Hello, I'm Donald Trump.

You knew that. You also know I have the biggest, best, most fantastic university in the world: Trump University. It's the best because it's the biggest. And the BEST. Everybody knows it.

Speaking of the best, Trump University is now offering a new class for you to pay for, and it's also great because it's the best. It's called THE ART OF DEBATE, and it's an online class taught by the absolute best debater of any debate ever—me, Donald Trump. Did you see me debate Crooked Hillary? Embarrassing. Embarrassing for her! And I would've beaten her even worse—but why? Categorically I'm already the best, right? That's not a question. Because I am. The best. Best. BEST! Best.

Now. Why should you pay top dollar for my online ART OF DEBATE class. That's not a question. You will pay for it, it's the best. And the best costs money. But here are some very specific reasons why my ART OF DEBATE class is the best.

• It's the best.

• It's a debate class taught by me, and therefore, is the best.

• Socrates thought he was a great debater, then he saw me and Crooked Hillary. Now he's like, "Boo hoo hoo! Donald Trump, you're the best." And I'm like, "Shut up, dummy." (I could mention that he was Greek, too, but I'm not going to.)

Now. What specific things will I teach in this class—again, not a question. But what I will teach is this:

Avoiding Questions Through Repetition. I will successfully show you how to successfully dodge any tough question through the repeating of repetition, and reiteration of repeating repetitiousness.

Fabrication Slamming. A fact is not something that is true, a fact is something that is said LOUDLY and repeated with LOUDNESS. What? How can you not see this is true? ARE YOU INSANE. Unbelievable. Embarrassing. Next question.

When You Want to Stop a Line of Questioning, Interr—INTERRUPTING? I'm not the one interrupting; you're the one interrupting! Now you listen to me! I told you I'm categorically the best, everybody knows it, my class is the best, I'm the best, class best, me best, BEST! Next question.

Sniffle. Sniffle a lot. It works. It's the best.

You want to be the best debater, right, that's not a question. You do, you want it, you want to pay a lot of money for it, because it's the best. So sign up now for Trump University's ART OF DEBATE class! Because! Best! Repeat! Best! Embarrassing! Interruption! Best! Sniff.