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My, what a tight brain.

Are you under the impression that you're "smart"? Do you think you're well-versed in what's happening around Seattle? Well, prove it to yourself and the world by taking SEATTLE'S ONLY POP QUIZ—a new, weekly quiz chock-full of tough, fun, multiple-choice questions about stories that popped up in Seattle during the past week.

Before we begin, let's check in to see how the majority of you did with the last quiz... Well! More than 700 people (!!) took last week's quizzy, and the majority of you scored around, uh, 40 percent, falling into the "frankly, I have a soggy brain" category.

We were going to say something nice and encouraging, but considering how many of you voted that Portland has a better park system than Seattle, we're not going to say anything nice at all. But we will try to make this week's quiz a little easier.

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Art Mailbox: Scarecrow Will Reopen for Browsing, Kremwerk Will Reopen for Raving, and Linda's Does Drag Now

This could be you this weekend.
This could be you at the pop-up this weekend. Courtesy of Novella Gallery

First up, a little housekeeping: There won't be a Slog PM news round-up on the blog today. We're a tad busy. Candidates running for office are currently dueling in front of our editorial staff in back-to-back-to-back endorsement showdowns, consuming our time and patience. It's not all fighting—one candidate just asked another candidate out on a date. In front of us! Things are getting weird!

The mothership is finally reopening: The Kremwerk Complex announced yesterday that they will host LIVE and IN-PERSON events for the first time in over a year. On Pride weekend—June 24 to 27—Little Maria's, Timbre Room, and The Patio will open for the gays and girlies and thems to celebrate. Then the following weekend—July 2 to 4—the beloved subterranean space, Kremwerk, will swing open its doors to the sweaty masses. The complex has yet to officially announce specific events and health protocols that will come along with its grand reopening. Watch this space for more info!

Also reopening: This week the Neumos complex announced their Official Reopening Party on July 1. You can catch Chong the Nomad and Archie down at Barboza, Spirit Award's album release up at Neumos, and The Double Sunrise Club at The Runaway. Tickets are on sale right now. Prepare to party hard this July.

Michael Rietmulder at the Seattle Times interviewed some venue operators around town about their scramble to ready their spaces for the July reopening.

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Cheers to Pride! Toast with a Loud and Proud Cannabis-Infused Cocktail by The Gin & Chronic Project

Toasting the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride with a specialty cannabis-infused cocktail, Loud and Proud! Concoct and celebrate by mixing a HiLite™ Strawberry Lemonade with fresh fruity ingredients - alcohol optional - and raise a cheer to equality, inclusivity, and love. Download the Loud and Proud! infused-cocktail recipe and find where you can pick up a HiLite™ beverage near you.

This Week in Seattle Food News: JuneBaby Returns, Salare Closes, and Cafe Racer Is Coming to Capitol Hill

Pay your respects to Edouardo Jordans acclaimed Ravenna restaurant Salare before it closes on July 3.
Pay your respects to Edouardo Jordan's acclaimed Ravenna restaurant Salare before it closes on July 3. Salare

The biggest food news of the week: Chef Edouardo Jordan is reopening the JuneBaby dining room and closing his acclaimed first restaurant Salare. Plus, a new sandwich joint lands in SoDo, Cafe Racer is coming to Capitol Hill, and Zuri's Donutz opens a weekend pop-up in Ballard. Read on for all of that and more of the latest culinary intel. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Fan Tang Cafe
This Northwest-inspired Hunan restaurant opened a Kirkland location on Tuesday. (The spot also has a Southcenter location, which has been temporarily closed to prepare for the opening.) The menu includes bowls, noodles, soups, salads, wontons, small plates, and more.
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

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Let’s Build a Park on This Reclaimed Freeway Crater

Wish you were here.
Wish you were here. Downtown Residents Alliance

There are hints of a nice new neighborhood stroll coming soon to Belltown, but first the state of Washington has to mess it all up.

The eagle eyes of Queen Anne Greenways spotted something strange at the corner of Bell St and Western Ave: a pretty new concrete curb, laid down with no ADA-accessible ramp. On its own, it doesn’t look like much; just another irritating failure to accommodate pedestrians.

