France's highest administrative court has ruled that a French town trampled on its constituents' rights when it banned burkinis—swimwear that allows devout Muslim women to enjoy the surf—from public beaches.

The ruling likely sets a precedent for mayors in 30 other French towns and cities who enacted a similar ban, the BBC reports.

The issue drew international attention scorn after photos of armed police officers forcing a Muslim woman to take off her clothing on a beach in Nice surfaced online.

Many have observed that banning Muslim citizens' access to a public good does nothing to ease tensions within a nation concerned about homegrown terrorism.

There have been no reports to date on whether French mayors plan to ban men who tell women what to wear, how to act, how to make money, which religion to observe, how to love, and how to control their own reproductive systems. We eagerly await the issue becoming a top priority for legislative agendas worldwide.