🎵 Closing time 🎵

We've got a new ballot drop, baby! And, as expected, Sawant has surged. The number of votes between Orion and Sawant is now only 739. As Capitol Hill Seattle blog wrote today, "While he still commands a two-point, 739-vote lead, Orion is now racing against math—and it is not looking good." The KOMO commenters do not seem to understand how voting in Washington works and everyone is screaming about fraud and fake votes being found in backrooms. We've got two more ballot drops tomorrow, one at 4 pm and another around 8 pm. How long will this go on? These Slog comments are boiling!

Tim Eyman's car tab initiative is getting sued: In a press conference today, Mayor Durkan called the measure "unconstitutional" and announced that the city of Seattle is pursuing litigation to "block" it, reports the Seattle Times. The Sound Transit Board Chair also announced that Sound Transit will likely sue. “Suing the voters because you don’t like how the voters voted on Election Day is pretty arrogant stuff,” Eyman responded. “That kind of attitude is why the initiative passed.” Lots more from the Times here.

The upcoming transit cuts are bad, bad, bad: Microsoft dreamed of creating the first high-speed rail lines in the Pacific Northwest. Tim Eyman's Initiative 976 will wreck those hopes and dreams, although King County Executive Dow Constantine today promised that I-976 “will not stop us from building light rail, or ultimately from running our busses, because we will find a way if we have to.” Eek!

Kamala Harris introduces a bill to keep schools open until 6 pm: The bill would help parents, especially low-income parents, by providing more consistent after-school activities and align with parents' work hours. It's called the Family Friendly Schools Act. But think about the increased traffic, Kamala! (Kidding, sort of.)

Met Gala announced next year's theme: It's "About Time: Fashion and Duration." Not totally sure what they're going for with this one—income inequality, but make it fashion? Let them eat their student loans? It's apparently based on the 1992 film, Orlando, which notably features Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth I.

Jeff Goldblum defended Woody Allen today: and the internet set fire. “I think there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty,” he said, referring to the accusations that Allen molested his daughter Dylan Farrow when she was a child. Are libertarian contrarians foaming at the mouth? "Still find Jeff Goldblum sexy now, liberals!?!?!?" I can hear the wings of these tweets.

The View was lit today: Don Trump Jr. was on The View this afternoon and things got aggressive, apparently. I haven't watched all the clips, but I will tonight when I conduct my nightly ritual of brushing my hair, smoking a bong, and painting my nails while listening to the dulcet tones of Joy Behar.

So long, Value Village: The last Value Village is closing in Seattle. (Yes, the Value Village that brings in $1 million a year and, according to AG Bob Fergusen, pays very little in taxes.) I will miss you. Every day I walk past the empty WeWork that built its temple on top of your grave. I think you cursed it. We will see.

It's official: Jeff Sessions is running for the Alabama Senate. Sessions resigned from his position as attorney general exactly one year today—well, was forced to resign.

John Kasich isn't running for president: Republicans love Trump too much.

Michael Bloomberg is actively preparing to enter the presidential race: as a Democrat. But... but why.

Pixar released its first trailer for Soul: Prepare to sob in a theater like the baby you are.