Dont drive high.
Don't drive high. sestovic/ Getty

Driving stoned in Washington is dumb. Not only because you might kill yourself or someone else if you do a bunch of dabs and then drive down I-5, but also because you are putting yourself in a lot of legal danger by driving stoned. It’s really easy to get charged with a pot DUI, even if you don’t feel impaired, and that danger is especially elevated this weekend while cops are on high alert for people celebrating the international stoner holiday of 4/20.

So if there was ever a time to take the bus instead of driving, it’s this Saturday. After all, it is way more fun to celebrate 4/20 and enjoy a blunt, a fresh bowl of top shelf bud, hit a nice vape pen, or eat your favorite edible when you’re letting someone else do the driving.

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I would recommend you take one of Seattle’s mediocre but very necessary public transit options during this holiday weekend. Ride a bus, take a ferry or a water taxi, or hop on the light rail. Or, if you are not in a rush and looking to waste a lot of time, just hop on one of our streetcars. Public transit literally saves lives and is better for the environment.

If public transit isn’t your thing (you must be rich) then there’s also private ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber. The city’s Department of Transportation is partnering with Lyft to give out $4.20 off one Lyft ride this Saturday. Just enter in the code 420SEA19 and you’ll get a discount on one ride.

Unfortunately, the city doesn't appear to be running any partnerships with our public transit agencies. You don’t get a discount for riding the bus on 4/20. But maybe if you try to trade a pre-roll for a bus ride your bus driver will let you on for free? Since pot is so cheap these days it might be worth trying. Let me know how that goes.

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