What’s the move: If you got a freebie four-day weekend this weekend, first of all, fuck you. And second of all, our sister site, EverOut, compiled a handy dandy list of all the cool and inexpensive things to do around town for the remainder of your holiday weekend. I will probably take my parents to something basic like Magic in the Market on Saturday, but I promise there are way cooler things on the list, too! 

ICYMI: Council Member Sara Nelson tried to justify a vote against funding the Northwest African American Museum, implying that the museum director told her that the museum is against the amendment because it would take a tiny portion of SPD’s budget. The director was not against the amendment and she doesn't care where the money comes from. Nelson “egregiously misconstrued” the director to fit her narrative.  

Double ICYMI: It’s too rainy to go outside and enjoy the beauty of our city’s stickers. Lucky for you, Jas Keimig has a brand new Sticker Patrol waiting for you on our site! So please, enjoy silly, goofy stickers from the comfort of your computer. 

Looking ahead: Remember how I was telling you that the council finished up the budget? That’s true and it is done, but there’s still a procedural vote on Monday. So if you see a new batch of stories and tweets about the budget, know that it’s rehashing what we learned earlier this week. The next budget story to look out for is what the fuck the Mayor does. He can sign the budget into law, let it become law without his signature, or veto the thing, which would not be very #OneSeattle of him.

Make Amazon pay: On Black Friday, one of the biggest sales days of the year, thousands of Amazon workers from around the globe walked out and protested for better wages among a variety of demands. If you live in any of the 30 participating countries, or on this earth at all: Support the strike and do not order on Amazon. Maybe skip Black Friday altogether. 

Starbs: Starbucks announced it will close the first unionized store in Seattle and the last stand-alone Starbucks location on the Hill. Today, the Director of Capitol Hill Pride sent a press release asking the community to rally around the workers and stop by to express support from now until the store closes on December 9. Capitol Hill Pride also asked that Starbucks keep the store open and stop fucking with unionized stores. Otherwise, the Rainbow and Ally workers will call for a boycott of all non-union Starbucks locations nationwide. 

#SeattleShines: Seattle Parks and Recreation probably expected a different reaction to their humble brag about scrubbing a shit ton of graffiti under the freeway. I encourage you to read through the replies and quote tweets for some free entertainment. Well, not free—your tax dollars kinda paid for it.

Thanksgiving fire: Last night, a fire tore through a Tacoma apartment building leaving 22 people without a home. For more updates on this developing story, check KING 5

No news is not good news: It’s been two weeks since four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death in their beds and authorities still have not publicly identified a suspect. Here’s what we know about the murders so far. 

Leave the whales alone: Uhh, guys? I know the arctic is melting and thus ship travel is a lot easier in that delicate ecosystem, but according to Hakai Magazine, you’re sorta harshing the vibe of the “once-tranquil waters," with the "throbbing thrum of propellers and engines.” Beluga whales need peace. Thank you for your consideration. 

School shootings in Brazil: A gunman killed three people and injured 11 others in shootings in two schools in Espirito Santo. Local media reported that the perpetrator is 16 years old. 

Walmart shooting update: More details have emerged about the shooting rampage that killed six people in a Virginia Walmart earlier this week. The 31-year-old shooter bought the handgun just hours before his deadly attack on his co-workers. Cops also found a list of grievances labeled “death note” on the shooter's phone. CBS News has more. 

Speaking of gun violence: President Joe Biden is fed up with gun violence. “The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. Just sick,” Biden said. Yesterday, he renewed his commitment to getting rid of “assault weapons,” a loosey-goosey term that refers to “high-powered guns or semi-automatic long rifles, like an AR-15, that can fire 30 rounds fast without reloading,” according to the AP. Can he do it with the current balance of power in Congress? Probably not. But dammit, he’s gonna try!

Something to make you feel better: In what some call a “Thanksgiving miracle,” the Coast Guard found a missing man who fell off a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico. He's alive, but it's still unclear how he fell overboard. 

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