Stranger news reporter Hannah Krieg regrets spelling pot shop owner, and notable Twitter election nerd, Logan Bowers's name “Logan Bower” in a story published in July. 

Will Casey, Stranger news reporter, regrets misspelling Virginia in the headline of Slog AM on November  23. Will intended no slight to the commonwealth.

Stranger Editor Rich Smith regrets at least five of the 15 years he spent smoking cigarettes. For him, quitting was much easier than he thought it would be, though now, admittedly, he’s addicted to Trident gum. 

In a subhead for an August 9 post about the film Bound, Stranger staffer Jas Keimig wrote "Wachowskis's" instead of "Wachowskis'." They understand how possessive plural works and they regret the error.

Stranger Senior Staff Writer Charles Mudede regrets his first review of Don't Look Up ("As a Big Fan of Hollywood's Red Tradition, I Was Sad to Be Disappointed by Don't Look Up," December 30, 2021). It was negative. It was so wrong. The movie isn't even a comedy. It took him two or so months to realize this. There is nothing in this film that's remotely funny. It's just as real as real gets. We can't stop capitalism. It will destroy the only world we know. Life will likely take a new direction as humans die in the billions. Don't look ahead.

On Thursday, December 22, Stranger Arts Editor Megan Seling got the words "anecdote" and "antidote" mixed up in a tweet that went out to more than 130,000 people. She regrets the embarrassing error.

Earlier this year, Stranger Staff Writer Matt Baume wrote about how the landlord company Seattle Property Management Associates tried to get tenants of a building to sign away their rights to relocation assistance ("First Their Home Burned Down. Then Came the Contracts.," March 18). When he called SPMA for comment, broker Gudrun Snyder asked if she could call him back later. He said sure, which was dumb, because of course she never called back and never picked up when he tried calling back. Matt regrets allowing Snyder to weasel out of a call so easily.

Stranger contributor Meg van Huygen regrets royally pissing off Tomo with her (90% positive!!) review ("Here's the Thing About TOMO," January 12) by saying that she wasn't full after the $174 $78-per-person prix fixe dinner and went across the street to eat elotes afterward so folks should just order the hits from the bar because now she can never go back and eat their truly incredible kakigori. That was stupid of her. She regrets the error. (Editor's Note: Meg van Huygen and Arts Editor Megan Seling also apologize for not fact-checking the cost of the dinner prior to publication. It has been corrected. Raving recommendations for Tomo's kakigori and the elotes across the street both stand.)

Darya Farivar regrets getting a drastically short haircut in the middle of her campaign.

Will Casey, staff writer at The Stranger, regrets not spending more time reporting on Seattle Municipal Court in the fall. To all the public defenders in his DMs, he's still interested in your tips, he just had too much to juggle with the election to confirm every embarrassing fuck up from one of the City Attorney’s baby prosecutors.

Freelance contributor Dave Segal regrets that 98.3% of the people he sees at concerts, DJ events, and bars in 2022 think the pandemic—now a tripledemic, for fuck's sake—is over, and he cannot mask his exasperation about it any longer. 

Hannah Krieg, news reporter at The Stranger, regrets forgetting to cancel a call with Council Member Teresa Mosqueda earlier this month. She’s done a bad job of juggling as of late, and Mosqueda’s office is the latest of her innocent victims.

Onions regret the unrealistic expectations set by every recipe that claims they’re capable of reaching full caramelization in “about 10 minutes.”

Jas Keimig, staff writer at The Stranger, does not regret giggling at all the memes following the death of Queen Elizabeth. She was a monarch and the head of a colonial state—be fucking for real!

Arts Editor Megan Seling regrets that she's still using Spotify.

anthony keo

On his deathbed, Stranger Senior Staff Writer Charles Mudede will certainly regret never buying his wife a wedding ring. And she, Bellen, really wanted one. "Put a ring on it," her hand said so many times. He just couldn't do it. His Marxism said no. Life can be like that.

Kelly Froh, executive director of Short Run Seattle, an international alternative comix festival, regrets that, though email invites were sent, no government representatives, local professional wrestlers, or sports mascots visited the 10th annual festival on November 5. "It was my dream to have US Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, King County Council Member Girmay Zahilay, Swerve, Schaff, Nick Wayne, and Blitz just walking around the fest floor shopping, being cool, but unfortunately none of them could make it,” she says. "Maybe next year!"

