Governor Inslee Closes State Schools for Rest of Academic Year



"and attempts will be made to even out a digital divide that makes distance learning much easier for well-off and urban students than for poor and rural students."

I get the rich/poor thing. But what does urban vs rural have to do with distance learning? There are certainly rural kids that have internet and a computer, and urban kids that don't.


@1, Think of the electric grid, or sewer lines. In any city, you've got robust systems with lots of capacity, relatively easy to tap into for just about anyone (with means). In remote rural areas, it costs a lot more money to run a power line or sewer line miles out to some distant homes far out in the countryside. For some remote locations, it's easier to use a generator, or a septic field rather than trying to hook up to distant grids. The internet infrastructure is the same. There's no profit for internet providers to go to the expense of hooking up remote rural areas, and so they don't. For remote areas, the only way they can get internet is if the government steps in and either requires it like a utility, or pays for it through taxation.


We have a little place out by Grand Coulee, and internet is provided by the county PUD. You can either get fiber to your home for $50, or get a wireless account that covers most of the county. But anywhere where there’s electric service there is cheap internet.


As far as the schools go the Governor had no choice. Bill Gates says schools should stay closed until there is a vaccine.


Thank you, Eli Sanders, for the informative update and Governor Jay Inslee and Chris Reykdal for stepping up to what needs to be done in this tough and uncertain times.


My fourth graders are now going to be fifth graders in the fall (hopefully). I'll do what I can to prep them - not everyone is going to be able to do that. I am eager to hear what our School District leadership is doing to prep for that. Online learning, whatever, not going to work - we need to recalibrate the whole academic structure. Of course with our weak School District leadership and whiny unions that won't happen.


@5: Errgh! Make that: "...for stepping up to shat needs to be done in these tough and uncertain times." Why I have so many typos when sober, I don't know.
These are sobering times.


@7: "to what needs to be done"..!@$#%^!!!
I need a proofreader.


@1 Evening out the divide means that rural people who complain about socialism and taxes will once again be accepting government handouts without a sense of irony or self-awareness.


Wow, the Gov of Georgia did this like, two weeks ago.
Jay is losing his edge...


A tough call, but the right one. Teachers are doing their best to make this work, and the kids will make it through. As for the parents with their kids at home all day ...


@10, there would have been some process dissatisfaction from this parent had he immediately closed down schools until the end of the year. We wasted nothing by waiting two weeks.


@6/7: No need to make corrective comments when the meaning is obvious. Our brains auto correct obvious errors as we read.


Ok - here is I know I have grown out of the age range of slog readers:
1. Obviously no are commenting are parents.
2. Therefore they are clueless about the current status of Seattle schools
3. You don't care- but if I can get free rent that would be great.


@6 They should make them redo 4th grade. That would be the best thing for them. Here in Oregon they are going to do that. Given that Oregon is ranked 44th in the nation (hey, it used to be 49th), it's a good idea. WA is ranked 29th. They should do it, too. It probably should be done nationally, especially given the wide spectrum of each child's home life and their parents' or parent's ability or non-ability to teach them what they need to learn to progress to the next grade. Of course this country has never done what is in the best interest of the children, so it probably will not happen.

Even most students entering a college after HS are not educationally ready to be there (2/3 of them). Why are they being allowed to graduate and enter college when they need remedial classes on things they should have learned in high school? It's absurd.


i wonder if teachers are scared of the possible ramifications of remote learning? they probably should be....


I wonder what excuse teachers will use to go on strike to beg for more money- certainly won't be overcrowded classrooms or having to buy supplies out of pocket.