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Remember Bill Bryant? If the answer is no, congratulations.

Bryant was the frozen-yogurt-haired Republican who used his spot on the port commission to mock Seattle environmentalists and welcome Shell's Arctic drilling rig with open arms. Then, he ran for governor against Jay Inslee in 2016. He did that "stuck in traffic, order a pizza" ad. He tried to pretend he wasn't affiliated with his own party as it sank (further) into xenophobia. He claimed Inslee hadn't followed the campsite rule, but not even in the hot way. Anyway, he lost 54 to 46 percent. And we have all been able to live a relatively Bryant-free life.

Until now. Bryant is now back in the political scene with a new political action committee that has raised more than $300,000, reports the Seattle Times' Jim Brunner. Brunner breaks down who's giving to the new group, "Forge Washington," and ohhhh boy. Meet donor Brian Heywood:

Heywood’s occupation is listed as “horse boarding” in a PDC filing disclosing his $100,000 Forge donation. He owns a ranch and stable near his home, cutting his own hay on a 40-acre spread of protected farmland near Sixty Acres Park in the Sammamish River Valley.

Heywood named his ranch Galt Valley Ranch, after John Galt, a character in author Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged,” which promotes the virtues of unfettered capitalism.

Other top donors to Forge include the Puget Sound Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association, which gave $50,000. The chapter’s executive director, Barry Sherman, said in an email that Forge will back candidates who support “a free market, progressive approach to improve the business climate and create family wage careers …”

The group has so far spent money only on things like salaries, office supplies, catering, and lodging. But Bryant and his donors tell Brunner they plan to support local candidates for bodies like city and county councils and school boards.

During his gubernatorial campaign, Bryant supported charter schools. He also showed up in Seattle to scold the city council for their approach to homeless encampments. Read more about Bryant's newest libertarian fever dream right here.