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News Yesterday 12:47 PM

City Council Gives Some Gig Workers Paid Sick Time

Workers Left Behind Say It's Still a Step in the Right Direction

News Yesterday 9:00 AM

Democrats Kill Bill to Legalize Alcohol in Strip Clubs

Dancers Say the Bill Would Have Added Protections, Improved Safety

Elections 2023 Yesterday 8:00 AM

Matthew Mitnick’s Campaign Meltdown

Can We Have a Normal Socialist Campaign, Please?

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Labor Wed 2:22 PM

Senate Grills a Bratty Howard Schultz on Starbucks’ Union Busting Tactics

To Defend Himself, He Made a Mockery of His Father’s Story

News Mar 23 9:30 AM

Settling for SCORE?

Lawsuits Over the Regional Jail's Medical Care Raised Flags During Council Hearing

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News Mar 22 4:11 PM

Big Business Wants a Three-Year Tax Break

So Glad These People Have a Hand in Recommending Future Progressive Taxes!

News Mar 21 12:13 PM

The Parents Don’t Want Shelter. They Want Sweeps.

Pressure Mounts to Shelter 14 Unhoused People under the Ship Canal Bridge before April

News Mar 21 9:00 AM

Preserve Chinatown or Fuck Over Transit Riders Forever?

Sound Transit’s Board Makes the Tough Choice This Week

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News Mar 20 11:45 AM

The Downtown Jail Is Overflowing

Activists Demand Closure as the County Moves to Shuffle Prisoners

News Mar 20 11:42 AM

Tenant Dead, Sheriff’s Detective Shot After Eviction Attempt in Ballard

The Cop Is Reportedly in "Critical but Stable" Condition

Money Mar 15 5:22 PM

Yes, the SVB Bailout Is Socialism for the Rich

If a Bank Can’t Do Something as Basic as Secure Deposits, Why Do We Have Banks in the First Place?

News Mar 13 3:13 PM

Washington Senate Wants to Punish the Addiction Out of People

Health Expert Says the Policy Sets Up People for Failure

News Mar 10 2:00 PM

A Plan to FINALLY Complete Burke-Gilman’s Missing Link

By God, Dan Strauss May Have Done It

News Mar 10 1:41 PM

Cops Have a Need for Deadly Speeds

A Bill to Relax Police Chase Restrictions Remains Unpopular in the House

News Mar 10 9:00 AM

State Democrats Stiff Renters Again

As the Affordability Crisis Rages On, State Dems Do Nothing to Stop Rent Gouging

News Mar 7 12:07 PM

What the Hell Is Workers Strike Back???

Sawant’s New Movement Aims to Feed the Surge of Labor Activism