Happy 4/20! Theres one more chance to watch SPLIFF Film Fest live!
Let's get baked! There's one more chance to watch SPLIFF Film Fest live! SPLIFF FILM FEST

GASP! Even Soap Operas Are Running Out of Episodes Because of the Coronavirus

Someone tried to blow up a police car in Lynnwood: One suspect was arrested after allegedly trying to explode a device under a Lynnwood Police pickup Sunday night. No one was hurt and police haven't released details on the suspect or their motives.

Washington state's fire lookouts know a thing or two about how to thrive in isolation: “[When I started] I just kept kind of a calendar and kind of a really little diary of each day, and that really helped a lot,” says Bill Austin, one of Washington’s last full-time fire lookouts. “Instead of just sitting there going ‘oh what do I do, what do I do?’... and you know setting goals for yourself even though you can't go anywhere.” More tips from Bill here.

Crosscut's Margo Vansynghel also highlighted the excellent "Pandemic Portraits" Seattle photogs are taking: Check them out here and below.

Did you apply for unemployment? Are you still waiting on your first check? You're not the only person waiting. In Florida, an estimated 94% of residents who applied for unemployment benefits are still waiting to receive a single payment.

Some more COVID-19 headlines from today: Oil is irrationally cheap. The WHO Director-General says "the worst is yet ahead of us." There's no deal on a new stimulus package in the Senate today—maybe tomorrow. Read our Monday afternoon round-up here.

Amoeba Music needs our help: The famous California-based music retailer launched a GoFundMe page today, hoping to raise nearly half a million dollars. COVID-19 is the fucking pits.

More sad business news: Capitol Hill's Le Frock won't reopen after COVID-19 ends, reports Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. The vintage and consignment shop has been around for "some 29 years of business" on the Hill.

The state of Georgia says they will open movie theaters by the end of April: Actually, the end of this week. That seems premature, y'all.


The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Seattle's pioneering first-come, first-served law for renters, reports Daniel Beekman for the Seattle Times. The law was passed by Seattle City Council in 2016 and "requires landlords to publicize their criteria for prospective renters and to accept the first qualified applicant." Of note:

Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court denial is the second in under a month of a case brought against Seattle by property owners and the Pacific Legal Foundation. Three weeks ago, the court declined to hear a challenge of the city’s “democracy vouchers” campaign-finance program.

A small plane crashed near Ellensburg on Sunday: Three people were in the plane. They all survived, although one was injured.

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Smoke a joint and watch these videos: I think they're fun to watch while high. There's no throughline, but if you smoke enough maybe a narrative will magically appear to you.