Elon Musk's accountants and financial advisers absolutely regret taking on the loserish billionaire as a client. 

Stranger Editor Rich Smith regrets not spending more time out and about in the city’s restaurants and bars. Most days, he simply migrates from his bed to his desk to his reading chair and then back to his bed. With his one precious life, he should take scuba lessons, or paddle around the lake more, or something. 

Stranger Arts Editor Megan Seling regrets fixing a typo in the above submission from Stranger Editor Rich Smith, in which he claimed to be the Strange editor. She should’ve left it! It’d have been funny!

Clyde Petersen

Filmmaker and musician Clyde Petersen regrets that he is still not friends with John Lurie. What’s it gonna take, John?

Stranger Staff Writer Jas Keimig regrets their use of "unmanned" in two different Slog AM/PM articles discussing space flight. The NASA-approved term is the gender-neutral "uncrewed." They regret the error… obviously.

Hannah Krieg regrets not schmoozing enough to get invited for a guest appearance on KING 5’s New Year’s special. 2023 will be her year.

Despite being assigned to cover the Seattle Police Department since April, Will Casey regrets failing to come up with a single pitch sufficiently flattering to SPD’s communications department to earn an opportunity to go on a ride-along with Seattle’s finest. Their cars seem fancy, and he would like to confirm that intuition with actual reporting.

Matt Baume, staff writer at The Stranger, regrets not moving his car for so long that the battery died. On the bright side, when someone broke open the dashboard and tried to hotwire it, they weren’t able to start it, so at least everyone was disappointed.

Senator Joe Nguyễn regrets having to work from home while potty training his son and subsequently having to put the Governor on mute to help wipe his son's butt.

Contributor Meg van Huygen regrets showing up hella late the only time she ever went to Bunsoy and just ordering drinks, since the thing she wanted to try wasn’t on their late-night menu, because then the restaurant closed forever like 10 minutes later!! It was like the time she saved up to see Nirvana at Mercer Arena in January of 1994 and decided to go on a trip to Vancouver instead and was like, “Enh, I’ll see them later. They play in Seattle all the time!” The drinks were really good though. RIP Bunsoy. And Nirvana.

In the September 20 post titled, "The Irresistible Rise of Freakout Festival," Megan Seling, The Stranger's arts editor, miscredited a photo that was taken by Rachel Bennett. Oops! Thank you, Freakout Fest's Jake Hanson, for pointing out the error.

Hannah Krieg regrets not being a more aggressive champion of abolishing design review in an August episode of Week in Review on KUOW.

Stranger Senior Staff Writer Charles Mudede regrets only eating two lobster rolls during his brief stay in the Boston area. The second one he chowed down, at the Summer Shack, was not cheap, was small, but so close to God.

In April, The Stranger's arts and culture writer Jas Keimig wrote a feature on graffiti in the city and got two things wrong: 1) The Seattle Police Department doesn't have any dedicated graffiti staff or budget, and 2) Red Wagon Paint Out and Adopt a Street are City-organized volunteer programs, not outside organizations. Jas made the correction and regrets the error. 

In that same piece, Keimig referred to "throw ups"—a term for graffiti pieces that can be thrown up quickly—as "throwies" because they heard someone say that and wanted to be hip to the lingo. They were wrong and they regret the error.

Graffiti regrets Mayor Bruce Harrell. 

Anthony Keo

Peter Boal, the artistic director of Pacific Northwest Ballet, regrets trying to show a room full of talented dancers how it should be done while staging Allegro Brilliante and then having a tendon rip in his arm.

Stranger Editor Rich Smith sincerely regrets writing an unclear email to congressional candidate Stephanie Gallardo, which led to her to drive all the way to the Stranger offices on the wrong day for an endorsement meeting. He did not mean to waste all that time, energy, and gas.

Stranger cop reporter Will Casey regrets every minute spent listening to Seattle Police Officers Guild president Mike Solan’s podcast this year. Not one bit of actual news was discovered, and now his nightmares are haunted by the grating voice of the city’s most obnoxious employee fawning over a certain suburban podcaster.

