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Animal Rights Activists Oppose Seattle’s Proposed Shark Jail

Maybe We Could Use the Millions for Housing Instead?

Seattle City Council May Put Ranked-Choice Voting on the Ballot

After Months of Tension, Ranked-Choice and Approval Voting Could Duke it out on the Ballot

How to "Aid and Abet" an Abortion

Tips, Tricks, and Critical Medical and Legal Advice

Inslee Turns State Cops into Abortion Protectors

The Order Sets Up Doomsday Scenario Not Seen Since Civil War

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News Yesterday 5:18 PM

The Mayor Wants to Pay Human Service Providers Less

Budget Chair, Public Speak Out Against Cuts

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News Tue 5:52 PM

Very Little for Progressives in Mayor Harrell's 2023-2024 Budget

It Refunds SPD, Underinvests in Ending Pedestrian Deaths, But It’s Like 80% There on the Green New Deal

News Mon 11:20 AM

King County Leaders Announce $1.25 Billion Plan to Address Behavioral Health Crisis

They're Proposing a New Property Tax to Pay for It

Labor Sep 23 12:30 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Teamsters Rally in SLU, Big Win for Health Care Workers, and THESE BANKS ARE GONNA BUST!!!

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Elections 2022 Sep 23 9:00 AM

Want to Have Dinner with an Insurrectionist?

The King County Republicans Can Hook You Up

Elections 2022 Sep 22 4:11 PM

Defense Attorneys Say Harsh Sentencing Decision Reveals Judge's Bias

Judge Eisenberg's Alleged Use of a "Trial Tax" Draws Criticism Amid Reelection Campaign

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Film/TV Sep 21 3:59 PM

Smell That? It's the Sweet Smell of Seattle's New Film Commission

The City Council Passed the Milestone Legislation Yesterday

News Sep 21 9:30 AM

Animal Rights Activists Oppose Seattle’s Proposed Shark Jail

Maybe We Could Use the Millions for Housing Instead?

Health Sep 21 9:00 AM

There's an App for That

How One Seattle Doctor Used Grindr to Help Patients Get Vaccinated for Monkeypox

Cops Sep 20 4:14 PM

New SPD Chief, Same as the Old Chief

Mayor Harrell Picks Interim Chief Diaz after National “Search”

Cops Sep 16 10:57 AM

Who Will Be Seattle’s Next Top Cop?

Mayor to Choose Between a Reformer and Two SPD Veterans

News Sep 15 4:52 PM

Chinatown Protests “Homelessness Megaplex”

The Shelter Expansion Will Alleviate Visible Homelessness, County Says

News Sep 14 10:04 AM

Seattle Warms Up to Democratically Run Homeless Shelters

After Years of Struggle, Agencies and Nonprofits Give Up the Fight Against Self-Management

Labor Sep 9 2:19 PM

This Week in Worker Conquests

Teachers Stay Strong, Seattle Returns $379,000 to Workers, and Starbucks Rally on Tuesday!

News Sep 9 11:03 AM

The September Squeeze

Council Prioritizes Cannabis Equity, Abortion Protections, Police Alternatives, and Film Incentives Ahead of Budget Negotiations

News Sep 8 10:27 AM

How Can We Fix the King County Jail Crisis?

Holding Fewer People In Jail for Nonviolent Offenses Is a Good Start

News Sep 7 11:19 AM

Seattle Teachers Strike

Pay and Special Education Hold Up Seattle Public School Contract Negotiations