BRB, OOO! (Be right back, out of office!)
BRB, OOO! (Be right back, out of office!) Getty Images

I'm back, baby! When Friday the 13th happened at Stranger HQ, we also temporarily furloughed our evening news round-up, Slog PM. Things were too crazy and we had too few staff members. I pivoted to maintaining our breaking coronavirus updates. But I've missed Slog PM. So I'm bringing it back.

I'm going to attempt to keep Slog PM COVID-19-free: That's not because we're avoiding covering the pandemic—you can read about that here or here or especially here—but it's a nice challenge to compose a daily round-up of stories that aren't about Miss COVID. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for reading.

ICYMI: A decade of punishment has cracked the West Seattle Bridge. KUOW reports that city officials have known about cracks in the West Seattle Bridge since 2013. The bridge is so fucked up it will need "shoring," a word I just discovered.

What's going on with the presidential election? Has Joe Biden snagged the Democratic nomination? (Not yet, but basically.) Could Donald Trump cancel the November election and blame it on the pandemic? ("In a word, no.") The Los Angeles Times answers your questions, as best they can.

While we're all distracted... Trump's Environmental Protection Agency has gone "full 'shock doctrine.'" Yikes:

On Thursday afternoon, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it would suspend enforcement of bedrock clean air and water laws, leaving the fossil fuel, chemical and agribusiness industries to police themselves amid a historic public health crisis.

Hours later, the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed a waiver allowing a private company to take over inspection duties at a Tyson Foods beef slaughterhouse.

I didn't know that a virus was a reason to stop enforcing environmental laws. More here.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave Canada the boot: They have apparently fled Canada for L.A.

Have you been attending more Zoom meetings lately? The Zoom iOS app has been sharing data with Facebook—even if you don't have a Facebook account. UPDATE: Zoom announced that they have stopped the practice, and Motherboad verified they removed the code that sends data to Facebook.

Tricky, tricky: Last weekend, Amazon announced that it had pushed back the delivery of many "nonessential items" until late April. But Recode discovered that it's been possible to get these items on Amazon through competing sellers—but Amazon's algorithm has hidden these listings. Amazon says the move was unintentional.

If you're fortunate, you've probably got a lot more groceries than you usually do right now: Hopefully not too many—STOP HOARDING—but here's how to freeze just about anything.

You're probably cooking a lot right now, too: Here's how to make... delicious crepes! Birthday cakes! Fermented shit! A grain bowl! A big pot of beans!!

This is still true: The Most Powerful People in American Politics Are Over 65

I said I wouldn't bring up coronavirus: I said I wouldn't bring up coronavirus I said I wouldn't bring up coronavirus I said I wouldn't bring up coronavirus I said I wouldn't bring up coronavirus...

Despite everything, Trump's approval rating is at record highs: Will it finally break 50%? (He's arguably broken 50% before, but not in "credible" polls, notes the New York Times.)

Will we ever find out who was impersonating Lester Black? A new report from Google's Threat Analysis Group had a startling discovery: "We’ve seen a rising number of attackers, including those from Iran and North Korea, impersonating news outlets or journalists." I couldn't help but think about this incident with Lester. Gizmodo breaks down Google's report here.

FYI, Joe Exotic was the first openly gay presidential candidate: Not Pete Buttigieg.

You know who Joe Exotic is, right? You've been watching the show that Netflix is making us all watch during this pandemic season? Vulture put together a round-up of the best Joe Exotic videos. Here are three of them:

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Some more Exotic facts for your weekend: That bone museum sure is something.

Okay, Slog PM is over but I just want to talk a lil' bit more about movies: What are you watching this weekend?

Here's my partial line-up for the weekend: Give me yours in the comments. See you Monday. Christopher will be sticking around for weekend coverage.