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Elections 2023 Yesterday 9:30 AM

Teresa Mosqueda Announces King County Council Campaign

And She's Coming In Swinging With Nearly 90 Endorsements

News Wed 9:43 AM

Seattle City Council Member Tammy Morales Announces Reelection Campaign

So Far, She's One of Only Two Incumbents Who Wants to Keep Her Job

Elections 2023 Tue 7:30 AM

Urbanist Ron Davis Announces Campaign for City Council

Roosevelt Resident Wants to Fight for Density and Progressive Revenue in City Hall

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Labor Jan 27 1:03 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Buzzfeed Using AI to Write Articles, Sawant Aims to End Caste Discrimination, and Screw the Two-Week Notice

News Jan 27 8:00 AM

Assistant Attorney General Sarah Reyneveld Is Running for King County Council

She Hopes to Replace Outgoing Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles in District 4

News Jan 26 6:00 AM

Urbanist Alex Hudson Enters Council Race to Replace Sawant


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News Jan 25 2:26 PM

Central District Resident Joy Hollingsworth Is Running for City Council

She Wants to Bring Her Perspective as a Black Queer Woman to City Hall

News Jan 25 10:18 AM

Supreme Court Ruling Could Allow Washington to Tax the Rich

Will the Justices Choose the Idiotic, the Cowradly, or the Bold Path Foward???

News Jan 24 11:00 AM

Formerly Unhoused, Andrew Ashiofu Wants to Fight for Housing Progress on City Council

Is He a Democrat? A Socialist? "IT'S A NONPARTISAN RACE."

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News Jan 24 9:00 AM

With Sawant Out, What’s Next for Seattle’s Left?

One Candidate Proposes a Slate of Seven Socialists

Labor Jan 20 10:00 AM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Sawant Launches “Workers Strike Back” Movement, Huge Layoffs in Tech, and Hotel Nexus Workers Get $218,000 Back in Labor Settlement

News Jan 19 10:01 AM

Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant Will Not Seek Reelection

She's Leaving to Launch a National Workers Movement

Books Jan 18 4:56 PM

Literary Genius Jonathan Raban Has Died

The Travel Writer and Novelist was 80 Years Old

State of the State 2023 Jan 18 12:42 PM

The Stranger’s 2023 Bill Tracker

A Big List of Promising and Not-So-Promising Proposals to Fix the State’s Polycrisis

News Jan 17 7:59 AM

Andrew Lewis Is Running for Reelection

So Far, He's the Only Incumbent to Ask for a Second Term

Music Jan 13 3:11 PM

The Kraken Bar & Lounge Is Closing in March

"Music Is Supposed to Be a Big Part of Seattle, but There’s No Space for It"

Labor Jan 13 2:49 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Mushroom Workers Rally, Black Women Now Run State Labor Council, Mouse-Jigglers Bravely Jiggle On