Arts Editor Megan Seling regrets that The Stranger switched its house style from spelling out the word “percent” to using the symbol “%.” She also regrets not realizing it sooner because she changed every “%” to “percent” on Slog for her first three months on the job. Sorry, writers!

Jas Keimig, culture writer at The Stranger, deeply regrets not going to the Grace Jones concert at the Moore on September 21. They considered buying tickets, but ultimately decided against it—the absolute wrong decision 'cuz that concert looked fun as hell. As Grace would say, “I'm not perfect…”

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Rachel Stevens, the interim Sound & Vision host and producer at KEXP, regrets every show she didn’t go to in 2022, especially Grace Jones at the Moore. Not just because it was Grace Fucking Jones, but apparently KEXP’s own Riz Rollins wore a full-length gown and fabulous hat and there’s no photographic evidence. You had to be there. Rachel wasn’t.

KEXP Producer Rachel Stevens also regrets meeting JusMoni out one night and telling her, “I edited a piece about you once,” instead of… well, basically anything else.

Stranger Staff Writer Matt Baume recently began discussing Stranger-recommended events on KUOW once a month. He regrets listening back to his segments only to discover that he has a tendency to describe everything as “super fun.” They can’t ALL be super fun.

Kamau Chege, one of Seattle’s nine most powerful people, regrets using Calendly to link up with friends. Sure, it’s convenient for having a life outside of organizing and work, but the endless dragging from friends just isn’t worth it.

Silly idiot Brittne Lunniss, staff photographer for The Stranger, regrets gaslighting her lactose intolerance by eating too much cheese in 2022. "You know it doesn't actually hurt your stomach, RIGHT?" "Will probably continue in 2023," she adds. 
Brittne Lunniss, weed lover, also regrets getting violently stoned before watching Gaspar Noe’s psychological horror film “Climax.” Never again. 

Rich Smith, editor at The Stranger, regrets not writing more about how sleazy the Democrats were during the state redistricting process. He also regrets not writing about how the race between the rural Dem who “fixes things” and the clean-cut Trumper in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District prefigures our politics for the next decade. He also regrets not writing about every bullshit crimes of survival that Republican City Attorney Ann Davison’s prosecutors charged this year. He could keep going!

Jas Keimig, arts writer at The Stranger, regrets absent-mindedly stuffing old pasta into the garbage disposal and accidentally clogging their kitchen sink so bad it took the property manager two days to get it out. But also their landlord should just update all the piping. 

Stranger reporter Hannah Krieg regrets not commenting “you’re stinky” on every willful tweet misreading her correct, airtight, based-as-fuck takes.

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Old Witch made more mistakes than she can count this year. One of her biggest regrets was trying to stuff herself into a pair of heels that were two sizes too small at her show, Leather and Lace. Her piggies were begging for mercy and she had to limp offstage like a three-legged flamingo because she also forgot to tuck that night. Another regret was having her eight-inch paper eyelashes droop all over her face from sweat during a particularly spirited performance. She ended up looking like something you'd fish out of a clogged shower drain: sexy, wet, irritated. And last but not least, she regrets the end of the SLAY horror short film festival. It was the perfect opportunity for her to showcase her acting skills, scare the pants off an audience, and highlight the amazing indie horror talent that is out there. But alas, all gruesome things must come to an end. Here's to a 2023 full of friends, family, and scares!

Senior (Citizen) Staff Writer Charles (Tonderai) Mudede (also known by his aunts as Charlie Pongo) regrets that, despite growing old, he has yet to wear the bottoms of his trousers rolled.

When Stranger Arts Editor Megan Seling wrote the social media summary for Dave Segal's great review of the post-punk band Bush Tetras ("Still Funky After All These Years," September 6) she incorrectly referred to the band as Bush Tetris. She regrets the error.

On July 14 Jas Keimig, staff writer at The Stranger, wrote that AMP—the firm responsible for putting on the Seattle Art Fair—has fairs in Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, the Hamptons, and Indio, CA. AMP doesn't put on art fairs in Indio, CA. Jas regrets the error.

