Kimchi Bistro on Broadway is one of my staples. Their Yukgaejang is one of my all-time favorites..
Good Korean joints all, but your list is lacking. Korean fusion has really grown and been nurtured in Seattle. So, let's add Revel, Chan, Joule, Marination Station and Trove. And for traditional Seattle style Korean, Kimchi Bistro, Korean Tofu House. Kimchi House, Korean Bamboo, Blue Stone, Chili & Sesame Korean Kitchen, Myung-dong, Umma's, Oma Bap. The Stranger's obsession with Bok Bok is curious; it's good, occasionally really good, but it's no better than the KFC at Kona Kitchen, or a dozen joints along South Tacoma Way in Tacoma. For a treat, try Cham Garden Korean BBQ in Tacoma. yes, Lynnwood and Federal Way have tons of good Korean joints, but you don't even mention Tacoma? with a large, vibrant Korean community? The Stranger serves such a small slice, really. Try some other slices of the pie once in awhile. There's more to the world "out there." BUT, thank you for the effort. As a half Korean Seattle Native in his 50's, the sheer volume of Koreans and restaurants is a fresh breeze blowing...

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