Google and Facebook on political content posted by users: algorithms will save us!

Google and Facebook on political content posted by advertisers: we have no way of knowing!


Good work, Eli.

Some of your questions do have interesting answers. Talk to a source who works in online advertising about how the metrics work.


Great work on this topic, Eli. Please keep hounding our scofflaw companies.

Television and radio stations have complied with our laws for decades. Internet companies can as well.

While there’s a lot to unpack here, the complaint about ‘current state rules "risk driving commercial advertisers out of the market for political communications in Washington’ gave me the biggest chuckle. TV and radio stations would LOVE for all political advertisers to go away! Why? Because their licenses require them to sell political ads, and to sell them at the lowest rate the station offers. Almost every political ad they broadcast is air time they could have sold for more money. (And would be less likely to entice cranks to condemn the station.)


When companies complain about your rules, you know they must be working.

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