Bob Dole 2.0
Getting heckled by mouthbreathing Tea Party loons is not indicative of an inability to do anything right.
These were members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. One of the best community organizations in the whole country. Well-informed and always willing to fight social injustice. Fox News labeled them as a "liberal" group, but they have an amazing membership of low- to moderate-income people standing up and fighting back for their quality of life that range from Democrat to Republican to Libertarian. Good for them for trying to get an honest answer out of somebody who explicitly said corporations are people.
You think that was fun to watch? 30 seconds worth of that bloodthirsty yelling sent my blood pressure through the roof.
actually Mitt handled it pretty well.

if the troll follows you around slog today heckling does it mean Paul can't do anything right?

OK, I retract my remark about "mouthbreathing Tea Party loons". It sounds like he was being heckled from the left. If the ICCI got together with the Tea Party and fought their common enemies, they might have something. That common enemy isn't Romney, though, and by going after him they're going to get themselves a Bachmann or worse (if there is worse).
Wow, what a loser. Multimillionaire Romney trying to shout down a senior citizen. Romney was impatient and condescenind throughout. And he didn't answer the question, either.
That's just what I was going to write, seatackled.
you girls probably should keep your day jobs and not go into political commentary full time just yet.

especially you, paul.

the folks on Fox are saying Mitt hit it out of the park and comparing it to Reagan's "I paid for this microphone!" episode.
@7,8, he didn't have to answer the question. He got his soundbite about the Big O in there and that's all he needed to do. It's lame, but it'll placate the mouth-breathers that Fnarf alludes to above.
he is not charming.

heat shield melting...time for palin capsule to emerge...
@8: Including the typo? :)

@10: It's a pretty predictable pattern for this crowd--duck the question, say something bad about Obama.

@11: He comes across as a bully.

Maybe this, along with his "corporations are people" gasp, will combine into his totally self-inflicted macaca moment.
the SCOTUS said that corporations are people a LONG time ago - why is it news when Mittens says it?
his answer in no way tried to respond to the question. he's just just trying to blame someone else for a separate issue. damn politicians.
@14: there was a time when the SCOTUS said segregation was just skippy. Agreeing with them at the time was wrong, and agreeing with them now over this is also wrong.
Ladies and gentlemen... your republican frontrunner.
He's really going to try and push the "It's Obama's Economy" shit that gets me so pissed off.

As Dan brilliantly said on Real Time: "It's not 'The Economy, Stupid', it's 'Stupid's Economy'."
Two more Romney videos, including the same one from a reverse angle. In the second one, Romney asserts that Medicare and Social Security accounts for "about half of federal spending."…
Uhh, you might hold off a bit on the non-substantive snark. If we're going to be ruled by a Repulibcan president come 2012--a very good possibility, given how screwed the economy is--you'd better be praying it's Mitt Romney (or Jon Huntsman, if Mitt goes to his special planet in the sky). Cuz it if it's anyone else, we're more fucked than you can even imagine.
Medicare, Medicaid and SS account for 43% of Federal spending.

did you have a point?
@21: Social Security and Social Insurance taxes ALONE account for 40% of Federal revenue.
Did you have a point?
I do so heart Iowans!

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