Stranger Editor Rich Smith regrets hanging up on Rep. Frank Chopp for not answering his questions about procedural politics in the Washington State House. He probably should have let the old Speaker just say his concluding statements and left on a more professional note, but sometimes he just can’t take the runaround.

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Z. Diaz’s biggest regret is that his interim period couldn’t have lasted longer than 750 days.

In a Stranger Suggests blurb for the week of November 23, two different items on a list were referred to as "the former." One should've been referred to as "the latter," of course. Arts Editor Megan Seling regrets not catching the error before publication.

Meg van Huygen regrets every Sunday that she did not spend at George and Dragon Pub in Fremont eating a full English breakfast while singing karaoke when she could have been doing that. Kitchen’s open until 11 pm! Their curry fries are the tits too.

Matt Baume, staff writer at The Stranger, regrets planting strawberries in the spring because they attracted every rat within a five-block radius, many of which then chose to crawl behind the planter and expire, producing a fantastic smell.

Eric Elbogen

Eric Elbogen has some bands called Say Hi, Say Hi To Your Mom, and Werewolf Diskdrive. He has no regrets. How could he? Every decision has been made with the utmost care, considering the plethora of minutia and the statistical likelihood of said decision causing eternal happiness or unhappiness both within and without. Where an error in judgment has been made, he takes solace in the fact that, in multiple alternate quantum timelines, the decision was the exact correct decision to achieve the ultimate, intended result.

Charles Mudede, the father of Eben Mudede, and the son of Ebenezer Mudede (both are economists, and so is his daughter Delphi Mudede), regrets all of the errors that appeared (and mysteriously disappeared) in his Slog AM and PM posts.

As part of our Pride coverage, Stranger writers wrote about some of the corporate Pride sponsors who also give tens of thousands of dollars to homophobic politicians. We reached out to all of the companies in the article, but none of them responded. Of course. We regret not camping outside their PR offices to ambush them with a camera and microphone.

Freelancer Dave Segal regrets that, even at this late date, a sizable number of publicists and record-label bosses neglect to tag digital files of their artists' releases. Failure to do so makes finding the files in his digital library—which contains dozens of thousands of tracks—damn near impossible, and ultimately sabotages these artists' chances of media coverage.

The Seattle Weather Blog regrets that its constant in-your-face promotion of cool, cloudy weather may have triggered retribution from Mother Nature in the form of endless summer heat and a smoke season that didn’t end until Halloween.

Rich Smith, The Stranger’s editor, regrets initially failing to include the Stranger Election Control Board’s endorsement of Rep. Javier Valdez in the 2022 primary election package. He quickly added the write-up to the piece later that day, though Valdez probably wishes he hadn’t. Nevertheless, he regrets the error.

Related: In the Stranger Election Control Board’s 2022 primary endorsement of Secretary of State Steve Hobbs, editor Rich Smith mischaracterized candidate Julie Anderson’s views on nonpartisan races. He wrote that she wanted to work to increase nonpartisan races in all offices, but she only wanted to push to make all auditor offices and the Secretary of State’s office nonpartisan. Though that mistake didn’t really change the SECB’s views on the race, he should have double-checked that fact. He regrets that error, too.

Hannah Krieg, The Stranger’s staff writer and City Hall reporter, regrets not correctly buttoning her cardigan for her first attempt at broadcast news this summer. 

Anthony Keo

Tiffany Smiley. That's it. That's the regret.

Jas Keimig, arts writer at The Stranger, regrets writing that Biblioteka is a Seattle-CDMX supergroup playing at Freakout's Weekender next year ("Get Ready to Freakout (Again)," November 29). They are playing the fest, but they are actually based in Seattle only. Mala Suerte is the Seattle-CDMX supergroup Jas was thinking of. They regret the error.

Stranger Staff Writer Will Casey regrets not making an additional phone call to local elections nerd Andrew Villeneuve before posting his story on Seattle progressives’ odd-year turnout problem. If he had, Villeneuve could have saved him the embarrassment of incorrectly stating that Seattle could end that outdated voter suppression tactic via a ballot initiative, when in fact a change in state law is required. He regrets the error, as well as the multiple text messages exchanged with Villeneuve it took to obtain the citation to the relevant state statute.

