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After SCOTUS Overturns Roe, WA Leaders Go on the Offense

Local Electeds Pledge Money for Abortion Funds, Promise New Protections

The Bright Side of SPD's Staffing Shortage

National Cop Shortage Could Pave Way for Alternatives

Seattle Might Soon Defund a Promising Police Alternative

If JustCARE Falls, We Deliver Care Falls Too

News Wed 3:43 PM

A Photo-Finish for Seattle’s Social Housing Initiative

Last-Minute Paid Signature Gatherers May Have Saved HON’s Ass

News Wed 10:38 AM

Seattle Mayor Raises Rainbow Flag for Pride, but Not Much Else

Queer Groups Hold Out Hope That Harrell Will Do More

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Elections 2022 Jun 17 9:19 AM

What’s The Difference Between Candidates in the 36th Legislative District?

Zoning! And Also One Guy Likes Cops, But Mostly ZONING!

News Jun 16 9:25 AM

In a Seeming Twist, LIHI Endorses Social Housing Initiative

As a member of the Housing Development Authority, LIHI was lumped in with the anti-PDA crowd. No longer.

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News Jun 15 2:29 PM

Voters Could Change How And When We Vote This November

The New System Would Allow Voters to Support More Than One Candidate

News Jun 15 1:43 PM

Few Clues in Mystery of Burien’s Stolen Pride Flags

The Theft Bears Similarities to a 2020 Incident

News Jun 14 1:23 PM

New Bill Would Update Seattle’s Process for Investigating Police Chiefs

The City Council wants to close a Jenny Durkan-sized loophole in the police accountability system.

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News Jun 14 10:56 AM

The City and County Fund Could Give Childcare Workers About $800 Each

The one-time bonuses pale in comparison to proposed bonuses for cops

News Jun 10 12:00 PM

Washington Wants to Ban Assault Weapons

52% of people polled statewide said they "strongly" supported such a ban

News Jun 7 4:50 PM

The Tiny Shelter Monopoly

Residents Want More Options and More Oversight Over Seattle’s Preferred Shelter Model

News Jun 3 3:21 PM

A Majority of U.S. Workers Now Support Unions

PayUp Passes, Washington Protects Outdoor Workers, and More Labor News

News Jun 2 5:11 PM

Did Our Last Mayor Commit a Felony?

It'd be nice if we knew. Here's why we don't.

News Jun 1 3:22 PM

Pedersen Pisses Off Seattle Landlords

Is the rent too high? The City wants to know, but landlords don't want to say.