But wait: It’s not the city’s fault, says Seattle traffic engineer Dongho Chang. “Old SR 99 connection to Battery St restored by our WSDOT partners,” he notes. “Believe we'll be extending Bell Street Park improvements here. It'll be nicer for people.”

Oh? Really? Will it indeed? Because it’s pretty lousy right now.

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The Best In-Person Things to Do in Seattle This Weekend: Jazz Alley's Return, Chase the Light, and More

Belltowns legendary Jazz Alley will break in its return from hibernation with Friday-Sunday sets from duo Lisa Fischer and Taylor Eigsti.
Belltown's legendary Jazz Alley will break in its return from hibernation with Friday-Sunday sets from duo Lisa Fischer and Taylor Eigsti. Courtesy Jazz Alley

Amateur photographers, expert crafters, and music lovers have a lot to look forward to this weekend with Photographic Center Northwest's 48-hour Chase the Light photoshoot, National Knit in Public Day (why not!), and the return of in-person performances at Opera Center and Jazz Alley. Read on for details and more of our picks (including places to get treats made with dreamy butterfly pea flower, like the swirly milk bread at Temple Pastries, and how to snag a free Discover Pass from the Seattle Public Library). For even more options, read our guides to the best movies to watch this week, upcoming events going on sale this week, the best things to do from home this week, this season's drive-in movies, and our complete guide to in-person things to do in Seattle.

Submit to Photographic Center Northwest's annual fundraiser Chase the Light, which invites photographers from all over the world to create work during a 48-hour window (this Saturday-Sunday) and submit it by noon on Monday (for digital) or 1 pm on Wednesday (for analog). Since the competition welcomes all skill levels, you don't need a fancy setup to participate—film, digital, iPhone, and pinhole cameras are all up to par—but if you are looking to level up your gear, we recommend hitting up Glazer's Camera or Lake City's Shot on Film. The winning applicants will have their photos featured in the virtual exhibition and print sale next Saturday!

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Refresh Playlist: New Music for the Weekend—Featuring Amber Mark, Justin Bieber, and Produce Organics

Amber Mark, Competition
Amber Mark, "Competition" PMR, INTERSCOPE

Happy Pride Month y’all, and happy Black Music Appreciation Month! Even though there’s still lots to be concerned about, it feels like there’s more to be hopeful about recently, no? For one thing, it’s looking like live music is coming back soon, as tour dates start to ramp up and fill the calendars of local venues. Refresh your mind and get ready for it all with these three new music releases.

“Competition,” Amber Mark

New York-based singer-songwriter Amber Mark has released the second single from her forthcoming debut full-length, which is set for a 2021 release via PMR and Interscope. The repeat-worthy “Competition” joins previously released single “Worth It,” but the former is more of a self-determined success story than a motivational mantra. In a statement, Mark says the song is about “how much stronger we are together,” and the constant state of comparing yourself to others. “This is not a competition/you are not the opposition/I just wanna see you win” she sings. “Wanna be the greatest/want someone to share it with.” The song’s end has her repeating “Damn I really made it.” She’s looking royal in the music video co-directed by Mark and Cara Stricker, and the whole visual is packed with amazing vibes, gorgeous care-free and confident choreography, fabulous fashion, and even some supernatural elements. Check it out below:

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Weekly Watch List: In the Heights, Three Dollar Bill's Queer Pride, and More

Three Dollar Bill Cinema is streaming Emma Seligmans anxiety-inducing-yet-delightful Shiva Baby as part of its Queer Pride program, starting Friday.
Three Dollar Bill Cinema is streaming Emma Seligman's anxiety-inducing-yet-delightful Shiva Baby as part of its Queer Pride program, starting Friday. Utopia

We personally can't wait to finally bliss out to the new season of Tuca & Bertie (premiering Sunday on Adult Swim), but this week brings plenty of equally exciting movies and shows to the table if the aforementioned animated series about adult bird-women doesn't strike your fancy. Read on for our latest batch of picks, from the buzzy adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical In the Heights (coming to various theaters and HBO Max on Friday) to the Dedza Films shorts program Who Will Start Another Fire (streaming Friday via SIFF). Plus, don't forget that the next iteration of The Stranger's horror short-film festival SLAY is accepting submissions through September 15! For more options, check out our on-demand calendar or our guide to drive-in movies

