilippoBacci/

WSU Cougars football coach Nick Rolovich is an anti-vax nut. So many of these types are all over America.

Of course Rantz, Seattle's top Trumpist, thinks the Washington Attorney General’s plan to fire employees who are not fully vaccinated is "dangerous government overreach." And what does Rantz have to say about this bit of news from the other side of America: "Governor Carney Signs Clean Water for Delaware Act"? Right, right, right... "dangerous government overreach."

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Slog PM: Ending Seattle's Apartment Ban, Electrocuting Clouds, and a New Dune Trailer

Its not like Seattle needs that space for anything else, like housing
It's not like Seattle needs that space for anything else, like housing Elizabeth Lara / Getty Images

Scientists are SHOCKED by this miracle cure for traffic. A traffic-data firm on the Eastside looked over driving data from the last few years and found that travel times improved 67% during the pandemic when everyone was working from home. Who could have foreseen that having fewer cars on the road reduces traffic jams??? If only there were some way to make the reduction in private vehicle usage last, like providing some form of robust public transportation system.

That heat wave could have gone better. Now that the dreadful heat of June is behind us and cooler, wetter weather is hopefully on the way, experts are pointing out how unprepared Seattle was. Not enough cooling centers; not enough welfare checks; not enough drinking fountains. We have earthquake and snowstorm plans; maybe it’s time to plan for Death Valley’s next visit to the PNW.

Say “West Seattle Bridge” three times in a mirror and a shrieking blog commenter will appear and drag you to hell. The world’s most painful Zoom call was held last night — a public meeting at which residents could ask questions about the West Seattle Bridge. Ryan Packer has a great rundown of concerns and responses; generally speaking, the city’s situation is “we’re working on it, please be patient,” which is what precisely nobody wants to hear.

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Art Mailbox: Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair Is Back, Watch the Mayoral Candidate Arts Forum, Napoleon Dynamite Fans Rejoice!

Tune in this evening to hear what mayoral candidates have to say about the arts in Seattle.
Tune in this evening to hear what mayoral candidates have to say about the arts in Seattle. Timothy Kenney

Tonight is the Seattle Mayoral Candidate Arts forum: Ahead of the August 3 primary election (you should have gotten your ballot already BTW), Seattle City of Literature and a coalition of arts partners have organized a forum for some mayoral candidates. The group will discuss their pandemic arts recovery plans and visions for the creative sector in Seattle. Peep the candidates' responses to an arts questionnaire ahead of time, and then tune at 6 pm via Zoom to watch hosts Vivian Phillips and Marcie Sillman grill the contenders at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. For more background info, check out my overview I published last week. Then watch this space for a report on the event from Mark Van Streefkerk tomorrow morning. I will not be able to cover the forum because....

Unstreamable is going to Bellingham! As Chase mentioned last week, we are taking this column on the road, baby! The good people over at the Pickford Film Center are hosting a FREE outdoor screening of unstreamable classic Pink Floyd's The Wall tomorrow. There will be giveaways, a DJ spinning some vinyl, TWO projectors, and food with Chase and I introducing the film. They've even made an Unstreamable theme song, which we'll figure out how to upload to this site soon. The movie starts at moonrise, so... see you there?

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The Seattle Twitter Account Realizing the Dream of the Perfect Writing Spot

This will be my Walden Pond.
This will be my Walden Pond. Tyler Dupuis

The small, squat chess table nestled in the bushes alongside the Burke Gilman Trail caught Tyler Dupuis's eye. He grabbed a sandwich from the Fremont neighborhood just blocks away from the table, settled onto the bench facing the Fremont Cut, and pulled out his notebook to write. Cyclists, runners, and boaters bustled past him just beyond the periphery of his pen and paper. Time oozed by slowly.

Dupuis, 32, is a substitute kindergarten teacher who moved to Seattle in late 2019. Oof. Last March, jonesing to learn the city better and to get out of his damn apartment, he started the Public Writing Spots Seattle Twitter account. Through the account, he documented the best places to sit and scribble or break into a book in Seattle.

Dupuis said he aims to pick more urban places so that anyone plopping down at these spots can have a moment of solitude within the community. He longed for that type of connection last year, and even as the world eases back to normalish, spending time simply among other people still feels special to him.

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This Week in Seattle Event News: Silent Reading Party, Ben Gibbard, and More

Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard will head up the Showbox at its grand opening next month. Set your alarms for 10 am on Friday to snag tickets before they sell out!
Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard will head up the Showbox at its grand opening next month. Set your alarms for 10 am on Friday to snag tickets before they sell out! Showbox Presents

Washington State is officially back open, making way for a heap of IRL concerts and performances that are sure to sell out fast. To help you stay ahead of the game, we've rounded up major-venue events that are newly on sale (like the revived Silent Reading Party at Hotel Sorrento) and going on sale this week (like the Killers and Fathom's Studio Ghibli Fest). Read on for details, and check out our complete guide to in-person things to do in Seattle for more options.

Tickets go on sale at 10 am unless otherwise noted.


Strand of Oaks
The Showbox (Sun Oct 31)
On sale at noon

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