In the December 6 article "Gabe Fernandez's Idealized Visualizations" Stranger Arts Editor Megan Seling wrote that Fernandez was hosting an event on Saturday, December 12 when it should've been Saturday, December 17. She fixed it later, but still.

Matt Baume, who writes about comics and culture at The Stranger, regrets using a cloud-based AI chatbot that can write whatever users ask for… and also saves those conversations and provides logs to researchers for analysis, a fact he only learned after asking it to write some absolutely deranged erotica.

In moving from LA to Seattle, SDOT Director Gregg Spotts regrets buying all the same brands and styles of jackets and shoes that everybody else is wearing in the PNW, instead of digging deeper to find some more unique and stylish ways to stay warm and dry.

Stranger arts writer Jas Keimig regrets that XO Seattle doesn't have access to RailSpur's top two floors all year long. The city desperately needs more arts spaces with good views, good curation, and excellent art with immaculate vibes. Someone rich, please make this happen. 

Stranger staffer Hannah Krieg regrets eating the bagel that gave her food poisoning on election night, causing her to miss Darya Farviar’s election party. She does not regret writing a very mild Yelp review of the restaurant where she bought that bagel. She gave them four stars and said she would probably eat there again. Still, the restaurant owner sent her a passive-aggressive message, which amounted to an attempt to gaslight Hannah into believing that the only thing she ate did not cause the illness. 

Anthony Keo

Rich Smith, editor of The Stranger, regrets every penny he ever spent on sliced deli meats. You can just roast chicken and turkey breasts at the house and then slice them thin! It’s fine!

Matt Baume, culture writer at The Stranger, regrets asking a stranger in Ballard if he could pet her dog because when he bent down to pet it the dog jumped up at him and they accidentally head-butted each other. The dog was fine. The owner was… unhappy.

After accepting the job offer to be the new arts editor at The Stranger in August, Megan Seling drove across the country—from Nashville to Seattle—with her husband, dog, and a heavy box of precariously stacked houseplants that required temperature control a U-Haul couldn’t provide. She doesn’t regret it! She does, however, regret the caffeinated concoction she made at Buc-ee's halfway through the trip. Road-weary, she thought it would be hilarious to put a squirt of every flavored syrup at the self-serve coffee bar in her 24-ounce cold brew. It was not good! Very thick. Very gross. Pumpkin spice and mint have no business being together. But not wanting to be wasteful, she drank it anyway. She apologizes to everyone at that middle-of-nowhere Arizona rest stop for what happened next. Furthermore, Megan also regrets Buc-ee's. Why is it so loud in there all the time? Why are there so many different kinds of beef jerky? It’s too much beef jerky!

After A LOT OF YOU COMPLAINED, Jas Keimig—arts writer at The Stranger—regrets writing that now Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson would be the first Black justice on the Supreme Court in their Slog PM news roundup for June 29. Ketanji Brown Jackson is—in fact—the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. Jas absolutely knows who Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas are, though they'd rather forget the latter.

Will Casey regrets his professionalism when observing a hearing in the case against the child who allegedly shot a classmate at Ingraham High School. During the hearing, a local TV news camera operator chose to zoom in on the face of one of the child’s family members throughout the hearing after the judge denied media permission to record the child during the proceedings. There’s no legitimate news value to broadcasting this family’s pain for ratings, and Will deeply regrets failing to question the camera operator on the whereabouts of their soul on that Tuesday afternoon.

Just yesterday, on December 28, Arts Editor Megan Seling put two Gs in the section headline for the blurb recommending Digable Planets' December 30 show at the Neptune. There's only one G in Digable Planets! She knows this! She regrets the error.

Senior Staff Writer Charles Mudede regrets not finding the time this year to explain, in some detail, John Wheeler's concept of quantum foam. It is really one of the most important ideas ever expressed. The closer we look at the universe, the stranger (and more wonderful) it becomes. Do not die believing any of this (dust in the room, the cloud in the sky, the itch behind the ear) is ordinary.

Rich Smith, The Stranger’s editor, regrets every tweet. Every tweet is a mistake.