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News Thu 11:29 AM

Doggy Day Care Workers Bite Back After a Ruff Eight Months at the Bargaining Table

Sit! Stay! Roll Over to Worker Demands, Downtown Dog Lounge!

News Thu 9:00 AM

The Seattle Public Library Announces 1,500 Hours of Closures in the Next Eight Weeks

Library Workers Say It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

News Wed 12:43 PM

Proposed Contract Kills Any Hope for Real Police Alternatives in Seattle

The Union Basically Negotiated for Some Police Assistants

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Elections 2024 Tue 11:24 AM

Washington State Democrats Could Win Supermajorities in 2024

Supermajorities + Democratic Governor = Power to Fix the State Constitution

News Apr 5 6:29 PM

In New Police Union Contract, Seattle Gives Cops Huge Pay Raises but Gets Little Accountability in Return

“The Change Is So Minimal, It’s Almost Like They Did Nothing”

News Apr 4 4:43 PM

New Seattle Transportation Levy Just Dropped

Harrell Half-Asses Another Hugely Important Once-in-a-Decade Plan

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News Apr 3 6:32 PM

Will Seattle Respond to the Refugee Crisis with Housing or Handcuffs?

Mayor’s Office Won’t Say If He Will Sweep 300 Migrants Camping on Garfield Tennis Court

News Apr 2 5:14 PM

City Council FINALLY Ratifies Coalition of City Unions Contract Despite Budget Deficit Concerns

A 9.7% Raise Sounds Pretty Good Until You Hear Cops Could Get 23%

News Apr 2 9:00 AM

SPD Detective Under Investigation for Pulling Over Metro Bus Driver

A Passenger Took a Viral Video of the Incident

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News Mar 28 5:53 PM

Seattle City Council Requests Draft Legislation to Repeal Minimum Wage for Gig Workers

The Move Comes after the Council Consulted with Uber-Backed Lobby Group Instead of Workers

News Mar 28 9:00 AM

Inside Ann Davison’s War with a Judge She Doesn’t Like

A Week After Judge Pooja Vaddadi Disqualified a Prosecutor in a Case, Prosecutors Moved to Disqualify Her in Every Case

Olympia Mar 27 11:00 AM

New Law Requires More Inclusive School Curricula in Washington

Lessons to Include Contributions from LGBTQ People and People of Color

Elections 2024 Mar 27 10:00 AM

Josh Binda Launches Progressive Challenge to Rep. Rick Larsen

With a Crowded Left Lane, the Incumbent May Face an Easy Battle Against a Freedom Caucus Wannabe

News Mar 26 9:00 AM

Seattle’s Dual Dispatch Program Is Underutilized

We Could Unleash It If the Mayor Would Stop Letting the Police Union Run the Town

Elections 2024 Mar 25 8:00 AM

Alexis Mercedes Rinck Launches Progressive Challenge to Tanya Woo

She’s a Renter, a Transit Rider, a Policy Wonk, and a Nose Ring-Haver

News Mar 21 11:29 AM

Target of “Landlord Lives Matter” Protest Speaks Out About Bullying Amid Eviction Case

Landlord Claims Tenant Is Exploiting the System, Tenant Says He’s Going Through the Proper Legal Channels

Queer Mar 20 10:32 AM

Yes, JK Rowling, the Nazis Did Persecute Trans People

We Asked the Leading Expert on the Topic