We started this "Unstreamable" project about three years ago, recommending films and TV shows you can't find on major streaming services while the so-called streaming wars were heating up. We noticed these "wars" caused streaming services to saturate the market, making digital media libraries increasingly unstable. Some months you could watch Drop Dead Gorgeous on Hulu. Other months it was on HBO Max. Other months it was entirely offline. This battle was happening while physical media libraries became practically extinct.

Yet in Seattle, we have a miracle. Scarecrow Video is still in the ring after over three decades, and it keeps growing, now with over 145,000 titles. Considering everything, we decided to create a column that encouraged people to visit this national treasure. (It was also a good excuse to watch movies no one would pay us to write about.) We thought this project would last a year, maybe. But now, after blurbing 350 movies, we're feeling proud... and like we want to shake it up a bit.

Since the beginning, the column has had a four-blurb set-up. We each write about two hard-to-find movies, although we try to find at least one that's a little more well-known. But what else could it be? A newsletter? A podcast? An in-depth dig into one lost film, rather than a collection of blurbs? Or is it time to kill this thing? If you're an Unstreamable reader, let us know what you think by taking this quick survey below. We've always believed that browsing a library by hand is a better teacher than an algorithm, and we've loved browsing along with all of you. Thank you.