Newly Streaming: Local Connection
Stage Russia Docs – Making 'The Overcoat'
The Japanese director Ryo Saitani offers a look inside the workshop of the legendary Russian animator Yuriy Norshteyn, focusing on his shadowy and meticulous (albeit unfinished) 1981 adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's short story "The Overcoat." 
Northwest Film Forum

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Slog AM: Seattle Wants to Erase CHOP From Its Memory, In the Twilight of Downtown's McDonald's, Wood Is the New Gold

Seattle to Chop Art: Which part of Hell No do you not understand?
Seattle to CHOP Art: Which part of "Hell No" do you not understand? Charles Mudede

Seattle is doing everything it can to block the planned commemoration of CHOP at Cal Anderson Park. The city doesn't give a damn if it's "not a protest but a celebration." It wants to un-remember whatever has to do with CHOP forever, to forget for good, to crumple and toss into a black hole from which no information is retrievable.

According to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, a van flattened a section of Capitol Cider's streetside seating on Wednesday night. Apparently an angel with nothing to do happened to be around because no one was injured. Capitol Cider, which is on E Pike Street, has some of the best streetside structures in town.

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Slog PM: Amazon Changes Course on Office Return Policy, Famine Hits Tigray, Peru Elects a Socialist Prez

Amazons new guidance might drain the companys balls....of tech bros. And semen.
Amazon's looser policy might drain the company's balls. CHARLES MUDEDE

Amazon announces a more flexible office return policy: The e-commerce giant that avoids paying a lot of federal taxes will allow corporate employees to work from home twice a week starting this fall, GeekWire reports. The company, which told workers back in March to expect a full return this fall as a "baseline," will also take applications for those who want to WFH more than twice a week. My condolences to the nearby lunch spots.

But do you know what is coming back full-time this fall? The goddam Washington State Fair, baby. Sept. 3 to 26. Get ready to propose to your girlfriend at the top of a Ferris Wheel while shooting a red star out of a piece of paper and munching on scones made by overworked teens!!!! Labor issues aside, I love the fair and am stoked for its return.

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Dicks Swinging, Strangers Kissing: How Stranger Readers Would Fix Seattle’s So-So Pride

You know what this place needs more of?
You know what this place needs more of? Timothy Kenney

Seattle loves to bicker about every Goddamn thing, but apparently there’s one topic on which we’re generally in agreement: Pride’s boring. In our recent reader survey, we asked you to rate Seattle Pride on a one-to-five scale from “it’s perfect” to “it’s for heterosexuals,” and the results are in: You think Pride is absolutely mediocre. Most respondents gave it a three, and the vast majority of you rated it even lower.

And I mean … honestly ... is anyone surprised? I’ve been going to Prides since 1998-ish, all around the country and the world, and those results are about what I’d expect. The best Pride cities all have something special about them (y'know: boats, street parties, circuit parties, sex clubs, beaches) … but what have we got that’s so special? No wonder every Drag Race contestant from Seattle so far has either moved away or literally ceased to exist.

Fortunately, queers are nothing if not resourceful, and you responded to our survey with some extremely intriguing suggestions for fixing this sorry situation.

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Coming Soon to Glorious Burien: The Stranger's Summer Drive-In Showcase! (And Check Out This Trailer!)


This summer, The Stranger is bringing all of our world-famous mini film festivals into one, BIG, sexy, stoney, spooky DRIVE-IN MOVIE SHOWCASE—in the heart of Burien!

PULL UP to the lot and PEEP all our fests at this cinematic omnibus featuring select shorts from SPLIFF, our stoner film fest; SLAY, our horror film fest; and HUMP, the lil' porn festival that started it all!

Every SATURDAY NIGHT from July 10 through August 7 at 9:30 PM! Car space is LIMITED, so we really encourage you to grab your tickets to one of our five screenings NOW!

Pack your car with all your friends and head to glorious Burien for a wild night of all the BLOOD, DRUGS, and SEX we could fit into one short film showcase! Due to the gory stoner fucking, this event is Rated R for RIGHTEOUS, and it does mean you have to be 18 and up to attend. See you there, freaks!

