How long have you been bar- tending?
I started in 2002 at the old Crocodile.

What do you love most about your job?
The friendships I've made with some of these people over the last decade and a half are really special. It keeps me around.

What qualities make a good bar-tender?
Humor for sure, and I guess a rather subdued demeanor works pretty well.

Strangest thing you've ever witnessed while working?
Most recently, it's the fella that dropped his pants in the middle of the restaurant and drank hot sauce straight from the bottle. I was so thrilled he was wearing underwear!

Anything you can't drink anymore after bartending for so long? Current drink of choice?
Some-what regrettably, I can drink anything. But beer is really all I ever want, sometimes with a side of tequila. 

Favorite drink to make, or the drink you make best?
It's all the same to me. I do like the aesthetics of a crisp martini, though.

Biggest pet peeve?
Folks that don't acknowledge my presence—although they're seemingly here to get some sort of service—is hard for me. If I walk to your table and no one even turns their head my direction, much less says hello, this whole interaction is going to be a struggle.

Worst thing anyone has said to you while you're working behind the bar? Worst come-on?
Aside from the occasional expletive from unhappy humans I refuse to serve, Saint John's is generally a pretty civilized place. People are scared of me, they don't hit on me. 

Favorite place to drink?
I live right between Nacho Borracho and Montana, so they win.

What do you do when you're not slinging drinks?
I work a side job so I can afford to live in this town.

You can find Amber at Saint John's Bar & Eatery (719 E Pike St) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.