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BIPOC-Led Cultural Organizations Got Tons of Funding in 2020—Then We Left Them High and Dry

That, plus more takeaways from ArtsFund's COVID Cultural Impact Study.

Scream (2022) Review: A Horror Film About Horror Films About Horror Films

I found myself wondering, at about the halfway mark, if this is a young person's movie or an old person's movie.

Drive My Car Deserves All the Praise

Another Nightclub Opens in SoDo

I am once again asking... Is SoDo Seattle's new party neighborhood???

Seattle Burlesque Icon Indigo Blue Is Evolving with the Pandemic

"There’s no formula for us."

The Fall Is Unstreamable

The 355 Is a Bummer

The nicest thing I can say is it reminded me of a very funny scene in another movie.

RuPaul's Next Seattle Queen

Say hi to Bosco, Seattle's newest tribute to the Drag Race franchise.

Seattle Sticker Patrol: The Best of 2021

There Should Be More Seattle Movies Filmed in Seattle

Can Olympia finally make it happen next year?

Weeeeee! Hockley!

Here's What You Should Watch Over Christmas Weekend

The Year in Artspeak

The Matrix Resurrections Review: How Dare They

It is difficult to provide a spoiler-free summary, and since I don’t want to rob you of any of the film’s pleasurable jolts I hope you’ll forgive the escalating vagueness of this review.

The Real Message of Holiday Favorite It's a Wonderful Life Is Deficits Are Good for Capitalism

Happy birthday, It's a Wonderful Life.
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