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News Yesterday 12:16 PM

The Washington State Delegates Are Coconut-Pilled

“All Options Are Welcome and All Will Fail,” Says State Democratic Party

Queer Mon 11:50 AM

Denny Blaine Activists, Beachgoers Upset about Mayor's Texts

Texts Revealed Harrell and Playground Donor Stuart Sloan Shared Disgust about Nudity

News Jul 18 6:24 PM

Mayor Bruce Harrell and Denny Blaine Donor Texted about the “Problem of Nudity” at Nude Beach

Sloan Called Beachgoers “DISGUSTING,” Mayor Said He Shared “Disgust”

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News Jul 16 1:35 PM

One-Third of the City Council May Not Be Able to Vote on Renters’ Rights

Tenants Protections May Be Saved BECAUSE of Landlord Interest on the City Council

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News Jul 12 12:03 PM

Have You Seen Sadako Sasaki?

Life-size Statue of 12-Year-Old Who Died of Radiation After Hiroshima Bombing Goes Missing

News Jul 12 9:00 AM

Seattle City Council Puts Renter Protections in Its Sights

The Rollbacks Would Be Both Very Evil and Very Dumb

News Jul 9 4:09 PM

Council Member Tanya Woo Decries Graffiti Targeting Her in the CID as Hateful

The Graffiti Reads: “Fuck Tanya Woo Get Her Out!” “Tanya Woo Hates Black People,” and Tanya Woo Is [indecipherable]

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News Jul 9 9:00 AM

Big Business Is Pleased with the Council It Bought

With a Council This Slow and Inept, Why Wouldn’t They Be? 

News Jul 8 12:47 PM

Trans Woman Launches Hunger Strike After State Moved Her to Men’s Prison

The Washington DOC Had Never Removed a Trans Person from Gender-Affirming Housing Before

News Jul 3 9:00 AM

City Council Sides with Big Business, Rejects Morales’s Bolder Transportation Levy

It's So Regressive, Says the Council Who Won’t Commit to Progressive Revenue

News Jul 2 9:00 AM

SCOTUS Ruling Won’t Change How Seattle Sweeps, Which Is Not a Flex

Seattle May Not Fine Unhoused People, but They Sure Will Keep Pushing Them Around!

News Jun 28 10:45 AM

Congressional Candidate Emily Randall Loses the Left After Taking a Pro-Israel Stance

Firing Staffer over “Liking” Pro-Palestine Content, Pink-washing Genocide, and Alleged AIPAC Anxieties

Cops Jun 26 9:02 AM

Seattle Cops Accuse Pro-Palestine Protester of Hate Crime for Stickering a McDonald’s Sign

Protester Accuses Cops of Wasting Everybody’s Time and Money

Cops Jun 20 9:00 AM

Seattle Police Officers Misgender, Handcuff Deaf Transgender Woman During Involuntary Commitment

The Woman Filed a Complaint that Can Go Nowhere Due to Police Union Contract

News Jun 18 10:31 AM

“We’re Making It Work”

Seattle Librarians Slog Through Cyber Attack Fallout