If you've picked up a copy of the most recent issue of The Stranger (it came out yesterday, y'all), then you also unwittingly snagged a copy of the Fall 2018/Winter 2019 Green Guide, a publication celebrating cannabis and exploring the culture that surrounds it.

Inside, you'll find:

AJ Dent presents a profile of The Flavr Blue, a Seattle hiphop trio that not only has their own eponymous strain of sativa-heavy weed, but donates all net proceeds from its sale to reparative-justice projects happening within the cannabis industry.


They say cannabis is bad for your memory. Katie Herzog digs into the latest studies on the issue to find out whether or not science agrees.

Leilani Polk makes the best edibles she's ever eaten—and best cookies, period—with help from traveling Chef Ricky Flickenger, who has a new cookbook out right now: Cannabis & the Art of Infusion. Instructions on how to make them at home (and info on hiring Chef Ricky for your own infused lesson) included.

You already know about THC and CBD. But have you heard of CBG? Lester Black introduces the most important weed compound no one is talking about.

And finally, for your flower-firing and vaporizing pleasure: five weed strains to try right now from Michael Bell—all strains you can find in Seattle pot shops.