Danny Westneat and the Longing for a Great White Republican Daddy

Tell your Republican dad to stay the fuck away from here.
"Tell your Republican dad to stay the fuck away from here." Gillian Laub/

When I read Danny Westneat's latest column, "Republicans spent 400 days calling to end pandemic restrictions, and they’re finally right," a line from Kate Bush's heartbreakingly beautiful "Cloudbusting" came to mind almost immediately. "Oh, God, Daddy. I won't forget," she sings.

But with Westneat, Bush's "won't" becomes a "will." The Seattle Times columnist clearly will (or is willing to) forget that the GOP has been nothing but wrong on every matter related to the pandemic only because they might finally have something right: The economy should open now, in early June, rather than at the end of June.


OK, it’s possible I’ve finally gone bonkers from playing too much lockdown solitaire, but … I actually agree with this. After a pandemic of epic wrongness, local Republicans, like the proverbial blind squirrel, have stumbled into a nut.


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Frivolous Shit Like This Is Why King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert Needs to Hang Up the Keys

Why is Kathy Lambert still in office again?
Why is Kathy Lambert still in office again? King County

This is why we can't have King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert doing things like chairing the county's housing committee.

During a particularly tedious and weird meeting of her committee yesterday morning, Lambert proposed several bad changes to a package of tenant protections she's finally getting around to considering.

One of those bad changes included a provision to add "landlords as a recipient of Public Defense services, when funds are available." Because the original legislation allows the county to provide Public Defenders for people looking down the barrel of an eviction, Lambert "wanted it to be fair that both sides could get legal help, again so there was a balance of equity," she explained.

The language of the proposed change is a little vague, but if the idea here is to get the Public Defender to bring eviction cases on behalf of landlords, then it's absurd on its face. Apparently this does not go without saying, but the Public Defender is not a prosecutor's office.

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This Week in Seattle Event News: Brockhampton, Free Discover Passes, and More

Tickets for hip-hop supergroup Brockhamptons April tour stop at WaMu Theater go on sale this Friday.
Tickets for hip-hop supergroup Brockhampton's April tour stop at WaMu Theater go on sale this Friday. Showbox Presents

After a year of mostly virtual entertainment, IRL concerts and performances slated for this summer and beyond are sure to sell out fast. To help you stay ahead of the game, we've rounded up major-venue events that are newly on sale (like Patton Oswalt) and going on sale this week (like Deer Tick and Delta Spirit), plus other noteworthy announcements (like Seattle Arts & Lectures' 2021/22 season lineup and the Seattle Public Library's new Discover Pass program). Read on for details, and check out our complete guide to in-person things to do in Seattle for more options.

Tickets go on sale at 10 am unless otherwise noted.


BECU Drive-In Movies
Marymoor Park (June 30-July 29)

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Slog AM: Moderna Seeks Approval for Vaccine Use in Adolescents, "Joints for Jabs" Is a Low-Key Dud, the Solar Eclipse Looks Cool

Getting a stabby and smoking a fatty aint so easy, it turns out.
Getting a stabby and smoking a fatty ain't so easy, it turns out. Peter Dazeley/Getty

Moderna files with the FDA for emergency authorization to use their COVID vaccine in kids aged 12-17: In a Phase 2/3 trial of 12- to 17-year-olds, the pharmaceutical company found that blood tests "showed that the vaccine produced an immune response that was equivalent to earlier findings in adults." None of the kids who were fully immunized got sick with COVID, while four kids who received the placebo did come down with the virus. The FDA is expected to approve this emergency use request before the beginning of the next school year which would dramatically increase the supply of vaccines available to schoolchildren.

Unemployment hits another pandemic-era low: First-time jobless claims stand at 376,000 for the week ending on June 5, reports Yahoo. That number hems ever closer to the 200,000 pre-pandemic average for new weekly claims. Meanwhile, continuing claims for the week ending on May 22 stand at 3.499 million, an "elevated" number that might exacerbate concerns about "widespread labor shortages."

But a lot of that unemployment money may have been stolen: A new Axios report says that unemployment fraud may have reached as much as $400 billion with the bulk of it ending up in the hands of foreign crime syndicates.

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