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Fuck Me for Loving You

Steven Weissman


I'm not vagophobic, but how about something from a whiny, spiteful dude once in awhile. jus' sayin'. Boring I, anon.
I guess it's my turn to say that this is the most boring I Anon that I've ever read. This shit happens all the time. Don't worry, Support Enforcement will find him at his next job and garnish his wages until he follows through with his responsibility on his own. It's a hefty garnishment for child support, too.
Now THIS is a good I, Anonymous!
Wah. Cry. Stop bitching and start one of those trendy poly-families and start lobbying for an entitlement program.
Whoa, so far the whining is all in the comments!!

This woman has every right to be pissed! She's just found out that her partner of 2 years was a towering shitheel -- and that she, unbeknownst to her at the time, probably helped to humiliate the shitheel's latest victim! Don't you think that would get YOUR panties in a bunch??

To the I, Anon. writer: Girl, don't worry. Enforcement WILL find this shitheel and press his balls to the grindstone -- and, not to be obvious or anything, but you are SO MUCH better off without this lying sack of shit in your life. Be thankful you don't have any little reminders of him running around!
Like sands through an hourglass....
@1 - If you want whiny, spiteful dudes, read the comments on any given I, Anonymous.
best I-Anon comments EVER
and these are the days or our lives!
How is this anonymous if the guy reading this knows who it is? I mean, if I had done this to a woman, and said woman wrote a letter detailing every stage of my misdeed, I would know who wrote the letter. So, is the author supposed to be anonymous to her philandering boyfriend, or to us? I'm confused.
Really anon, if you want him to pay .... then call your state department and tell them where he works. They may not know, especially if he's changed jobs/addresses. Help them track him down. That's what it sounds like his baby mamma is trying to do.
I agree with loverelektryk. If the phone number you used when you last called him still works, give it to the state. For the sake of the innocent kid who resulted from this mess.
@9 nailed it. Rad.
12 - She wants him to know that all of us know, too.
She DID NOT get a letter from the state saying he is a father blah blah blah. She clearly opened his mail. Illegal much????
She would have saved herself some heartache and not have broken the law if she just wrote "no longer at this address". Possibly adding what she thinks is his current address.
I have no sympathy.
And for the sake of the child? Awesome, just awesome!

Why for the love of motherfucking god do people CHOOSE to raise kids under such blindingly awesome circumstances and have parents that can't help but dump their petty issues on a poor, hungry, angsty, confused kid.

Coming soon, to jack your shit ...

Or but wait ... Tim Tebow is a quarterback for the Broncos, I was under the impression that ALL accidents grow up to be something great, like president or whatever.
It's a good thing I-Anon doesn't count in "Big" media! I sense a law or mandatory sensitivity training for Penis.
This Penis thing is giving men a bad name!
@2 >It's a hefty garnishment for child support, too.

Hardly. They take his income into account more than they do the needs of the child. Rarely do non-custodial parents ever pay anywhere near half of what raising a child actually costs. And if the combination of child support and her income doesn't cut it, she's the one who will have to get a second job.
I liked this I Anon. She has every right to be upset that her ex turned out to be an even bigger turd than she thought he was.
whiney? pffff....ya right. tssss...shaaaaa..

i'll fuckin fight all you lassybaggers!

Why is it that when a woman bitches she is whiny? And when a man bitches its nothing? She has every right to be pissed off, would you wether you are a man or woman? This a-hole cheated on her!! Good for her for getting rid of this guy. @21, you are so right!!
stick it to the turd. Forward his address to the state.
it's not even your fucking BOYFRIEND anymore, lady. get over it. fucks sake, anything to contact him to feel superior.
It is completely over, - move on.

She is now paying an added price, of her own making, and there is only one solution. Forget him, find a better guy next round and live in the now and the future.
Just pass on that phone number to the state. Weeeeeee!
So, let me understand this you voluntarily had sex with this guy, failed to use contraception and now you are mad at him for doing the same thing with another lady??? To all the posters that are saying stick it to the boyfriend, why is it that you are absolving her of any wrongdoing here. It takes two to tango so, unless he made some sore of commitment to her she assumed facts not in evidence that being he wanted to have children or he waned to have children with her.
@28: Where does she say that they didn't use contraception?
At #1... a whiney, spiteful dude? That's it! I've found my niche. I will submit the "I Anonymous" next week! Wait... DAMN! I already blew my Anonymity! Fuck me. I can't do anything right.
@1 Yeah, we certainly don't have enough of that in the world. *yawn*
Why has no one questioned the sanity of this bitch deciding to have a baby with a man who was cheating? And the baby mamma knew he was cheating!
Just wanted to add my two cents that I hope the state finds him and garnishes his wages to the highest extent. I also hope that the saying "What goes around, comes around" manifests itself in his life for at least the next 18 years.
What, is Dino Rossi writing comments for I Anonymous? That's the only reason I can think of for all the douchie comments.
I love how dudes are just piling on that the woman should just get over it. Trust me, if your girlfriend of two years had been cheating on you, and you found out even a year after the relationship was over, you'd be upset. You'd go hide in your man cave and boo-hoo about it in private, to save face, but you'd still be upset. Betrayal is betrayal, and it hurts most when you find out. Even if it's over and done with.

Poor kid, likely won't have a mother AND a father!
But it's likely better than having this pitifull man around his life to teach him to be like that. Maybe he has a great man for an uncle, I hope so!

PS. Shame on you for compounding this woman's pain by calling her nasty shit!
PPS. At least YOU don't have to have the state track this wonderful example of fatherhood down for child support.
@17 - it's not illegal if she works in the payroll department... the letter clearly states that they worked at the same company. Probably ended up getting the letter at work which would be a big slap in the face.

I'd be pissed too.

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